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Surprise ingredients for an unforgettable amarcord first course – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Surprise ingredients for an unforgettable amarcord first course

Take a time trip, go back to the 70s and make this amarcord first course. The farfalle with vodka and salmon they recall the myth of Italian American cuisine, combining flavor, crunchiness and creaminess in one quick and easy recipe to prepare.

Vodka fish and chips with Bloody Mary mayonnaise – Italian Cuisine

Vodka fish and chips with Bloody Mary mayonnaise

Vodka fish and chips with Bloody Mary mayonnaise, the preparation

1) United with mayonnaise tomato paste mixed with Worcestershire sauce, a few drops of Tabasco and lemon juice. Jumbled up and keep the sauce in the fridge.

2) Peeled all potatoes, cut them sticks put them on in a large bowl covered with water at room temperature. Cut the fish in regular pieces. Shelled the egg separating yolk and egg white.

3) Mixed in a bowl the flour with the yeast, unite the yolk diluted with a little cold beer from the fridge; add the rest of the beer and the ice-cold vodka. In the end incorporated the egg white, whipped until stiff.

4) Drain the potatoes e dry them well with a clean towel. Fry them in plenty of hot oil until golden and crunchy. Drain them on fried paper e keep them in a hot oven at 100 °, with the door ajar, while fry the fish.

5) Immerse the pieces of fish one at a time in the batter e dip them in hot oil. Turn them to gild them on both sides, drain them on other fried paper e salt them. Serve them with the potatoes, salted, and the sauce.


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Pennette with vodka, a classic from the Eighties – Italian Cuisine


If there is one dish that made the revolution in the 1980s, it is pennette with vodka. This is a cult in the tables of Italians, in an era of trust in the future and lightheartedness


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Michael Jackson sang to the notes of Billie Jean, the nights began with an aperitif (the legendary Ape) and the young people danced carefree. Italy won the World Cup and raced through the streets in the saddle of the Ciao. In the tables strictly the Vodka pennette, a cult dish from this glorious decade.

The origins of this recipe are rather dubious, some say it was a first course born in a restaurant in Bologna, the "Dante", where flambé was prepared in front of the diners. Or who instead attributes their invention to a New York chef. The "alcoholic" penne or half penne, a real boom in the boom years, which were prepared in a few simple steps with some irreplaceable ingredients: distillate of the Russian tradition and the tomato puree local. The other ingredients were freely interpretable (there are those who fried onions and celery and who added chilli and bacon). At the end of the day, it must be said that it was a dish loved by everyone, even children. In fact, contrary to what one might imagine, it does not have strong flavors since the alcoholic component of vodka tends to fade, to eclipse. With that bit of internationality, it soon becomes a classic for singles who want to impress their first romantic dinner, also because it is simple to prepare and above all requires ingredients that are easily present in every pantry.

But what happened to them?

Being a vintage plate it seemed destined to disappear along with all the other recipes that belonged to those wonderful years: for example, like the shrimp cocktail or the champagne rice. Do you remember them? But instead fashions return, reinvent themselves and amaze us, like this pasta, which from the symbol of the fashionable and most popular cuisine that it was, has returned to live its second youth. Not surprisingly, they turned out to be the second most clicked recipe in the United States. In the Carbone restaurant in New York, for example, penne alla vodka, served for the nice price of $ 26, have become so popular that taking them off the menu would trigger a riot of customers. And do you plan to prepare them again?

by Elena Strappa

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