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Belgium has asked its citizens to eat more french fries – Italian Cuisine

According to the Belgapom association, the quarantine imposed due to the coronavirus could lead to a waste of 750 thousand tons of potatoes

The quarantine weeks have been objectively difficult for all of us. We passed them with serenades on the balconies, large collective mixes and treasure hunts to find the last piece of yeast at the supermarket. But our cousins ​​in Belgium have been asked for a further sacrifice: to prepare dishes and side dishes at least a few times a week potatoes is fries. "You will understand the suffering!" Comments the hamburger & Co. enthusiast, ready for yet another pommes frites feast; while the nutritionist friend starts banging his head against the wall asking at least to opt for a civil boiling or, at most, for a quick pass in the oven. The question, however, is more serious than you can imagine.

Belgium, in fact, can boast a very luxuriant potato sector (yes, it's called that), which has seen real peaks in the production and processing of potatoes for the industry in recent years. The health emergency from Covid-19, however, somehow broke this spell: and so Belgapom, the Belgian association for the trade and processing of potatoes, has denounced in recent weeks that they are well 750 thousand tons of tubers which, due to the contraction of quarantined consumption, risk ending up directly in the waste.

The famous friteries of Brussels (Photo: Getty).

Celebrate them friteries Brussels and surroundings – icons of street food in a Belgian key and the administration at all hours of the day of packets of French fries to be enjoyed on the street – they have moreover recorded a more than drastic drop in their business; as well as restaurants, bistros, canteens and fast food chains, forced to close or limit themselves to just delivery. Added to this is the cancellation of all the main ones events collective, from concerts to sports competitions, with their relative opportunities to consume a portion of potatoes in the stands. Moral: tons and tons of various products closed in some warehouse await – perhaps in vain – to end up in the fryer.

Hence the decision to appeal to culinary patriotism. The families of Belgium have been called to put a hand on the heart and with the other to hold the pan, and to brush up on the local traditions related to the tuber: among these stands out without any doubt that of the moules-frites, recipe that combines mussels – boiled, or cooked in broth, wine or butter – and fried potatoes. Will all this be enough to save the season and avoid the colossal waste? Probably not, but this curious collective "sacrifice" could still represent a small patch to the large tear inflicted on the potato sector by the coronavirus.

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Pizza Coronavirus, Sorbillo makes peace with the French ambassador – Italian Cuisine

Pizza Coronavirus, Sorbillo makes peace with the French ambassador

Italy and France make peace on the "pizza coronavirus" issue: French ambassador Masset having lunch at Sorbillo with Luigi di Maio

After controversy unleashed by the satirical video aired on a French TV, in which in Italian pizza maker prepared a "pizza coronavirus", peace seems to have been made. All following the reaction of the famous Neapolitan pizza maker Gino Sorbillo, who had commented on the episode very harshly in a video posted on social media (watch here).

Pizza Coronavirus: at Sorbillo's lunch

After the apology of the French TV station, the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio invited theFrench ambassador in Rome, Christian Masset, to eat a repair pizza together with Sorbillo. Tensions have eased between a pizza with the colors of the Italian flag and a few mugs of beer.

Di Maio he then commented on Facebook "We are continuing to monitor theCoronavirus emergency and what we need to do is also limit the negative effects on our economy and our entrepreneurs. Yesterday a French TV broadcast a video that offended Italian pizza and our country. To respond to that shameful image, today in the company of the French ambassador in Italy, which I thank, we ate a good Neapolitan pizza together, one of the Italian excellence that the whole world envies us. Now stop the controversy, we defend our products, our qualities, our Made in Italy with all our strength. Thank you so much to Gino Sorbillo for the hospitality. "

Pizza Coronavirus: an apology from France

The video on the "pizza coronavirus" has already been deleted, as explained by a spokesman for theTV station: "Canal + apologizes to our Italian friends for the transmission of a short sequence of bad taste, especially in the current context, making a caricatural reference to Italy in a satirical program. This sequence has already been removed from all channel reruns and reproductions. "

Meanwhile, however, the Neapolitan association Noiconsumatori submitted one class action: "The attempt to dirty the image of Italy and its food excellence, which certainly do not represent a mere and simple dish but the result of Italian history, culture and traditions, cannot and must not go unnoticed" – explain the Angelo Pisani and the president of FareAmbiente Campania, Francesco Della Corte – «we expect, in addition to the compensation for damages, also that the French institutions immediately distance themselves from what happened. Nobody can question the excellence of Italian products in the world, which has always been proudly a symbol of our national identity and of high quality .

Cover photo: Facebook Luigi Di Maio

Gino Sorbillo responds to the French video on "pizza coronavirus" – Italian Cuisine

Gino Sorbillo responds to the French video on "pizza coronavirus"

The celbere Neapolitan pizzaiolo says no to pizza coronavirus and responds to the satirical video aired on French TV: "You are very stupid." Meanwhile Naples evaluates legal actions.

Gino Sorbillo, an icon of Italian pizza, did not take the video on "coronavirus pizza"Aired on the French channel Canal Plus. In the sketch of the Groland Le Zapoi transmission, a pizza chef coughs on the pizza he is preparing, transforming it into a" Pizza Corona "(to watch the video that triggered the controversy, click here).

Pizza Coronavirus: Gino Sorbillo's answer

The Neapolitan pizzaiolo replied in a video that sees him busy preparing a pizza. «This pizza tonight I dedicate to some French people who have allowed themselves to make irony against Italian pizza by taking advantage of this state of emergency of coronavirus. "

A daisy with the colors of Italy, but also "a pizza to say no to the pizza coronavirus that some of you have made. You are very stupid.Watch the video posted by Gino Sorbillo on Facebook below.

Italy VS France

There Coldiretti defined the incident as "one stab in the back to hit the Made in Italy agri-food sector which has reached a record export value of 5 billion in France, which is the second market after Germany "and continues" it is a petty and instrumental attack to try to put in the corner the Made in Italy agri-food after that in 2019 – underlines Coldiretti has set a record of 44.6 billion on international markets where a historic challenge is underway with French competitors.

In the meantime, Naples is considering proceeding through legal channels. Flavia Sorrentino, delegate of the mayor Luigi de Magistris and head of the "Defend the city" branch, commented as follows: "Pizza, which symbolizes Neapolitan tradition and popular culture, cannot be the subject of offensive and irresponsible representations that have the only effect of weaken the territorial economy and dirty the image of a product of excellence in which Italy's culinary culture in the world is identified. It is the duty of the institutions protect the image of pizza and pizza chefs, whose art, just two years ago, was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity, to prevent the work of an entire category from being jeopardized in a moment of general fear that every day with sacrifice, commitment and professionalism carries the name of Naples high in the world. Instead, I have already taken care of the municipal advocacy for the purpose of evaluating any legal action.

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