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Baked aubergines: the light version for the summer – Italian Cuisine

If you are looking for a light side dish to include in your diet, you have found it. Here the tips to prepare light and very tasty aubergines

A raw eggplant of about 400 g makes little less than 100 calories, contains 25 g of carbohydrates and 4 of protein. So let's say that we could include it among the light foods, if it weren't for the fact that once cooked, we entrust them with the burden of seasonings. 100 g of fried aubergines can touch 400 calories, while they stop at 150 if gratinated. But let's take a step back and try to think of a new road, or the possibility of cooking a large 400 g eggplant (which will suffice for two people) using only two teaspoons of oil (80 calories).

The critical points

Eggplants absorb seasonings as if they were real sponges, so we must reduce their ability to absorb water by drying them a little with coarse salt after cutting them. Once removed, we can proceed with the dressing that can be optimized with the classic brine technique. We then mix oil, water and other ingredients such as lemon juice to help us create an easily dilutable emulsion.

The extra trick

We already knew that baking paper was precious to save time and effort. And we also know that it is useful to prevent foods from burning after sticking to the pan. From a light point of view however, perhaps we had not considered the fact that it is a real resource to avoid having to grease our foods that bake in the oven. Baking paper = less than half of the seasonings, to simplify.

The useful tool

To distribute the emulsion as best as possible, use a special brush. Preparing the sauce in a bowl, you can easily season the food to be cooked, making small quantities of oil sufficient.

The recipe for light eggplant

Ingredients: An aubergine, oregano, chilli pepper, garlic, lemon juice, a few leaves of fresh mint, extra virgin olive oil, salt

Procedure: Reduce the aubergine in small cubes, prepare an emulsion with two teaspoons of oil, a tablespoon of water and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Add garlic, chilli and mix. Coat a plate with baking paper, spread the eggplant and brush it with the emulsion. At this point, salt and bake in a preheated oven at 150 degrees for about 25 minutes. Remove from the oven, decorate to taste with fresh mint leaves and serve warm.

Tarte tatin with onions, a savory version of the inverted French cake – Italian Cuisine

Very simple to prepare and of great effect if you have guests: here is the recipe of tarte tatin with onions, an original alternative to the usual savory pies

There tarte tatin of apples It is a dessert that has now also entered our homes: it is in fact a typical French upside-down cake, which is prepared with pasta brisee and caramelized apples in butter and sugar. A real treat, which in France is often served with cream ice-cream or vanilla for an irresistible dessert. But the same recipe, a bit 'revisited, can also be used in the preparation of one tarte tatin salata, an alternative to typical savory pies Italian that usually also contain eggs and cheese and can therefore be heavier. Let's try to prepare the tarte tatin with onions? That's how!

The recipe of tarte tatin with onions


For the pasta brisée (if you want to speed up the preparation of tarte tatin with onions you can also buy it ready in the refrigerated counter):

220 grams flour 00
100 grams of butter
40 grams of milk or very cold water
Salt to taste

To fill the tarte:

4 or 5 medium onions
a big walnut of butter
two tablespoons of sugar


The pasta brisée should be prepared in advance because it must rest in the refrigerator at least a couple of hours before being spread and used for our tarte tatin. Start by spreading the flour on a cutting board and adding the diced butter. Start to knead with your hands. Continue with milk or cold water. Work the pasta brisée until it is transformed into a smooth dough, then wrap it in the film and put it in the fridge for two hours.

Separately remove the skin onions is slice in thick enough washers. In a saucepan, melt one butter, add the onions and the sugar and let them brown.

Then move the onions into a hinged pan and arrange them on the bottom in an orderly manner. Cover with the pastry brisée that you will have spread with a rolling pin and reimburse it in the corners so that the onions once overturned the cake do not fall.

Put the pan in oven already hot for about 15 minutes at 180 ° C, checking the cooking of the brisée from its surface. Then let cool, open the hinge of the cake tin and turn the tatin over a plate.

Warning! The mix of butter and sugar with which you have seasoned the onions can drain from the cake tin, so we advise you to put a sheet of aluminum foil on the lower shelf of the oven, so as to avoid dirtying it and burning the caramel which will give an unappetizing aroma to the cake.

