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In the cold season, stress crunches – Italian Cuisine


A snack of dried fruit allows us to recover the daily sprint. Also try adding with salt and seeds.


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To be a reason to short days, of the hard temperatures and face stress and fatigue that often sooner or later emerge when we are in the regime autumn-winter (we do not talk then in pre-Christmas area!), we offer you some simple trick "to munch". It can take just a little, for example to put a bag of dried fruit in your bag or backpack, which extends the life and maintains the weight-shape.

If the fresh one contains more vitamins and minerals, the dried fruit holds the primacy of the fibers and not only. It seems that the process of dehydration even increases the concentration of antioxidants, a series of substances that ensure it sprint necessary to overcome bad moods and aches from cold weather. Blueberries, cherries and pomegranate grains can be combined with almonds and hazelnuts. Then there are more exotic varieties like mango and papaya or the classic apricot. The dried fruit is a crunchy snack and that ensures a full of vitamin E, magnesium, fiber and essential fatty acids. Oxygen for our tired body. Dehydrated cherries, for example, are a good source of flavonoids such as quercetin. Wild blueberries, slightly smaller than those grown, have long been considered brain food, a panacea for the brain. While nuts and hazelnuts are the basis of the diets of some centenarian communities as has recently demonstrated a study of Aigo, the Italian Association of gastroenterologists and hospital endoscopists.

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The important thing is not to exaggerate: the snack with dried fruit, even organic, is a viable alternative to snacks and other packaged products but can turn into a calorie bomb. The ideal portion, not to turn the snack into a wedding dinner, is a quarter of a teacup, which is equivalent to about 30 grams a day. A secret to contain calories, favoring their absorption, is match dehydrated fruit with nuts and hazelnuts that have good proteins and fats that balance their natural sugars. Then if you want to try something different, spray a little ' coarse salt and cinnamon on your dry fruit mix and add sesame seeds and hemp to enhance the contrasts. The result will be an early Christmas snack. Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts as well as dehydrated fruit are then widely used to garnish and prepare all the dishes on the menu.

Fabio Marzano
December 2018



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