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Together for 80 years: Marisa and Marco on the cover of Vanity Fair – Italian Cuisine

Marisa and Marco on the cover of Vanity Fair: 101 and 102 years together for 80. For Valentine's Day, the weekly arrives on newsstands with a special issue that celebrates the generation that symbolizes love that wins everything

After the success of the number starring Pope Francis, which scored + 38% on newsstands compared to the same number of the previous year, and the digital campaign #iomivaccino, with over 4.6 MIO impressions, 4.4 MIO total reach, 59.3k video views , 92k total engagement and numerous well-known faces involved, Vanity Fair comes out on newsstands with a special issue dedicated to love.

"Like every year, on the anniversary of the feast of lovers, in the editorial office we asked ourselves how to tell love in the time of Covid-19", writes the director Simone Marchetti in his editorial. "This year there is also a special anniversary: ​​twenty years ago, the last kiss, the film by Gabriele Muccino that fascinated an entire country, arrived on the screens of cinemas. We therefore thought of imagining the first kiss we will give each other once the virus has left us. And here is the genesis of this cover: to celebrate the affection, strength, tenderness of a generation that has seen it all. The war, the pain, the fear. The reconstruction of Italy, the sweat of conquests, the tears of defeat. All to then finally face the most cowardly enemy: a virus that does not even have the courage to be seen ”.

So the kiss of becomes the protagonist of the cover Marisa Stradella (101 years) is Marco Razzini (102) who have loved each other for 80 years. Their bond, born in a Milan at war, was not lost even when Marco, a prisoner in Russia, was unable to give news of himself for more than three years during which Marisa never lost hope that they would see each other again. . They have never separated since his return. And now, after three children, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, their love story continues. The tale of this generation continues with Stefano Bozzino, the Alpine who had traveled around the world playing the accordion under the window of the hospital where his wife was hospitalized. For the first time he tells of the recent death of his beloved and of the love that never ends.

The image of their kiss symbolizes a life manual that tells what love is. A love capable of winning everything and which also returns within the pages of the issue through the stories of other protagonists: Penelope and Alessandro, 18 and 19 who knew each other by sight, but fell in love exchanging messages during the first lockdown. Together for 16 and a half years, the web influencer Linda Tol and the photographer Renwe Jules four months ago they became Louie Gene's parents, a gift that was made to wait for. The men, the success, the disappointments, the strength to go forward always and in any case: the actress Serena Grandi, protagonist of the new film by Pupi Avati She speaks to me again, the story of an endless love, tells the lights and shadows of a life lived with passion. From the first to the last kiss. Finally there is Samuel Bersani. After seven years of silent recording he is back with a new album and a song that is the sequel to "En e Xanax", the hymn to a love of two people who shared panic attacks and the desire to accept their fears . Today, in the interview with Vanity Fair, after the end of that love, with the song Your Memory, the singer-songwriter explains that he closes a circle with the past and talks about the creative block that had paralyzed him.

The story also continues on the social profiles of Vanity Fair, with a call to action that will be launched on Instagram to all illustrators of the network, invited to tell about Love with an unpublished drawing. The editorial staff will choose the most beautiful and representative creations of the theme, which will be published on the Vanity Fair social channels during the week of Valentine's Day. Not only that: the authors with the most interesting social profiles will also appear in a dedicated page on the issue of Vanity Fair to be released on 10 February.

To coincide with the release of this issue, Vanity Fair launches its own new app which offers a unique digital experience as it is enriched with special content and many new customizable features. In addition to the ability to read all the articles published on the site in real time (in reading format for mobile and tablet), exclusive content is provided only for those who download the app: in the 'Popular on Vanity’You discover every day what other Vanity Fair users are reading, while in that #hottopic keep an eye on the most popular themes of the moment; in the video section you will find all the news in video format, with music and subtitles, to be scrolled comfortably; in a dedicated section, i podcast of the most popular Vanity Fairs. Finally, the app allows you to browse the preview of the latest issue of the magazine currently on newsstands. For subscribers, you can read the magazine comfortably, for those who are not yet, you can conveniently pay with Apple Pay / Google Pay by purchasing a single issue or a subscription for up to one year.

Pope Francis protagonist of the new issue of Vanity Fair – Italian Cuisine

Pope Francis protagonist of the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair on newsstands from January 6: the weekly entrusts the pontiff with the task of opening 2021 with a message of love and hope

From today, Wednesday 6 January, the new issue of Vanity Fair which he sees as the protagonist Pope francesco together with his message to face 2021 with love and hope: "We are all in the same boat, we must become a great human family".

"We had a dream, at Vanity Fair, for the end of 2020: to start the new year with a message from Pope Francis, to entrust him with the task of opening 2021 with confidence in a better tomorrow", writes in his editorial the director of the weekly Simone Marchetti. “In recent months, we have talked extensively with his collaborators. And today we are proud of this issue which reports two great themes dear to the Pontiff and also fundamental for Vanity Fair: respect and love for diversity, all diversities. And the hope that the vaccine will be available for everyone, without distinction or nationalism, and above all for the most vulnerable and needy .

