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Two-colored donut recipe | The Italian kitchen – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Two-colored donut recipe |  The Italian kitchen

For breakfast or as a snack, the bicoloured donut it’s the great classic that always makes everyone happy. There are those who prefer the white part, those with cocoa, and it’s also nice to rush to get your favorite slice. To accompany it, a glass of milk, a cappuccino or a fruit juice, and you’ll be a child again. What shouldn’t be missing? It must be tall and soft, two essential characteristics.

Which yeast to use for the two-color donut?

This donut, so sumptuous and soft as a cloud, should be made not with baking powder but with brewer’s yeast. The result will be very similar to that of a brioche bread. Impossible to resist.

25 easy and beautiful desserts for mums to make – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

There Mother’s Day is about to arrive, this year it will be celebrated on Sunday 14 May. The right gift? Our easy desserts for mothers, delicious because they are made with the heart.

On the other hand, she always says that thinking is enough, that she doesn’t need anything other than being together. For this reason we have prepared a collection of delicious recipes, many of them Quick and easy dessertsto be prepared together with yours mom or to give her as a gift to surprise her with sweetness.

The secret? Choose them easy but effective

Sometimes you don’t need to get involved in complicated preparations to make a good dessert that is also very beautiful to look at. If you also want to focus on beauty as well as taste, play smart and choose simple preparations with a guaranteed effect. Any examples? You can choose from soft cakes, tarts, muffins, pavlovas, shortcakes, donuts, cheesecakes, biscuits and chocolate desserts. And to decorate, use whipped cream, cream, strawberries, raspberries, meringues and flowers. Think about it, think about tastes and preferences Mom’s favorite ingredients and let yourself be inspired by our recipes.

Here are many easy desserts for mothers


Easy desserts for Mother’s Day: the recipes

What to cook for mom?

A nice lunch is always welcome. Whether with a single dish of pasta cooked in a good way – but made with the heart – and an aperitif or with a sumptuous menu that goes from the appetizer to the dessert, passing through a first course and a second course, of meat, fish or vegetarian.

But a lunch within the walls of home is not the only possibility to make her happy. Because if Sunday is a beautiful day you can also take advantage of it for an outing in the open air. Choose a beautiful park, show off your overflowing baskets and start a pleasant picnic with the whole family, which will end, obviously, with an easy but full of love dessert. And finally? a trip to the place you have chosen: a walk with a chat is enough to spend moments with a smile.

Sandwich with chickpea flour and leeks
A picnic on the grass for Mother’s Day

Savory pies, omelettes, miniburgers, skewers to celebrate Mother’s Day all together with an open-air lunch

Mantuan donut and resumada recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Mantuan donut and resumada recipe

Our journey to discover the regional flavors of Lombardy focuses today on the recipe for Mantuan donut and resumadaa preparation of peasant origin.

The Mantua donut, also called Bussolano, it can be prepared with or without the hole and is not as soft as you might expect from a donut. Precisely this characteristic means that it is usually enjoyed by dipping it in wine or in the resumada, a sweet and frothy cream based on eggs, sugar and wine.

The recipe we propose is Ilaria Castelli, from Lombardy, 47 years old, who founded Chef and the City in Milan, a cooking school that welcomes students from all over the world. She also does catering and home chef services. Her cuisine is an anti-waste cuisine that seeks “primary, natural and original” flavours. You studied cooking at the Polytechnic of Commerce in Milan but also in Morocco and Oman, in Barcelona and St. Petersburg.

Also discover the other recipes for a Lombard Sunday lunch: Michette and butter candles, Marubini with vegetables and crispy bacon.

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