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The anti-mosquito seedlings useful to remove insects – Italian Cuisine

To keep away the very unpleasant mosquitoes, leave the chemistry alone and fill the terraces and balconies with naturally repellent plants

In good weather, keeping the windows open in the evening to enjoy a gust of fresh air can cost us sleep: the "terrible" mosquitoes they are always ready to sneak between our sheets. Keeping them away however is possible, too without using chemicals that always hide some contraindications or give off annoying fragrances. Between plants to keep on the balcony there are some that naturally develop a perfume capable of removing these insects. Let's find out which ones to choose, put them in front of your windows and enjoy the cool!


Would you ever have said that? The delicate and fragrant basil, in addition to serving to prepare a delicious seasoning for pasta, also has the effect of removing mosquitoes. Place a large pot full of this aromatic plant near the windows and you will be safe!


It has flowers that look like pom poms, soft and ethereal, of various colors including white, lilac and light blue. It blooms from the first days of June until the end of summer and prefers exposure to full sun. It can be attacked by aphids, which are eliminated by washing the plant or treating it with a specific insecticide.

The ageratum
The ageratum


They are the most used to ward off mosquitoes: they emit an almost imperceptible scent that greatly disturbs insects. All types of geraniums are fine, place them along the balcony and avoid the saucers, in order not to create a stagnation of water that would be ideal for the proliferation of mosquitoes.


It is one of the most used aromatic plants in the kitchen and in addition to flavoring potatoes and grilled meat, rosemary is perfect for keeping away annoying insects. It has few claims, is comfortable in full sun and withstands high temperatures. And then it blooms in early spring with wonderful blue flowers.


With its perfume, it is one of the anti-mosquito seedlings par excellence. Lavender blooms in June and its flowers, rich in essential oils, are perfect for keeping insects like mosquitoes away. You can distribute several plants on the balcony near the windows and to obtain a more effective result, spread the lavender essential oil throughout the house using a diffuser: you will perfume the house creating an unwelcome environment for mosquitoes.

The foods that attract and those that keep mosquitoes away

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The natural ingredient used in the preparation of many repellents is obtained from this plant. Its characteristic perfume helps to mask those of our body, attractive to mosquitoes. Lemongrass essential oils are also found in candles or incense, but the seedling is still the most effective solution.


Simple to grow, the monarda, also known as incense plant, has characteristics similar to lemongrass. Its leaves, with an elongated shape, release a scent similar to incense in the air, very unwelcome to mosquitoes. Its leaves, if dried, can also be used for the preparation of herbal teas.


Among the anti-mosquito plants there are also marigolds: their flowers emit an annoying scent for insects and for many pests that attack tomato seedlings.


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