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Genoese pesto: 5 tips from the 2024 pesto champion – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

To achieve perfection, training is needed, but it is not enough on its own. The world champion himself explained it to us, giving us advice for a perfect Genoese pesto.

1. Haste is the enemy (also) of pesto

«I think I won for passion and accuracy. I don’t know if my technique is the best, what is certain is that a good pesto cannot be improvised”, said Bassi.

2. The quality of the ingredients is fundamental

For a Genoese pesto that deserves this name you must first of all respect the traditional recipe, that of the Genoese Pesto Consortium: DOP Genoese basil from the Ligurian Riviera, Italian pine nuts, garlic from Vessalico (Imperia), DOP Parmigiano Reggiano, Sardinian flower, sea salt from the Trapani salt pans, DOP Ligurian Riviera DOP extra virgin olive oil. «The ingredients must be respected to the letter, and must be of high quality. In particular pay attention to the Parmesanwhich must be well seasoned: minimum 24 and even better 30 months of maturation says Bassi.

3. Flavors must be balanced

The biggest risk you run with pesto is that it is too salty, due to the salt, pecorino and parmesan. «Proportions are important: I personally use them ¾ of Parmesan and ¼ of Sardinian flowerand I taste before adding the salt.”

4. You have to pound in a specific order

To obtain a perfect consistency it is essential to crush the ingredients in a certain order. “I I start with garlic and pine nuts and then set them aside: I empty the mortar to dedicate myself to the basil. I crush the leaves by grinding them in order to eliminate those filaments that give too strong a color to the pesto and do not make the consistency homogeneous. Then I continue: I pour in the garlic and pine nuts, then the cheeses and salt.”

5. Pesto isn’t just pasta

The classic preparation remains the one with pasta, but pesto is excellent in many other preparations, which in Genoa are cornerstones of home cooking: «Use it for every gnocchi and put a spoonful in the minestrone: the pesto is fantastic.

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How the selections for the Genoese Pesto World Championship take place

A long journey: before the final they were held at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa 24 qualifying matches, of which 13 in Italy and 11 abroad, between France, England, Spain, Holland, the United States, Niger and South Africa and Brazil. Races that brought together cooks of all ages who have chosen to try their hand at this ancient gastronomic art partly by chance and partly out of passion, for cooking and for Italy.

The competitors

This year’s youngest contestant was Nicolò Di Girolamo23 year old Roman student and rapper, known to the television audience for having also been among the contestants of the edition of the program Friends by Maria De Filippi of 2022. The oldest competitor, however, a Genoese veteran of the championship who turns 90 this year: Mrs. Maria Carbone. With them professionals, artisans, managers, but also chefs and doctors, of which 80 Italians and 20 foreigners.

Maria Carbone, the oldest competitor of this edition of the Genoese Pesto World Championship

How to participate in the Mortar Genoese Pesto World Championship

And even if Mattia Bassi won, ultimately everyone was the protagonist of the party. One of those cases where the important thing is to really participate. If you want to do it too, know that in a few days the qualifying races for the next world championship will begin, in 2026. The first will be on April 6th in Milan. All the info on www.pestochampionship.it

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