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Tiramisù World Cup 2024: looking for tiramisu tasters – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

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You need greed, good will and also a certain amount of knowledge of Italian cuisine to become tasters from the Tiramisu World Cup 2024, the tiramisu world cup that has been held for years is held in Treviso. This year it will be from 10 to 13 October and, as usual, to decree the best tiramisu in the world, he started the search for his “popular jury”.

Tiramisù World Cup 2024: the task of the tasters

A jury with a very specific task: taste tiramisu prepared by 240 strictly non-professional competitors from all over the world. Each of them will propose their own recipe following the original one with eggs, sugar, mascarpone, ladyfingers, coffee and cocoa or by proposing one creative (with the possibility of adding up to three ingredients and replacing the biscuit). A selection that will be crucial: the vote of the popular jury will decide the semi-finalists, which a jury made up of expert gastronomes and journalists will then evaluate until the champion of the year is crowned during the final. Actually two: one for the traditional tiramisu and the other for the creative reinterpretation.

How to become a tiramisu taster for the Tiramisu World Cup 2024

If you think you want to do it, know that you will have to pass an online test (you can find it at the link tiramisuworldcup.com/giudici) which concerns the competition regulations, the history of Tiramisu and the simulation of specific cases that may arise during the preliminaries. If you are among the first 100 you will go to Treviso pto taste the tiramisu in the competition, but also all the tiramisu of the champions of past editionsalso discovering how tastes change, which is one of the many objectives of the event.

«The selection of popular judges is an important phase, not only because we give the opportunity to judge the first phase of the TWC, but also because it allows us to intercept the changing tastes of Tiramisu enthusiasts, commented Francesco Redi. He is the creator and organizer of the event which has been running successfully since 2017 and which, among the many partners, now also has the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. «We are very pleased with the collaboration started with the Tiramisù World Cup because Tiramisù is an excellence, a component of Italian gastronomy that is very popular among our communities abroad, underlines Giovanni Maria De Vita, responsible for Roots Tourism at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. «In this year dedicated to Italian roots, gastronomy also has a fundamental role given that it has remained in the memory of our compatriots. With the events that we are preparing to organize during 2024 we want to highlight Italian gastronomy but we are also interested in understanding how Italian cuisine has evolved by coming into contact with other uses and traditions that our communities have known”.

How to choose the best tiramisu in the world

In short, to be a judge, start studying, also knowing that the judging criteria to decide the best tiramisu in the competition, approved by the Academy of Italian Cuisine, are five. The first is thetechnical execution (cleanliness of the work surface, organization, management of ingredients and execution are evaluated); follows the aesthetic presentation (particular attention to the plating, decorations and aesthetics of the dessert). Then there is thegustatory intensity (i.e. the strength and permanence of the flavors are evaluated during tasting), followed bybalance of the dish (regards the balance between the dessert ingredients used). Last, but not least, the criterion of flavor and harmony, on the basis of which the correct dosage of the ingredients is evaluated. More info on tiramisuworldcup.com.

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