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The Best Italian Recipe 2023: the finalists of this edition – Italian Cuisine

The Best Italian Recipe 2023: the finalists of this edition

The first season of the project ended with a gala dinner in Milan The Best Italian Recipe which gives voice to our readers through innovative recipes or which belong to the family tradition. Ten readers were protagonists with as many dishes that won us over. Keep trying, you could be next.

It was a beautiful journey that we in the editorial team took with you readers, which for The Best Italian Recipe you sent us recipes from all over Italy and you told us about your lives and how your great passion for cooking was born.

Dishes that have been part of the family tradition for generations, comforting flavors for those who have moved away from home, combinations, sometimes daring, often born by chance and become the strong point of dinners with friends.

After our gastronomic tradition was nominated with this title Italian cuisine between sustainability and biocultural diversity he intangible heritage of UNESCO humanity, we wanted to give even more strength to this historical moment: in May we launched the challenge to home cooks, professional chefs, simple enthusiasts, to write together the future of Italian goodness, and in six months we’ve received almost 500 recipes from Italy and abroadby Italians and foreigners who mixed their ingredients with ours, by men (many) and women, by the very young and the otherwise young, all together united in a chorus that once again demonstrated to us the great power that kitchen has, not only to nourish, but above all to
to aggregate, in some cases to console, most of the time to make happy.

Ten values ​​for a happy kitchen

We discovered that you love to try your hand at first courses, pasta, ravioli and especially risotto; there was no shortage of vegetable-based recipes, ideas for appetizers and appetizing aperitifs, all in line with the ten criteria we asked you to follow.

  1. Sustainability (local and seasonal ingredients).
  2. Anti-waste (containment of doses, possible use of processing waste and reuse of leftovers).
  3. Simplicity of execution (avoid unnecessary steps and excessively long cooking times, measure the use of appliances and tools).
  4. Respect as an exaltation of the raw material.
  5. Creativity and innovation.
  6. Inclusivity as contamination of cultures.
  7. Identity as recognizability of the Italian character of the dish.
  8. Cooking for everyone (vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free…).
  9. Awareness as the impact of food on our health and lifestyle.
  10. Aesthetics of the dish.

We just had to choose ten dishes among those you sent us, but the recipes that won us over were many, many more. And we really enjoyed this journey undertaken with you, so much so that we believe it is important to continue to give you a voice through the pages of The Italian kitchen and on our site.

So, get ready. Soon we will start with the second season of The Best Italian Recipe. Continue to participate in large numbers, even if you have already written to us this year. Because the best Italian recipe could be yours.

Food for Future Festival: the first edition starts in Alba – Italian Cuisine

Davide Greco and Vanessa Vettorello

The festival program includes 11 panels on November 26, with 30 speakers who will discuss shapes and evolutions in pastry making, territorial gastronomic values, the importance of hospitality architecture in a tasting journey, mountain cuisine and its raw materials, Italian pasta, a UNESCO heritage sitethe use of vinegar in cooking, the sustainability linked to the world of game and meatand the role of the city as a territory.

The participants of the first day: November 26th

The guests will be: the pastry chefs Iginio Massari (Pasticceria Veneto, Brescia), Maicol Vitellozzi and Christian Marasca (Zia*, Rome); the chefs Antonio Biafora (Hyle*, San Giovanni in Fiore-Cs), Simone Cantafio (La Stuade Michil*, Corvara-Bz), Juri Chiotti (Reis-Free mountain food, Busca-Cn), Massimo Spigaroli (Antica Corte Pallavicina*, Polesine Parmense-Pr), Beppe Rambaldi (Cucina Rambaldi, Villardora-To), Matteo Sormani (Walser Schtuba, Riale-Vb), Alessandro Gavagna (La Subida*, Cormons-Go), Alessandro Gilmozzi (El Molin*, Cavalese-Tn), Silvio Salmoiraghi (Acquerello*, Fagnano Olona -Va), Antonio Ziantoni (Zia*, Rome), Alessandro Negrini (Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia*) and then Antonello Magistà (patron Pashà* , Conversano-Ba), Simona Beltrami (patron Magorabin* Turin), Davide Franco (restaurant manager Piazza Duomo***), Rina Poletti (sfoglina, Pasta Tua- Reno Centese-Fe) Josko Sirk and Andrea Bezzecchi (Amici Acidi), Carlo Gasparini (Design Director Alessi), Astrid Luglio (product designer, Milan), Junko Kirimoto (Alvisi Kirimoto, Rome), Paolo Rossino (Director of the Alta Langa Consortium), Marco Bosi (Councillor for the Unesco Creative City of the Municipality of Parma), Enrico Giacosa (Pan and Langa Producers Consortium), Enrico Rivetto (Rivetto Agricultural Company), Claudio Cecchinelli (Focal Point Bergamo Unesco Creative City for Gastronomy), Federico Francesco Ferrero (nutritionist), Simone Mellano (Director of Asprocarne Piedmont).

