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Vogue For Milano: The Vogue Italia Street Party – Italian Cuisine

Vogue For Milano: The Vogue Italia Street Party

The 11th edition of will be held on 12 September Vogue for Milan, formerly known as Vogue Fashion's Night Out, the event, organized by Vogue Italia, with the patronage of the municipality of Milan that celebrates and reinforces the centrality of Milan as capital and ambassador of Made in Italy fashion.

Words, music and emotions will be the great protagonists of this new edition in which poets, musicians, artists and cheerleaders will give life to the Vogue Italia Street Party, animating the streets of the center and involving the public with special performances by poetry slam, freestyle battle and with a series of interactive initiatives, accompanying it until the highlight of the evening: the musical performance in Piazza del Duomo.

Also thanks to the support and collaboration of the Merchant Associations, the brands and boutiques of the city center and of the fashion district will join the initiative, including: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza San Babila, Via Montenapoleone and Via S. Andrea.

"Also this year the collaboration between Milan and Vogue Italia is renewed for an event that by now has already entered the calendar of events in the city. So the Councilor for Labor Policies, Productive Activities, Commerce, Fashion and Design Cristina Tajani which adds "Vogue for Milan has ceased to be a costume event to become more and more a moment thanks to which to bring the general public and especially young people closer to the new expressive languages ​​and creativity, from photography to art, passing through music. With this in mind we have chosen to allocate the proceeds from this evening to finance the purchase of a piano and some stage props to give the children of Quarto Oggiaro the opportunity to approach creativity through music or theater from an early age. thanks to the courses organized by the associations active in the neighborhood. We are convinced that education for beauty should always be part of the growth paths of our young people, who will return in value, capacity, intelligence, in finding the best development for the city.

"The fashion world in recent years has wondered how to become more democratic and inclusive. But if there is an event that, since its inception, aims to open the doors of our world to the general public, it is Vogue for Milan. This is why it is more relevant than everSays the director of Vogue Italia Emanuele Farneti. "So today the Vogue for Milan does not leave, but rather doubles: becoming a big party for the city, as well as a concert in Piazza del Duomo. A celebration made of words, music, emotions .

"Words matter" – theme of the September issue of Vogue Italia – it will be there fil rouge of installations and installations experience of this year: a celebration of the words that embody the values ​​of the newspaper, and of the fashion system in general. Installations dedicated to single words related to the world of Vogue Italia and to the most representative covers will be positioned in strategic points of the city, personalizing the streets of Milan with a set up inspired by the values ​​of the magazine that will become a call to action open to everyone: everyone will in fact to contribute by indicating which are the words that deserve to be saved in 2019. The results will then be told by the social channels of Vogue Italia.

The Vogue Italia Street Party will end in Piazza del Duomo, where it will be possible to see the performance of Italian singer-songwriter Levante and other artists who will perform at the Duomo 21 terrace. In addition, along the central streets of the city, there will be “newsstand points” "Customized ad hoc where you can buy, exclusively for the evening, the September issue of Vogue Italia along with a notepad and stickers that recall the words of the evening, made specifically for the occasion.

Also for the 2019 edition, the downtown streets will come alive thanks to a great Treasure Hunt. Five teams will take the field, each headed by social talents, who will testify on their profiles the various stages of the game, making the competition even more viral.

During the evening the boutiques involved will come alive with special activities, offering the opportunity to purchase limited edition products inspired by the theme of the new edition of the event.

The involvement of some partners will help make this edition of Vogue for Milan special.

Main Partner

SEAT carries forward its commitment to the enhancement of urban contexts, promoting wide-ranging forms of artistic expression aimed at making them more beautiful and livable. In this perspective, the Barcelona-based company renews its collaboration with Vogue for Milan, with the aim of enriching the city with activities related to art. During the event, the SEAT SUV range will be the protagonist of a special activation.

Special Initiatives

The Beauty Boutique CHANEL, in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 14, he will take part in the initiative by bringing to life the olfactory experience of the new fragrance GABRIELLE CHANEL ESSENCE along with many other surprises.

Global Intuition, the apparel brand born in China but based in Los Angeles, has always been inspired by Social Media and quotas that are increasingly protagonists and trends on digital channels. Founded by the Chinese multimedia artist Yi Zhou, iFor the first time, the brand is linked to Vogue for Milan by creating the evening's t-shirts: both for treasure hunt participants and for all the event staff.

