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Truck drivers in the Trattoria: do you remember when Misha Sukyas cooked with Chiara Ferragni? – Italian Cuisine

Truck drivers in the Trattoria: do you remember when Misha Sukyas cooked with Chiara Ferragni?

The first episode of The Blonde Chef in which the new lorry driver in Trattoria gave cooking lessons to Instagram's most famous Chiara.

If there is a TV series that really makes us hungry it is Truckers in the Trattoria. It satisfies that desire to wander around small restaurants and clubs with a heart and a large dish, where generous portions and traditions come together in dishes with an ancient yet always current flavor. And if the first was chef Rubio to guide us among these funny meals in the company of the truck drivers, now the management of the program is renewed and sees lined up on the front line Misha Sukyas. Student of Antonello Tagliabue at the Bice in London, the 40 year old chef is from Armenian and Italian origins, has also collected experiences in the USA, Holland, China, Indonesia, Australia, India and Africa, but it is in Italy that he put his idea of ​​cooking into practice with the Alchemist and Puzzle projects.
But if his face tells you something, it's because you've probably already seen it on the small screen. In fact, he joined Carlo Cracco in the first edition of Hell's Kitchen and taught Chiara Ferragni how to cook in the mini series The Blonde Chef. It was 2012 and this is the first episode.

Yesterday friend of the fashion bloggers, today fellow travelers of the Truckers in the Trattoria. What a chef versatility!

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