The Creative Dinner Gala

The highlight of the event will be the International Gala Creative Dinner at the Mudetthe new Alba Truffle Museum, November 26th, with chefs from creative UNESCO cities for gastronomy, from France, Lebanon, Spain and Portugal, together with the local and very renowned Enrico Crippa. In fact, the cities of Rouen (chef Flore Madelpuech, La Table de Flore), Zhale (Focal Point Michel Abou Abboud), Denia (chef Alberto Ferruz, BonAmb**) and Santa Maria da Feira (chef Luis Sotto Mayor) will be the ones to create, together with Enrico Crippa, chef Piazza Duomo*** from Alba, a experimental menu between international cultures that will test themselves with local products.

Tavola Rasa 2023: a dinner to do good together – Italian Cuisine

Tavola Rasa 2023: a dinner to do good together

Last night, on the occasion of World Children and Adolescents Day, The Italian kitchen and UNICEF Italy have joined forces again with Rasa table, the charity dinner to raise funds to support the organization’s programs for the protection of children around the world.

Many guests and friends responded to the invitation to support this just cause. Our director welcomed them Maddalena Fossati Donderotogether with Elizabeth of the CrossUNICEF Nextgen Italia program manager.

Now in its second edition, this event wanted to celebrate, once again, the crucial theme of sustainability.
For The Italian kitchen it means making us reflect on the impact of every smallest choice, promoting conscious consumption, defending biodiversity and fighting food waste.

For UNICEF Italy it represents the commitment to guarantee a fair and sustainable future for every child, reiterating the need to guarantee the possibility of living in a healthy and safe environment.

This year Tavola Rasa was also an opportunity to celebrate the Italian gastronomic tradition, nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status, with the protagonists of “The Best Italian Recipe”, the initiative launched by the editorial staff of The Italian kitchen to write a new chapter in the culinary history of our country.

To accompany guests during the evening Chiara Macitelevision face, food and wine expert and writer, e Francis Panellaentrepreneur and television personality, always dear friends of The Italian kitchen.

During the evening Clara Soccini, aka Claraa young singer and actress who achieved great success with the Platinum single Origami at dawnaccompanied on the piano by Leo Einaudi, bewitched and moved the participants with her voice and her thoughts dedicated to children, adolescents and women victims of violence and femicide.

To make the evening even more precious, the dishes of Davide Oldani, inevitable when talking about generosity and attention to the environment. Awarded by Michelin guide with two stars plus a green star, it has always been the guardian and ambassador of these principles.

The setup was entrusted to Mariangela Negronistylist and creative table artist and mind of Funky Table, a project in which imagination, travel, culture and joy are the main ingredients.

The charity dinner in favor of UNICEF programs organized by The Italian kitchen was created by the UNICEF NEXT GENERATION team, a group of managers, leaders and entrepreneurs who, through their network, aim to create fundraising and awareness-raising opportunities, creating a community that supports UNICEF to create and promote children’s rights, wherever they are.

The Tavola Rasa event was made possible thanks to the precious support of partners and event supporters and the contribution of various companies who believed in this edition of the project with special initiatives.

Event partners

Cenacolo Artom: Every month Arturo Artom hosts leaders from different sectors, from art to design, from entrepreneurship to entertainment, characters who tell their lives by sharing the unique mix of talent and luck that led them to success and who compare themselves by exchanging ideas and perspectives on the future. With over 300 editions, it is now considered one of the most significant Italian cultural Cenacles.

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