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For men only: gifts for "him" – Italian Cuisine

For men only: gifts for "him"

Complete with everything you need to make a great cocktail, pouring it into the most suitable glass and completing it with the right amount of ice.

Christmas Box Premium Edition, ideal for those who love the most classic cocktails, includes a selection from the NIO drink list: Whiskey sour, Margarita, Gin sour, Negroni, Vodka sour, Milan-Turin, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Gimlet, Boulevardier.
Christmas Box Luxury Edition, perfect for the most important gifts, also corporate, contains the four cocktails of the Luxury collection: Welsh Rob Roy, Ti-Punch, Japanese Boulevardier, Cosmo Twist.

Price 59 euros the Premium and 89 euros the Luxury

Christmas 2018, here are the sweetest gifts – Italian Cuisine


We have divided our roundup of proposals by categories of recipients. But look at them all! Nobody better than you can know what is more suitable for whom …

For that / a of the heart …

168447Hanging stars Ferrero – with Ferrero Rocher, Rondnoir, Raffaello – (2.49): a sweet starlet a day until Christmas?!?

Choco & Fruit by Záini, the oldest chocolate factory in Milan: irresistible dragées of extra-dark chocolate that enclose a soft heart of fruit: açai-black-black currant; raspberry and cranberry; orange-lemon-lime (6.90€).

Panettone Imbibito® with Amarone della Valpolicella wine D.O.C.G. of the Sartori Winery (€ 31.50), proposed by the prestigious Muzzi pastry shop.

For grandparents & uncles

168453A panettone or a pandoro they are a timeless classic, but we risk losing our choice. Perfect those in GIORGIONE grain by DECO (8.90 €), a new 100% Italian variety, just as all the other quality ingredients are Italian: butter and milk, fresh eggs, sugar as well as the yeast used. Beautiful paper wrapped by hand, a choice to play safe.

Sockeye Salmon, Wild, lives far from the pollution caused by man and feeds exclusively shrimp, herring and squid. KV NORDIC fish hook, without using trawl nets (8.58 € x 80gr – 14.50 € x 150 gr).

168456With good oil you are never wrong! Carli oil For example, it proposes the box (€ 19.90) and the Quattro Bucchi with all the prestigious Extra Virgin Olive Oils (€ 28.80) and other mixed packs. To discover then the panettone with extra virgin olive oil from the farm, soft and digestible (€ 13.40 / € 17.40) and the typical pandolce with the Genoese short pastry (€ 14.80 1 kg). The company also offers a convenient "Gift Service" that thinks of everything!

For mom or dad

The leavened wines of Giacomo Milano, for a Christmas in pure Milanese style with 60 years of experience. From the traditional panettone to the decorated, passing through logs and orange peel & ciccolato. But the novelty 2018 is however the soft pandoro with a pleasant greasiness on the palate, as per the traditional recipe from Verona (€ 39).

168423With the brilliant launch 'Orange is the new red', come the Apricots liqueur Fabbri 1905 (10.19 €), i. For generations we have combined this brand with fruit in spirit, and rightly so. Now in addition to the expensive, old, red cherries and cherries, here are other specialties, orange or brown (glacé!) Or Grappuva (16 / 17.99 €). To give sun or in a basket, to be enjoyed alone or in tasty recipes, like the Bavarian with raisin wine!

The assortment of 36 capsules signed by the Viaggiator Goloso (compatible with Nespresso machines) which includes Intense, Melodic, Decaffeinated, Lively and Creamy flavors (€ 15.90).

For colleagues & clients

168468Gourmet baskets, always de The Gastro Traveler: Luxury, 25 sweet and savory delicacies in a trunk (€ 159.90); Gourmet – from South Tyrolean speck to Gragnano pasta, in a wooden case (€ 129.90); Organic, 13 organic products (€ 49.90).

The Panettone GranCioccolato® Rossini by Giovanni Cova & C., gluttonous fondant rounded with hazelnut grains and precious wrapping with the reproduction of the autograph score of the opera L'Italiana in Algeri by Maestro Gioachino Rossini.

Assorted can Vintage White Gold Pernigotti, with gianduiotti, cremini and gemme – very fine milk chocolate shell filled with soft gianduia cream (€ 7.90).

For your friends / friends

168483Panettoni and pandori WITH wholemeal flours and WITHOUT refined sugars Borsari pastry chefs, like the blueberry pandoro.

Organic Panettone Fior di Loto Gluten Free (€ 15.25) – also in the mini version of 70 gr (3.25 €), to be combined with the creams of cashews, almonds or roasted peanuts (€ 8.35 – € 6.15 – € 3.60).

Hexagon Mielizia (€ 4.90), a box with organic Fallani candies (ginger & lemon) and honey (eucalyptus) all Christmas! It is found in the large distribution and e-commerce Mielizia.

For children

168435You have not yet bought the Advent Calendar (which is a beautiful gift for adults too, anyway!)? Fix it immediately, with that Ferrero (€ 11.49), which includes Ferrero Rocher, Mon Chéri and Ferrero Kusschen or the Kinder Chalet (€ 8.99), also in 3D (€ 9.99). Of the brand too Happy Snack Bag (€ 6.99) e essential Christmas nutella in a glass (€ 2.65), can (€ 5.49) and mini-jars (€ 1.49).

The delicious Pernigotti spreads creams: Cremino (30% of hazelnuts and 15% of Gianduia chocolate on the total), classic or black Gianduia and hazelnut (5.49 €).

For you!!!

The Panettone biological gastronomic Baule Volante (€ 13.50) to fill for your guests with imagination, perhaps using some of the company's proposals – even vegan and gluten-free – such as nuts and figs spreadable fruit (€ 3.99) to match with cheese!

168444The delicious Xmas Molino Lipstick box (€ 14.90) with the preparation for Biscotti Pan di Zenzero (also available individually at € 3.49), together with cutters, sac a poche materials, spices and decorations to easily make typical Christmas cookies in the shape of "little man".

Winter Collection Pompadour (€ 4.30), 6 infusions – from the Magic Emotion with the mountain scent to the Red Orange to 1001 Night, to warm up with warm and fragrant sips beneficial in the coldest days and nights.

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