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Tiramisu: greedy Christmas gifts – Italian Cuisine

A nice and affectionate gift idea for the passionate uncle or colleague who is greedy for tiramisu. The most loved Italian spoon dessert in the world declined in liqueur, panettone, chocolates and …

Raise your hand if you don't like the tiramisu. I would say it is almost impossible. From my experience as a judge at the Tiramisù World Cup 2021 in Treviso I was able to see firsthand how much transport there is around this now classic recipe of Italian cuisine. Basically, the disciplined recipe provides for the use of 6 basic ingredients: ladyfingers, mascarpone, eggs, coffee, cocoa and white granulated sugar. Then, everyone can decide whether to stay on the traditional and maybe just change the shape (as the 2021 champion did with his tiramisu at heart) or to elevate it to more daring flavors (like the ham and melon tiramisu of the 2021 creativity category champion). The most loved Italian spoon dessert in the world has fans everywhere – not for nothing has there just been the Tiramisù Global Marathon, which we participated in to give our support.

In short, a dessert that lends itself to all tastes and that tells a bit of our history. Perhaps it is among the desserts that you learned to make as a child so easy to prepare, then growing up you have refined the technique (whipped egg whites yes or no?) Until the result that satisfies you most. Now that we are under the holidays, you will inevitably prepare your tiramisu or someone will do it for you. What if you have a real tiramisu lover with your family or friends? What if the office colleague can't resist ordering the tiramisu dessert even during lunch break? So, we thought we'd give you some ideas for delicious gift ideas perfect for those who love tiramisu. Are you ready?

Tiramisu: Christmas gifts for fans

Milk chocolate and tiramisu bar

Venchi took care of combining the sweetness of Venezuela milk chocolate with mascarpone and coffee. In a 100-gram layered tablet, it is a delightful little thought that lets a hidden message pass: how sweet you are! Retail price 5 euros.

The tiramisu liqueur

Tiramisù Bottega is a new tasty liqueur that proposes in liquid form one of the most popular desserts in Italy and in the world. It is characterized by a moderate alcohol content (17% vol.) And the harmonious balance between cocoa, coffee and Savoyard with hints of cream, mascarpone and egg. Soft and velvety on the palate, it seems to be able to enjoy a tiramisu simply by drinking it, isn't that a fantastic idea? The original bottle with its characteristic oval shape has a capacity of 50 cl and a retail price of around 15 euros.

Tiramisu panettone

The historian took care of it Motta to create the Tiramisù Panettone. The classic soft dough of the panettone sweetened by the rich fillings of mascarpone cream and coffee plus an exquisite covering with dark chocolate and cocoa meringue grains. This is the apotheosis for a truly "GranCremoso" Christmas! Retail price 7.70 euros.

Sweet ravioli with tiramisu

A crescent-shaped chest of amber pastry with the scent of coffee that contains an inviting filling of delicious and precious blend of coffee and soft mascarpone. To be prepared fried or in a pan, Giovanni Rana's sweet ravioli with tiramisu are an original and unforgettable dessert. Ready in 3 minutes in packs of 4 servings, recommended price 3.99 euros – available in the best food outlets or online.

The tiramisu truffle

La Perla chocolate shop in Turin has prepared gift boxes of really intriguing chocolates. The creamy Tiramisu leaves room for the strong flavor of the Brazilian cocoa beans of the Macaé Dark Chocolate, to finally indulge in the delicacy of Salted Peanut. Packaged by hand, retail price 20 euros.

Tiramisù Global Marathon: the winners – Italian Cuisine

Great day internationally to celebrate our most loved spoon dessert in the world, which also helps the planet

Eight hours of live online, today 28 November from 11.00 to 19.00 (Italian time). They connected from all corners of the globe to take part in the Tiramisu Global Marathon 2022, the second "virtual" gathering of lovers of the most popular spoon dessert in the world: who as a simple spectator and who to bring their greetings, who to "share" a very personal recipe of the famous dessert and who to participate in the contest through the channels social media of the Tiramisù World Cup.

Hundreds took part in the second edition of the Tiramisù Global Marathon, the virtual appointment of the tastiest challenge of the year, organized by the TWC with the collaboration of Tiramisu Academy. We too did not miss the appeal with a contribution from our Director, Maddalena Fossati.

On this occasion, tiramisu was the virtual protagonist and kitchens from all over the world came together through the photo contest held on the TWC Instagram channel, inspired by the theme of sustainability and defense of our environment entitled "A Tiramisu for our planet ". Through watering photos, the contest was won by:

Alessandra Vendemiati of Venice, in first place with its “GreenMISÙ” (green sugars and dark chocolate);

Hellen Green (Elena Pepori) from Milan, in second place, with the “Love Planet” (tempered chocolate and cream);

Annalisa Pensabene of Belluno, in third place, with “A Rose for the Planet” (pistachios).

The three thus have full access to the selections of the Tiramisu World Cup 2022, next autumn in Treviso e they have also symbolically become shareholders of di Time for the Planet, the non-profit company that creates and finances companies that fight against climate change worldwide.

The "challenge" was also open to the little ones (up to 16 years of age) who in their category were equally able to try their hand at preparing Tiramisu. For the very young chefs, thanks to the renewed collaboration with Edizioni PIEMME and the Foundation Geronimo Stilton, the opportunity to read for free on the Tiramisù World Cup website the book “The cupcake contest” by Geronimo Stilton.

"We have had connections with international guests, from Brazil, Russia, Romania and France – commented the organizer, Francesco Redi -. The appointment has grown considerably compared to last year, thanks also to the great collaboration with the "Trevisani nel Mondo" who contacted our emigrants abroad, who do not fail to become standard-bearers of the very Italian dessert ".

Tiramisu fantasy, the original recipe for a classic dessert – Italian Cuisine

Tiramisu fantasy, the original recipe for a classic dessert

Tiramisu fantasy, preparation

1) Shelled the eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. Mounted the egg yolks with the sugar and, separately, the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Mix the mascarpone with the egg yolk foam and then add the egg whites until stiff.

2) Prepare 12 shot glasses. Crumble roughly 4 biscuits of each type and distribute the macarons crumbs in 4
small glasses, those of petit beurre in another 4 and those of chocolate biscuits in the remaining 4.

3) Sprinkle with a little coffee, chocolate crumbs and petit beurre crumbs.

4) Fill up all the small glasses with the mascarpone cream and garnish with the remaining biscuits, pairing them with those used on the bottom.

5) Add orange zest on chocolate biscuits, walnuts on petit beurre and cinnamon on macarons.


Posted on 11/25/2021


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