Media Partner

Urban Vision, media company leader in Europe in the out of home and fund raising aimed at the architectural recovery of the most prestigious buildings and monuments of the Italian artistic heritage, will increase the visibility of the event in the central streets of Milan.

Vogue for Milan is based on a charitable vocation to support the city of Milan. The brands participating in the initiative will produce objects in limited edition whose proceeds will be donated to support two projects for children and young people of Quarto Oggiaro. The first is the musical festival "Waiting for Christmas" which will consist of free musical events that will take place at Villa Scheibler. The aim of the project is to enhance the Villa as a cultural center and to promote musical culture in the neighborhood also through the organization of music courses and the purchase of a piano. The second project "Teatrando al Bonola" consists in making the auditorium Enzo Baldoni a multifunctional space promoting a theatrical vocation that today cannot be supported due to a lack of adequate equipment. A theatrical festival will then be held to bring families closer to the theater.

Last year the proceeds were destined for the Higher School of Applied Arts of the Castello Sforzesco in the City of Milan, for 136 years a crossroads of knowledge and where traditions are combined with the most innovative contemporary experiments, while in the editions prior to the redevelopment of the suburbs of the city, to the restoration of green areas and public places – in particular to Lorenteggio, Barona and Quarto Oggiaro – to local charitable activities but also to the Emilia Romagna region struck by the 2012 earthquake, to the Monzino Institute to contribute to research on diseases cardiovascular and at the Meyer pediatric hospital in Florence.

The site www.vogue.it/tags/vogue-for-milano-2019 will be constantly updated with the news of this edition and it is here that the sales points can confirm their membership to officially join the event circuit.

The official show hashtag will be # vogueformilano19.

Roman cuisine in Milan: trattorias and street food – Italian Cuisine

Roman cuisine in Milan: trattorias and street food

Cacio e pepe, amatriciana, saltimbocca and artichokes. All the repertoire of the Roman world in Milan in a dozen addresses. Make pajata great again!

There Roman cuisine like in Milan. Right in the city of diet, gluten-free and vegan, they open signs that focus on genuine cuisine, focusing on pasta carbohydrates and a (somewhat stereotyped) repertoire of traditional dishes.

The capital lands in Milan, in the last period thanks to a new opening: Sciura Lella, modern rotisserie with the objective of Make pajata great again. But over the course of a year they also came direct from Rome, Felice in Testaccio, the white pizza and the supplì of the new Romoletto and it streetfood gourmet de il Trapizzino, a sign that the Capitoline restaurant is becoming stronger and that up north it lacks true good food.

Apart from the news, there are historical places of Roman cuisine in Milan to drink, and they are worth the effort, especially in the quality / price ratio. The general advice is to eat pasta and, if not in specific cases, to glissare on the rest of the menu – but of pasta, even two dishes.

Browse the gallery to see the addresses of Roman cuisine in Milan + 2 street food

Sciura Lella

Modern rotisserie with seating, delivery and take away. The guys from Sciura Lella – viale Col di Lana make a mix between Milanese format and the Roman menu. First classics, pajata, coratella, supplì and various fried dishes are accompanied by lighter dishes for the lunch break and a super-selected roast chicken.
Viale Col di Lana, 8

Cheese and Pepper

Rather than a trattoria, this restaurant has a Nineties look, but for many it serves the best Cacio e pepe in the city (in version tonnarelli).
Viale Gian Galeazzo, 3

Felice in Testaccio

The second sign of this historic Roman trattoria opened in the fall, with no changes to the environment or menu. Even the original has now been restructured and infectious and in Milan the atmosphere is the same, elegant with details of a non-plastered wall and with a real restaurant tablecloth.


