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Shopping cart, our assistant with wheels – Italian Cuisine


We have learned the rules to make the shopping list healthy and fair and then of course the rules to make smart and perfect shopping once on the spot, whether at the super or at the farmer's market. However, one is missing small detail, too undervalued: which are the arms that help us carry this beautiful expense? Besides our own – and those of our partner eventually? But the cart, of course!

There are of course the iconic supermarket carts, with the immortal grids and the mythical portababy basket. Speaking of baskets: once we went shopping with the charming wicker-made shelves. But these were times when shopping was done daily, close to home. This is not the case today.

It was a night in 1937 when Sylvan Goldman, son of a family of Jewish merchants who emigrated to the United States, had an intuition. He had long since noticed how much women with children were prevented from moving and exploring the desks and shelves of his firm's stores. That night Sylvan was sleepless and kept staring at one folding chair. A common plastic folding chair. And he was enlightened: he put a shopping basket on the chair and imagined it with wheels. After a couple of months the first shopping cart had left the factory. And food spending was never the same again.

174904Sure, but these carts arrive at most up to the parking lot. And then? Most of us run for mega-stocks, we buy more and more – even too much – and i perverse packaging they make weight and volume rise (as well as pollution).

What to do? Load us all on our shoulders – with all due respect to the accusations against children's school backpacks – or be car slaves? With an increasingly older population, moreover, the continuation of the cart even after leaving the store, market or supermarket is fundamental. And indeed it exists!

Let's talk about the cart.2, that is the one who lives in our house and that we take for a walk which valiant assistant of our purchases. 174907

How to choose? Meanwhile, there are the entirely thermal carts, like the one from 45l proposed by GIMI, specialized brand in products that can simplify daily activities such as drying clothes, keeping the house tidy or shopping, in fact.

The GIMO Family Thermo, with removable bag, store food for up to 6 hours at both hot and cold temperatures. The same insulating function has the Thermo Bag, that in addition to the products more sensitive to the thermal shock that we buy by shopping, it can then be used as a picnic cooler – even during lunch.

174910A very important element in the choice of the cart are the wheels: they must be great enough not to risk our assistant getting stuck on the road, pivoting in order to make it easy to use in any situation – see entry and exit maneuvers from the elevator but also and above all to be able to face with serenity if any stairs.

In this regard, in the brand mentioned above, stands out Tris model, which of wheels has well 6 in XL size, carries up to 30 kg of expense and is designed specifically for being able to climb the stairs effortlessly and be smooth on any type of flooring. Also noteworthy is the model Twin, which has 4 wheels, 2 of which are retractable, for those who prefer to tow rather than push.

As the doggy bag is now an appreciable food prêt-à-porter, so it is cleared through customs the era of the shopping cart a little doggy, trustworthy mate of frolics among stalls, rows and food & various shops. From fish on the market to the can of detergent, from seasonal fruit to packages of flour, everything is served on the walking wheels of the trolley that suits me!

Aurora Quinto
May 2019


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