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Whipped shortcrust pastry and tea biscuits recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Ricetta Pasta frolla montata e biscotti da tè

Quick to make and without the need for rest, whipped shortcrust pastry biscuits are the classic delight to accompany with tea. L’whipped shortcrust pastry doughWhen raw, it is malleable and “creamy”, but for the biscuits to be successful it must still be quite compact.

What should you use whipped pastry for?

For its consistency crumbly and delicate this shortcrust pastry is not suitable for the preparation of tarts, while as we were saying it is ideal for delicious dishes tea biscuits. Try dipping them in dark chocolate melted in a bain-marie, they will become irresistible.

How do you store whipped shortbread biscuits?

These shortbread biscuits can be stored closed in a tin box, away from heat and humidity, for up to two weeks.

Berry cheesecake recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

«Cheeseacke» ai frutti di bosco

A berry cheesecake, but raw food. «I dream of a healthy world, where the awareness that food can contribute to human well-being is increasingly widespread, says the author of the recipe, the pastry chef Vito Cortese, Apulian by origin, Florentine by adoption. His research began when he was young, when he solved a health problem by changing his diet. Attention was focused on pastry shop raw foodist when he realized that, unlike cooking, the world of desserts offered very few alternatives to the classic combination of eggs, flour and sugar. In his restaurant, in Florence, he only serves “raw food” desserts.

What is raw food?

The raw foodas the word itself says, is a diet that involves the consumption of food exclusively raw or treated at a maximum temperature of 42° C. At the base of the raw food diet, the belief that cooking alters the nutritional principles of foods such as vitamins and mineral salts, and that cooked and industrially processed foods contain toxins harmful to the body. Raw foods, as nature gives them to us, preferably sourced biologicalhowever, they can be cut, sliced, centrifuged, blended, marinated, dried, dehydrated.

To find out more about the world of raw food and Raw Food, here is our selection of recipes to prepare at home without cooking anything.

Panettone Dessert Recipe | The Italian kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Panettone Dessert Recipe |  The Italian kitchen

The panettone dessert it is a perfect idea to bring one of the traditional desserts to the table in an original way Christmas and also for recycle leftover panettone during the holidays.

The dessert is inspired by the recipe of iced panettone with three creams by Iginio Massariborn in Brescia in 1942 and today recognized as one of the greatest pastry chefs in the world, as well as one of the “fathers” of contemporary panettone and pandoro.

Preparing the panettone dessert is simple: the panettone must be cut into pieces cubes which should be browned in butter, sprinkled with an alcohol and dusted with icing sugar; these should then be placed on a plate or in a cup, interspersing them with vanilla cream, chocolate cream And whipped Cream.

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