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The recipe of the mondeghili of Trattoria Masuelli – Italian Cuisine

One of the historic shops in Milan, open since 1921 and synonymous with Milanese cuisine for almost a century. They make the typical meatballs with cabbage or spinach, and lots of vegetables in the dough

Everyone in Milan knows it, because Trattoria Masuelli San Marco opened in 1921 and has remained true to itself: a magical, vital and enjoyable place. White tablecloths, wooden chairs and wainscoting, international awards and dedications from writers, gourmants and historic food and wine pens. You can breathe the history of three generations and a city, and today Max Masuelli, grandson of the founders, continues the tradition in the kitchen, aware of how this is an inexhaustible source of creativity for recipes with a contemporary style firmly anchored to the threads of memory. Classic recipes, simple, but the result of a lot of technique and professionalism. Here you can eat Milanese cutlet, strictly on the bone, saffron risotto, polenta, fried brains and the classic cassoeula. Inevitable on the menu, i mondeghili the typical Milanese meatballs.

Mondeghili, the Milan of the past, today

Mondeghili are a recipe for recycling, like many meatballs, and are made starting from leftovers of cooked meat, such as braised or boiled, mixed with stale bread and what is available. Breaded, they are then fried in a pan, once in butter, and flattened like small burgers. Today the recipe is different, it starts from fresh meat, but does not lose its soul; and not even the cabbage, a classic of Lombard cuisine "Obviously these ingredients can be replaced with what we have in the refrigerator these days or other ingredients that are left to us, such as cotechino, boiled meat, salami …". Creativity is also this.

Ingredients for 4 people

2 celery sticks
2 carrots
1 onion
300 g of veal (or boiled)
100 ml of white wine
50 g breadcrumbs
salt and pepper
100 g of salami
100 g of pork sausage
4 spoons of Parmesan
50 g of spinach or cabbage
2 eggs
breadcrumbs and flour for breading
frying oil


Wash and cut celery, carrots and onion into small pieces. Put everything in a pan and brown with a drizzle of oil. Add the meat and continue to brown. Deglaze with white wine and add broth to cover. Cook for at least 2 hours. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

In a saucepan add the clean sausage and cut into small pieces, with the salami and vegetables (spinach or cabbage), then brown.

Then blend the meat together with the sausage, then add the salami and vegetables until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. After blending all the ingredients together, add the breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan and nutmeg to taste.

When the dough is ready, balls form about 45 g each. Bread with eggs, flour and breadcrumbs.

Cook the mondeghili in abundant oil for 5 minutes at 170º.

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Truck drivers in the Trattoria: do you remember when Misha Sukyas cooked with Chiara Ferragni? – Italian Cuisine

Truck drivers in the Trattoria: do you remember when Misha Sukyas cooked with Chiara Ferragni?

The first episode of The Blonde Chef in which the new lorry driver in Trattoria gave cooking lessons to Instagram's most famous Chiara.

If there is a TV series that really makes us hungry it is Truckers in the Trattoria. It satisfies that desire to wander around small restaurants and clubs with a heart and a large dish, where generous portions and traditions come together in dishes with an ancient yet always current flavor. And if the first was chef Rubio to guide us among these funny meals in the company of the truck drivers, now the management of the program is renewed and sees lined up on the front line Misha Sukyas. Student of Antonello Tagliabue at the Bice in London, the 40 year old chef is from Armenian and Italian origins, has also collected experiences in the USA, Holland, China, Indonesia, Australia, India and Africa, but it is in Italy that he put his idea of ​​cooking into practice with the Alchemist and Puzzle projects.
But if his face tells you something, it's because you've probably already seen it on the small screen. In fact, he joined Carlo Cracco in the first edition of Hell's Kitchen and taught Chiara Ferragni how to cook in the mini series The Blonde Chef. It was 2012 and this is the first episode.

Yesterday friend of the fashion bloggers, today fellow travelers of the Truckers in the Trattoria. What a chef versatility!

Antica Trattoria del Gallo: a happy Sunday – Italian Cuisine

The trips out of town those where you get up from the table satulated and happy … here is a special address

After years I found that I was looking for a perfect restaurant for Sunday lunch slightly outside the door. He brought us a friend whom I thank again (Yup Mario, it's really you thanks). Si located in Vigano Certosino, in the southern agricultural park East from Milan (direction Abiategrasso). As soon as you get off the highway, a little bit of land to the right and left here is the place, low construction, here is the Antica Trattoria del Gallo. Family atmosphere, warm atmosphere, all very clean, white and reassuring tablecloth, beautiful smiles. Two families, mine and that of friends, big table. Seguiamor they who are regular customers and order fried potatoes, among the best in my life or cut like the ones in the package but delicious and light, high-level frying. I order a lasagna, chicken deviled my him, the must of the house, the proposal for children with cutlet and fries (Leonardo skyrocketing with joy), the Russian salad of which I am extremely good maniac. In the meantime, I meet Eugenio Boer with his partner who eats normal and non-gourmet things (always a good sign when you meet chefs of great stature in a restaurant outside the door).

Antica Trattoria del Gallo

And then finally the cannons arrive, light as the wings of a butterfly. Flavor of the deadly cream, they compete with those of the Cerea brothers who serve you at the end by injecting as much cream as you want with the sac à poche. And then satolli and happy (we tried white wines from Santorini and a Slovenian because the paper it has labels eccellentthe), let's go walking on the road that leads to the Guzzafame farmhouse. A few meters to stretch your legs and lighten not so much the balance as the sense of guilt. But what a happy Sunday!

Ps since it seems to me essential to always indicate the price of a restaurant, we spent three about 130 euros, however, consider that we ordered two bottles of crazy wines.

Photo by Francesca Moscheni

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