Tarte tatin salate: other ideas

The tarte tatin salata is excellent also prepared with shallots, which will be boiled before being passed into butter. Once the cake has been turned over, add to the shallots Taggiasca olives, which give a touch of salt really apt the tatin. But you can indulge yourself with the ingredients you prefer, like carrots and mushrooms in winter and Cherry Tomato Confit in summer.

Tarte tatin, when the dessert becomes salty

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Italian cuisine in a healthy version – Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine in a healthy version

There Italian cuisine it is the best in the world: it will be parochial to affirm it, but objectively extraordinary for flavor, variety and pleasure. But it is also the most healthy? Not always. Sometimes, in the routine daily, can become too rich, too seasoned or too heavy. Nothing serious, be clear: just a little ' caution (and the right tip) to make it more to greet. That's what the nutritionist did Chiara Manzi, which has "revisited" 300 of the recipes featured on "Recipes of My House", the digital platform of Galbani which has been collecting family recipes for seven years Italian. Objective declared: to make them more balanced in the contribution of the nutrients, making them perfect for insertion into a feeding from 2000 kcal per day. No abolition of ingredients "at risk" or punitive cuts: the recipes remained good and tasty as always. A change was the way of prepare them: from the choice of ingredients to the methods of Preparation. So you can easily to cut the calories, reduce i fat, avoid adding salt you hate sugar. Try to believe, following the advice of the nutritionist.

Traditional dishes, modern "tricks"
What is a nutritionist doing in the kitchen? Give useful tips for to cook more so to greet. Some examples? For the cooking in the oven prefer longer times but a temperatures lower: this prevents the formation of substances harmful. Another example: grease the pans only when they are hot: so the surface tension of the oil decreases giving the impression of having used much more. Protein foods such as egg white "mountain" very easily, as well as the ricotta cheese. Fit them very well before adding them to yours preparations: in this way you will increase the volume decreasing the density caloric of the dish. Bigger portions and more dishes light!

Pasta with Zucchini
The "trick" to make the pasta healthier is to focus on sauces to vegetables and using as a base one light dairy, such as mozzarella, ricotta or cream cheese all in version light. "Let's take a classic of Italian cuisine like the pens with zucchini and ricotta. To lighten this recipe, on 70 grams of pasta, I recommend the double of zucchini (the ideal are 150 grams) because they do volume and Saziano making many fibers. The important thing is not to peel them, because it's on peel that are concentrated fibers – explains Manzi – The other right ingredient is the light ricottabecause it has less lipids and calories, but on pasta makes as much as that 'normal', given that the creaminess it is not given by fats but by protein, which remain the same ".

The daisy becomes healthier if you mix it 00 flour with a part of wholemeal flour, if iodized salt is used and if it is added to the i gasket artichokes, which bring beneficial fibers and allow halve the calories of the recipe. Another small trick to avoid fat in excess? Spread the pizza base on paper from oven to avoid greasing the pan and choose the light mozzarella, always good but with the half of fat.

The meatloaf recipe certified by Evolution Academy kitchen for Galbani, contains less meat and ham than the traditional recipe and is enriched with fibers precious thanks to the addition of beans is whole grain bread. To further reduce fat and calories, the advice is to grind the beef meat after having deprived it of the fat visible and to use the light mozzarella, as good as that traditional.

What's more greedy and Italian than a fresh and creamy tiramisu? To prepare it in a manner "Nutritionally correct" the advice is to reduce the mascarpone cheese and replace it in part with the egg whites mounted in the snow. In practice: they are enough 75 grams of mascarpone plus two egg whites and a yolk, whipped separately so we do more volume. In order to incorporate more air, obtaining even more volume, the trick is to to add, half assembled, a little bit of syrup made with 50 ml of water and 35 grams of sugar. Result: "You increase the volume by decreasing the caloric density tiramisu ", he explains Manzi. To make the recipe more balanced (and even more tasty) you can add two ingredients healthy: raspberries (150 grams), which they bring antioxidants and fibers, and lo ginger grated fresh (5 grams), which confers that acid note typical of mascarpone "deceiving" the palate and not making us realize that there is something of it less. Finally, also the presentation makes the difference: serving mascarpone in cups of glass not only does it make it more elegant, but "Dosa" the quantities, avoiding exaggerate with the doses.

Manuela Soressi
January 2019

photo credits by Galbani

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