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TEN, in Sicily, solidarity is a woman – Italian Cuisine

TEN, in Sicily, solidarity is a woman

In Sicily, TEN is back, the charity evening dedicated to women's complicity. Promoted by Giuseppe Costa, the second edition has just ended with a fundraiser that exceeded expectations

A charity evening dedicated to female complicity. The second edition of TEN, an annual event promoted by Giuseppe Costa, chef patron of the restaurant 1 Michelin star The Bavaglino of Terrasini, which this year saw the involvement of 9 starred chefs from all over Italy.

Among the tickets purchased and donations from the partners, 47 thousand euros were collected entirely donated to the association Friends Onlus who cares for people with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease and their families. The causes that lead to the onset of these diseases are unknown and at the moment there is no cure that allows healing.

TEN wants to be a moment of collective meeting in order to promote and introduce this part of the Sicilian coast, a few kilometers from Palermo, through the typical products of the territory, in particular the blue fish. For the second consecutive year it was the Sea Club of Terrasini that hosted the event: set in a small bay on the Gulf of Castellammare, where one of the most beautiful sunsets in Sicily is contemplated, guests were able to taste the dishes prepared for the occasion by the chefs, each characterized by contaminations of the different regions of origin.

Next to the host, Giuseppe Costa, there were the stars: Martina Caruso of the Signum of Salina, Maria Cicorella del Pashà of Conversano, Iside De Cesare of the restaurant La Parolina in Trevinano, Giuliana Germiniasi of the Capriccio of Manerba del Garda, Rosanna Marziale of the restaurant The columns in Caserta, Maria Probst of La rossa rossa of Cerbaia, Antonella Ricci of the restaurant Al fornello – from Ricci to Ceglie Messapica, Patrizia Di Benedetto of the Bye Bye Blues restaurant in Palermo and the pastry chef Edvige Simoncelli of Idylio by Apreda in Rome.

«Thanks to the public intervened, commented Giuseppe Costa, «and the enthusiastic participation of our supporters, with their economic donations and free supplies of services, the party was unforgettable. I owe a special thanks to the chefs who came from all over Italy who immediately accepted this project with great enthusiasm. The joy and beauty of the entire team's work was felt by all the participants and this year we also managed to raise more funds than the first edition. A spur that fills us with joy and propels us already to 2020 for the next edition of TEN ”.

ten (very large) clubs that immediately deserve the trip – Italian Cuisine

ten (very large) clubs that immediately deserve the trip

The rankings are important, but not necessarily have to be followed instead. From the last The World's 50 Best Restaurants we have chosen those restaurants that have a touch more than the others, although they are all valid. To book now, be patient …

To have time – and budget of course – it would be wonderful to shoot all the 120 restaurants named in the one season The World’s 50 Best Restaurants: it is not impossible, but definitely complicated. Among the experts, the British critic Andy Hayler is mentioned, who on five occasions managed to visit all three Michelin stars, which are more or less 110. But it is another championship, considering that 75% of the twisted is found in France, Italy, Japan and the United States of America. This year, at the awarding of Singapore, 25 nations were represented: a record that certifies the internationality of The World's 50 Best Restaurants and the fact that one can eat (very) well in countries once cut off from gourmet routes such as Turkey, India or Brazil . So for those who want to do the exploit, they are lurking thousands of miles.

Unique experiences

Obviously our selection is very personal and easily reversible. We have left out scientifically the restaurants that The World's 50 Best Restaurants has placed in a kind of Hall of Fame – creating many discussions – of winners of the past. No longer votable even if their restaurants are at the top, as is the case of Can Roca in Girona and Osteria Francescana in Modena (here: even if you are ready to wait a year, it is an unmissable journey). We have focused on places that are doing great cooking in this precise season, just like the others in the ranking, but with that extra touch that conquers or with new ideas. Expensive seats, but not necessarily very expensive. Exclusive in the sense that they should be lived peacefully, but conscious that they are not the norm, from the location to the cellar. Book now, have a lot of patience – since they are full months away – and have fun.


A jewel in the countryside, 200 meters from the border between Italy and France. A light and seasonal cuisine that Colagreco explains «takes the best from the sea, from the mountains and from the garden which in the last case is represented by the large interior gardens. The technique of the dishes is the daughter of her transalpine masters, the decidedly Mediterranean taste also because the strengths of the brigade are very Italian.

Noma 2.0 – Copenhagen

The last of the creatives, René Redzepi, is the second chapter of his story. More than ever Nordic, starting from the local that is a Danish farm, obviously of pure design. Only three menus in a year, twenty courses: fish in winter, vegetarian in summer, forest (also with game) in autumn. The signature dish of the new course? Trout eggs marinated in katsuobushi on a marinated egg gel. In comparison, Colagreco is a conservative.

Lido 84 – Gardone Riviera

From the first personal adventure to the top 100 in five years. Story from film that of Riccardo Camanini, weaned by Marchesi and past for the French school: pure talent, crazy application, ideas with continuous jet. In his small and suggestive local on the Garda there is a unique vision in Italy and it is not just great cooking.

Extebarru – Axtondo (Spain)

How to become the third restaurant on the planet cooking everything on the grill? And if that weren't enough, in a stone cottage near Bilabo? It takes a asador ingenious as the Basque Victor Arguinzoniz: every food, every dish – including desserts – undergoes at least one passage on the most famous grills of world cuisine.