Rome's most famous "pizza corner" arrives in Milan. Its inventor, Stefano Callegari, put a lot of soul and research into making street food walkable, everything that is traditional, cooked as your grandmother would have done.
Via Marghera, 12

Osteria delle Commari

From Rome to Milan in the Piazza Fontana area, a strictly Roman menu with appetizers, first and second courses.
Carbonara Amatriciana, gricia, cacio e pepe, arrabbiata, mint and pecorino, com primi. Trasteverine and sweet and sour codfish with pine nuts, onion and raisins to leave the usual pattern of tripe and saltimbocca.
Via Vincenzo Civerchio, 9


Abbottega, a restaurant of the Ranucci group in via Muratori, combines typical Italian dishes, from Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany. You can buy cheese and salami typical of central Italy in the small shop at the entrance.
Via Lodovico Muratori, 11

Ai Balestrari

The Ai Balestrari Restaurant was born in 1862 "in the popular core of Campo de 'Fiori". Today it has also opened in Milan, on the Navigli, for 160 seats.
Via Cardinale Ascanio Sforza, 13


Roman Trattoria with a view of the San Lorenzo Columns and many outdoor tables. Mixed fry for two, rigatoni, sauce of the vaccinara, half portions of first courses only for the female public (if it ever needs it!).
Via dei Fabbri, 1


From the original white pizza to the shovel to the more curious and creative versions, from the traditional substitute on the phone to its variations in sauce and cheese and pepper. The white pizza is leavened for a good 48 hours, processed with a high degree of hydration, is light, of easy digestion, with that typical crunchy texture outside and soft inside and the golden and irregular surface. Simple to the blade, topped on the surface, filled at the moment at will or served with typical Roman vegetables.
Corso di Porta Ticinese 14

Osteria Nonna Maria

Perhaps the least known of the series (probably due to the lack of a press office), is a very pretty Roman trattoria in the neighborhood. Tones of green and simple furniture, not done by an architect and where imperfections are a plus. In season, many artichokes in salads, pie, stuffing, pasta obviously as a first course (carbonara and vaccinara sauce) and second courses. For dessert, tiramisu will appeal to lovers of the genre. House wine and Roman craft beer.
Via Macedonio Melloni, 40

Giulio bread and ojo

Restaurant no longer brand new but historical sign of Roman cuisine in Milan, since 1999, Giulio pane e ojo is part of David Ranucci's group of restaurants, all concentrated in via Muratori (the others are Abbottega and Casa Tua).
Via Lodovico Muratori, 10

Volemose Well

Here, offal regularly appears, and this does it honor – because in Milan then in the end even in the restaurants of Roman cuisine pajata, coratella and tripe appear rarely.
Via della Moscova, 25

Roman Kitchen Ponte Milvio

Trattoria in the Porta Venezia area, informal and open until late evening with tables also outdoors. Very honored to serve Tognazza wines at their tables, the estate of the late Count Mascetti. Tuesday pasta and chickpeas, Wednesday pasta and beans, Roman-style cod on Friday … every day of the week a different dish, oven-baked lamb of the weekend.
Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 6

Corn dog, the American street food that you did not know yet – Italian Cuisine

Corn dog

It is a würstel wrapped in a batter and fried. A different idea for a buffet, an aperitif or a dinner on the sofa!

In America it is easy to find them among the stalls of village festivals or baseball games: they are the corn dog, a classic street food made in the USA, composed of breaded and fried sausages. Not exactly a healthy meal, of course, but if you want to treat yourself to a mess, here's the recipe for you.

From street to finger food

In addition to the ingredients you will need the typical skewer sticks in which to pierce the sausages, in this way the corn dogs are transformed into perfect finger food for example for one party with friends, a buffet or one movie marathon. How to serve them? Accompanied by Ketchup and mayonnaise and inseparable fries. Do not worry about the calories, the next meal will be based on salad!

Corn dog


Ingredients for 4 corn dogs

4 würstel
140 grams corn flour
130 grams flour 00
30 grams sugar
250 milliliters milk
1 egg
Salt and Pepper To Taste
Seed oil for frying
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika (if you like it


Put the würstel on the skewers. If they are particularly large you can cut them in half and therefore double the amount of corn dog you will get.

In a bowl mix the flours, sugar, a pinch of salt and pepper and smoked paprika. Then add the liquid ingredients, ie milk and egg and mix with a whisk. There batter it must be smooth and lump-free. Pour into a tall-rimmed mug and dip the frankfurters.

Put the seed oil to heat and when it is ready, dip one würstel at a time. Why form one crispy crust and uniformly rotate the corn dog, holding it by the stick. You can help yourself with a forceps, so as not to burn yourself! They will have to cook about 5 minutes. Once golden, remove them from the oil and let them drain on kitchen paper. Serve them still hot.

Enjoy your meal!

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