The cover portrays the serene face of the Pontiff who recalls a phrase of St. Francis, "All Brothers", a universal invitation addressed to every man and woman to be a great human family beyond diversity, indeed by accepting, loving and respecting diversity of all. A message that Vanity Fair for its cover has decided to translate into different languages.

A special issue that arrives on newsstands after months of pandemic and in the first days of the new year to remind us that "from a crisis like this one does not come out the same, but better or worse", as His Holiness recalled in his Pentecost homily.

The Pope's message continues inside the issue with an extract from the Urbi et Orbi Christmas blessing granted to Vanity Fair. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 84, is the 266th Pontiff: from St. Francis of Assisi he inherited not only the name but also the desire to embrace all diversity.

Vanity Fair launches its first cartoon – Italian Cuisine

Vanity Fair launches its first cartoon produced by Mad Entertainment: a Christmas short film starring Roberto Bolle, an artist also celebrated on the cover

Roberto Bolle is the protagonist of the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair on newsstands from December 16 and also of the first cartoon created by the weekly with MAD, award-winning Italian animation studio.

"We will dance together again" is the title of the author's short and together the cover shout of an issue dedicated to the tales of Christmas, to the stories of hope and the dreams of artists and ordinary people who in this difficult year have managed to transform difficulties into projects, into hope and into opportunities.

Precisely for this reason, on the cover there could only be him, Roberto Bolle, one of the most famous dancers in the world, an example of resilience and strength. "I know I gave up childhood, adolescence and youth," says the étoile in the interview with Vanity Fair. “But I'm also aware that those periods will never return. I have been a soldier. One always on the march. But I'm not one of those soldiers who wrote letters from the front full of regret or nostalgia. I have chosen my fate. I went towards my future .

And when asked how to choose a destiny, he replies: «With clarity, tenacity and determination. To give oneself to dance in an all-encompassing way meant not giving in to despair and not changing direction when every clue suggested abandoning it. We are human beings: we have ups and downs. To resist the seconds I had to give myself a mental approach. In my job, body care is fundamental, but without your head you can't go anywhere ".

Bolle says that for those who do their job, over time, you learn above all that there is no fall from which you cannot get up and that there is something that goes beyond passion and talent: "Chance. You rehearse for months in the dance hall and then suddenly you stumble. A fall can change the course of a career. It takes humility, a sense of thrill, the ability to endure loneliness. Dance leads you to improve body and spirit. Give dreams and magic. But as with everything there is a price . Speaking of loneliness: «Loneliness has been a great traveling companion. I found myself immersed in it and had to deal with it. By nature I am quite a lonely person, but at first, when I was traveling to fulfill very difficult commitments in front of which I felt inadequate, having to face them alone was tough. Then, I must have been about twenty-seven, everything changed and I began to savor solitude for what it is: no longer a limit, but an achievement. A form of freedom. A pass for absolute concentration. I could go around the cities, decline the days at my own pace, leave an unpacked suitcase for weeks without anyone being able to tell me: “Roberto, tidy up” .

The story of Roberto Bolle, the efforts, the constancy, his constant pushing beyond the limits of the body and of destiny are the best metaphor of what is happening, of how to face it, of how to never stop throwing the heart over every obstacle , for this reason the protagonist of the first Vanity Fair cartoon could only be him.
“One thing has always impressed me about classical dancers. And it is not about the spectacular evolutions or the most intense interpretations , writes the director Simone Marchetti in his editorial. "What makes me think of their art is the smile they have always printed on their faces while they are on stage, a serene and proud expression even when they take the most difficult steps, the most painful, the most dangerous. They smile. As if nothing had happened. Because the effort, the suffering, the fear must never be seen. The viewer, on the other hand, must look at the art, the character, the history ".

The cartoon "We will dance together again" directed by Francesco Filippini is a new project, a surprise for readers: it is a work created by Mad Entertainment, a jewel of Italian creativity, a production house that includes, in the historic building of " L'oro di Napoli ", a creative factory in which about 40 young creatives work, including directors, screenwriters, designers, animators and dreamers able to give body, color, emotions and words to works that make the hearts of the spectators beat faster the world.

This animated short will be available from December 16 on the Vanity Fair website and social channels. But that's not all: to celebrate Christmas together with all readers and users, Vanity Fair launches an Instagram filter that allows you to play with the covers to become the protagonists of a special greeting card. "What would you like to find under the tree?" is the question posed to friends of the newspaper: actors, singers and celebrities who have told in a video what is the gift, symbolic or not, that they would like to receive at these holidays. Their answers can be found on the weekly's Tik Tok profile.

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