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IKEA and Sonos have created a lamp that will make us dance – Italian Cuisine

IKEA and Sonos have created a lamp that will make us dance

Light and sound at the base of SYMFONISK, the new IKEA series presented at the Milan design week with the Feel Home event. The first pieces of the collection and the prices

Sounds and lights are very important to create the right atmosphere at home. Important as a painting, a carpet or the mirror that we bought in that antique shop that we had been aiming for a while. Indeed, hold on tight, they are even more important than all these things put together to feel at home. This is the theme of Feel Home, the IKEA event of the Fuorisalone of Milan on display in Via Tortona 32 from 9 to 14 April.
Waiting for us the table lamp with integrated case, the new flagship product of the SYMFONISK series, developed in collaboration with Sonos.

"We know that sound is important in our lives everywhere, even and especially in our homes. We entered the kitchen to listen to all the sounds that populate it to realize how numerous and capable they are to keep us company. And we thought that in this very hot place, where we spend a lot of time, there could be space for some good non-invasive background music. And that's why we're here today, to experience the Feel Home theme, also through music and light, to feel at home and at ease. The game works because IKEA specializes in everything that is furniture and design and Sonos, our partner in this adventure is super specialized in sound: by joining together we can do something that is both design, but accessible and democratic and integrated into those that are the environments that we live the most, in order to create a feeling as harmonious as possible he told us Laura Schiatti, Marketing Manager IKEA Italy.

The lamp with Wi-Fi case

To interpret the concept of Feel Home the new one table lamp with case which combines the regulation of sound with that of light. Able to integrate into any environment, it offers a high quality sound and allows you to combine furnishing needs with functional objectives. For example, think of using it as a bedside lamp, eliminating the need to find the right place for a box in the room. Otherwise in the living room, it will be perfect to surround us with music when we are sitting on the sofa or in the dining room. Or why not, even in the kitchen. Its small size lends itself to transforming it into a perfect light source to illuminate the worktop that is too often dark. The recommended selling price is 179 euros.

The Wi-Fi bookshelf case

The new multifunctional case presented by IKEA can be connected to different devices, hung or supported on different types of tops, including the bookcase. Here it will blend in with your books and be a point of sound diffusion perfectly integrated into the design of your home. To surprise us, the possibility of fixing it to the kitchen rails thanks to the special hooks: in this way it turns into an accessory that is very difficult to give up, also thanks to the price of 99 euros.

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