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Tagliatelle with duck sauce in Porto, orange and rosemary – Italian Cuisine

Tagliatelle with duck sauce in Porto, orange and rosemary


1) Private i duck breasts of the skin and cut them into very small cubes. Chop it shallot with the carrot and the celery and brown them gently in a saucepan with 4 tablespoons ofoil and the rosemary. After a couple of minutes, add the duck pulp and brown it over high heat. When it is well browned, sprinkle it with flour, mix well and wet with Port; let it evaporate, lower the heat, add the cloves, seasoned with salt, pepper and a pinch of cinnamon and continue cooking for about 30 minutes, adding a little hot water if the sauce tends to dry out too much.

2) Wash theOrange remove the zest with a potato peeler and cut it into very thin julienne strips; squeeze the juice. Blanch the peel in boiling water for 1 minute, drain and add to ragù with juice; cook until you get a tied but soft sauce; deleted rosemary is cloves. Boil the noodles in salt water, drain wet and season with ragù.

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Recipe Yellow plums in syrup and duck breast – Italian Cuisine

  • 1 duck breast (2 half breasts)
  • licorice powder
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt flakes

Eliminate the skin of the plums: if they are all equally well ripe, the operation is easy.
Prepare a syrup: boil 400 g of water with 200 g of sugar; when the sugar has dissolved, turn off and let it cool completely.
Enter the plums in a 1/2 liter glass jar, add the syrup until the fruit is completely covered, 1/4 cinnamon stick and a few drops of lemon.
Close the jar and place it in a steam oven for 8 minutes or in boiling water for 15-20 minutes.

Engrave the skin of the two half duck breasts with grilled cuts.
Brown them in an iron or non-stick pan with very little oil for about 10 minutes in total, starting with the skin side. As the skin becomes crisp and releases the fat, drizzle the meat with that fat, then turn the brisket. In the end they will have to be cooked rare.
Place them on a grate with the skin up and let them rest for at least ten minutes. Then put them in the oven at 200 ° C for 4-5 minutes. Remove from the oven and let them rest for another 5 minutes. Cut them into slices, season with salt flakes, a little licorice powder and serve with the prunes in syrup.

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Huobi, the restaurant in Rome where to eat the best Peking duck – Italian Cuisine

Huobi, the restaurant in Rome where to eat the best Peking duck

Ovens dedicated to “lacquered” cooking and Asian cuisine for this Oriental Market in the Ostiense area which starts again with distance and special dishes

They had opened in February, a few weeks of glory, then the first harmful news from China began to arrive. Even before Italy suffered the lockdown, the beautiful walls with themed wallpaper of Huobi Mercato Orientale were dismayed by the emptying room. Owned by a Chinese family and frequented by countrymen, Huobi was among the many Asian restaurants affected by the fear of the unknown virus before he even found patient zero.

A new situation for Valentina Weng's family, in Italy for at least two generations and always engaged in catering. Before Huobi, they had been successful with the Dogana, an all you can eat not only oriental but international, and then moved only a few meters ahead, always in the Ostiense district, in one of the premises of the former Biondi mills. The proposal was limited to Asian cuisine and in particular to Chinese and Japanese cuisine, the name Huobi was chosen, which literally means money, not only in a commercial sense, but including the idea of ​​an emotional, cultural and culinary exchange.

The restaurant: modernity and tradition that go hand in hand

Over 800 square meters for 350 seats, even if after the reopening they have been reduced to 150, even going beyond the requirements for spacing and giving more space for respect between one table and another. What is striking about Huobi is the magnificence of the architectural project, curated by the Gad architectural studio, which emphasized the industrial spaces of the former Biondi mills, characterized by a very high ceiling. The project focused on the three ovens that arrived directly from China, the only ones of their kind in Rome, reserved for “Peking lacquered” cooking. Here and there for the restaurant, there are many references to oriental culture: from the inevitable lanterns, to what appear to be the doors of a Chinese temple, not to mention the wonderful wallpaper that takes the visitor to a Mongolian-looking military camp.

The best Peking duck in Rome

Considering the use of dedicated ovens, it is no coincidence that Huobi can boast the best Peking duck lacquered in the city. First of all it is always on paper, you don't have to book it in advance as it happens in many other places, and it is presented perfectly: thinly sliced, with the crispy parts well represented, abundant sauce, with vegetables and rice paper sheets to make the rolls to eat in a mouthful. There is no shortage of other Chinese specialties: the Jumpingfish (flying fish) and pork ribs are a must. The range of sushi and sashimi is also very varied, with some delicacies such as the union of sushi and truffles.

From lunch to delivery

There are many ways to use Huobi, from lunch for € 7.90, which provides a faster stop for those who want to eat a dish during lunch break, to home delivery, activated after the lockdown to also favor those who prefer not to leave the house . Waiting to regain confidence with the indoor spaces, as was said, at Huobi they have less than halved the covers and have relaunched their convenient formulas, including all you can eat (€ 15.90 for lunch and € 25.90 at dinner), which in the evening includes one of the special dishes (Peking duck; Huobi Soup; Jumpingfish; grilled prawns; special scallops).

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