Le Calandre – Rubano

The parent company of the Alajmo family is one bonbonniere on the Padana Superiore state road. Two tasting menus at the highest level, which express all the talent of Massimiliano Alajmo, with iconic dishes like the recent Cappuccino Murrina and Illusion, sweet with twenty variations on chocolate

Disfrutar – Barcelona

Three good guys of Ferran Adrià who have put to good use the teaching of the Catalan guru. A summit climb, very fast, naturally focusing on creativity, with a 30-course tapas style menu. Even more surprising considering the basic style restaurant. Unmissable place for the orphans of El Bulli.

Piazza Duomo – Alba

The top landing of an area with very high quality food and wine like the Langa. At the helm of the restaurant is Enrico Crippa, one of Marchesi's most illustrious students, with an exceptional hand on the vegetable. Take advantage of the two most famous greenhouses in our kitchen to create masterpieces such as Salad 21, 31, 41 … which in May is composed of a hundred varieties including flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Arpege – Paris

It deserves the trip because, beyond the ranking, it is the best French restaurant: Alain Passard is a true artist, particularly on the vegetable. Three Michelin stars since 1996, it was the first – five years later – to abolish meat and fish from its menu and then reintroduce them in small doses. Dishes that look like paintings, of a lightness often unknown to the transalpine cuisine.

Pujol – Mexico City

The top in North America. Thanks to the chef-patron Enrique Oliveira, the first to make Mexican haute cuisine, extolling the tradition: one of his signature dishes is the Mole Madre, Mole Nuevo or rather a game on the typical Puebla sauce, the basis of Aztec cuisine. He also runs Cosme in New York, led by Daniela Soto-Innes, the best cook in the world for 2019.

Central- Lima

It is the best restaurant in South America and remains cover of modern Peruvian cuisine, which is among the most complete in the world. The soul is Virgilio Martinez, a formidable researcher of local products: his tasting interprets the Pacific Ocean fish in 17 courses like the herbs growing on top of the Andes.

The ten rules of the perfect summer breakfast – Italian Cuisine

The ten rules of the perfect summer breakfast

The nutritionist's decalogue for the most important meal of the day. You never skip breakfast. And during the summer they are excellent fruit and cereals

Never skip it (this is always true), never give up the fruit and never give in to the lure of a buffet too rich. These are some of the rules of the summer breakfast which, the expert says, must be light and digestible. To put this indication into practice Valeria Del Balzo, a nutritionist biologist at the Sapienza University of Rome, has prepared a set of guidelines with useful warnings and advice for those at sea, in the mountains, abroad or in the office. The rules are on the site I start well which also does an investigation. The DOXA / AIDEPI Observatory, in a 2016 research, states that Italians are good: 9 out of 10 have breakfast and the number of people who skip it is falling, in the last two years it has gone from 14 to 9% .

What do you need for a proper breakfast? «The right mix – explains Valeria del Balzo – consists of cereals, which provide slow-release sugars, milk or yogurt, and a fruit. If in winter we need calories to face the cold, in summer it is important not to exceed, pay attention to fatty foods and have a good supply of liquids . Here are the rules to apply:

Never skip breakfast

The number one rule, valid all year, is even more so in the summer. With the heat, a first meal of the day is essential to ensure a good supply of liquids to avoid the risk of dehydration.


To start the day with sprints, focus on freshness … even drinks. Milk fresh then, with or without coffee. Also lactose free for those with digestive problems. Milk contains water, proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and mineral salts. Good too yogurt. For those who really don't want to hear about milk, you can choose a fruit juice with no added sugar or tea.


Breakfast cereals (corn and oat flakes, muesli, whole grains or with the addition of dried fruits or red fruits) bring not only simple but also complex sugars. With cereals, there is less risk of exceeding the quantities: generally, we only use a few spoonfuls, while with a cake it is easier to overdo it.

All cereals

Not just corn flakes. All other cereals are fine too, like biscuits, bread, rusks or baked goods. The typical Italian breakfast is in fact the one that best meets the need to balance energy intake, caloric limit and taste satisfaction.

Never without fruit

Fruit brings fiber, mineral salts, vitamins, polyphenols, as antioxidants, and water. Summer is the best time to introduce this good habit.

Watch the buffets

Try a dessert a day, for example, it will help you feel satisfied but not overdone. Abound with fruit, taking advantage of the wide choice you have in front of you, do not mix sweet and salty and do not choose foods that are too rich in fat. Bacon and scrambled eggs left to the American tourist.


Be careful not to make it too heavy. It is even more important for you to prefer a light and digestible breakfast. If you love savory, opt for bread and tomato, which requires not too long digestion time.


If you are a mountain lover and your program includes long walks and a few hours on the move, you can treat yourself to a richer breakfast, with an extra slice of sweet or chocolate.


If your vacation is instead in a city of art, don't fall into the error of one breakfast lunch, with a big binge in the morning. It is not correct to skip meals and it is better to avoid getting heavy with laborious digestion.


If you are on vacation, breakfast can become a precious moment of sharing for the whole family. An ideal opportunity to experiment with new foods, introduce healthy habits and take back your time.

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