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What do MasterChef winners do? The stories of the best – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

What do MasterChef winners do?  The stories of the best

What the winners of MasterChef? Everyone found their own way and – spoiler! – it’s always about cooking. The Sky television program that has cleared culinary talent, making the passion for cooking and recipes a real obsession, has launched several champions who have never strayed from the world of food and catering.

What the winners of MasterChef

Each in their own way: after the victory of the talent show, which earned him a prize of 100 thousand euros and the publication of a recipe book, he was among the winners of MasterChef there are those who are influencers, those who consult for companies, those who have become television personalities hosting programs dedicated to food and wine. And then, yes, there are also those who have opened their own restaurants. Here are the stories of those who reached first place on the podium, but also of those who, despite not succeeding, made a dream come true.

“Stories of Intrecci”, two families together for the education of young people – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

“Storie di Intrecci”, this is the name of the project written jointly by two families who are different on paper but close in vision. Both preside over two foundations which, together, are now intertwined to achieve a common goal: the training of young people who live in a difficult social fabric. “Storie di Intrecci” will in fact start from Caivano and the “Francesco Morano” Higher Institute of the town on the outskirts of Naples.

A project written and yet to be written in the coming months by the Scudieri Family and the Cotarella Family, with their respective Foundations, involved in different sectors, from automotive to quality agri-food, from fashion to hospitality and training. A concrete response to the appeal of the Principal Eugenia Carfora of the Morano institute who, some time ago, had expressed the desire for the “adoption” of the most difficult scholastic areas by foundations and institutions, capable of allowing the presence of teachers excellent, capable of making children fall in love with study and educating them on feelings.

The intertwining of two families to rediscover their roots

The “intertwining” between the two families was born among the vineyards of Pantelleriabut the similarities between the activities of Scudieri family and Cotarella family there are many and expanding the active collaboration to other projects to be carried out together is inevitable. Wine, food and wine, hospitality, on the one hand, technical know-how and innovation on the other, therefore, inspired the idea of ​​networking the skills of the Cotarella Foundation and the Scudieri Foundation for the children of Caivano, responding to the appeal of the Principal Eugenia Carfora to make the school a “dam” against petty crime, combating school dropout. Starting, precisely, with the rediscovery of the land and the roots, which means, among other things, the valorisation and promotion of quality agri-food as a factor in the development of the territory.

A moment of the presentation of Stories of plots at the court theater of the Royal Palace of Naples

The project in concrete terms

The two foundations, together with Obicà e Intrecci, Sala’s Higher Education Academy, to the Adler Group and the Cotarella family they will support specialized high-level training courses in the field of technological innovation and hospitality. In particular, they will create work orientation and training internship courses for the students of the Morano Institute in the fourth and fifth classes, then they will make professionals in the field of electronics, PLC programming and mechanics available to the school, on the one hand, of catering and hospitality, on the other, for insights and comparisons; finally, they will award scholarships to the most deserving students, leaving the institute in 2024, both in the technical and hospitality sectors.

The commitment of the institutions

Various institutions, both local and national, participated in the recent presentation meeting, inside the suggestive court theater of the Royal Palace of Naples. Among these, the Councilor for Youth Policies and Labor of the Municipality of Naples, Chiara Marciani, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies Claudio Durigon. Also the Minister for Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and ForestryFrancesco Lollobrigida who sent a video contribution of greeting, followed by Regional President Coldiretti Campania, Ettore Bellelli. Last but not least, the creators of the project, Paolo Scudieri, President of Adler Group and honorary President of the Scudieri Foundation and his son Achille Scudieri, CEO of Obicà and President of the Scudieri Foundation. AND Riccardo Cotarella, founder, together with his brother Renzo, of the family wine business, as well as President of Assoenologi and Union International des Oenologues. Near him, Dominga CotarellaCEO of the Cotarella family and President of the Cotarella Foundation, who together with the sisters Enrica And Martha guides family activities. The Principal Eugenia Carfora also spoke at the meeting, wanting to underline how important the intervention of the institutions is but also that they do not soon forget the promised commitment.

To make your dreams come true

«Whoever enters the Morano Institute can dream and the two Foundations give our children the opportunity to dream and make their dreams come true. In addition to instructing the kids, we need to bring out their talents, their passions, with the awareness that without the rules you won’t get anywhere”, added the principal. The last interventions were entrusted to the magistrate Catello Maresca, Ambassador of anti-mafia culture. And to Marco Mezzaroma President of Sport and Healthwhich reiterated the presence of the State on the territory of Caivano, confirming the end of the works for the Delphinia Center by May 2024 as already announced.

The fourth edition of Vanity Fair Stories has ended – Italian Cuisine

The fourth edition of Vanity Fair Stories has ended

The fourth edition of Vanity Fair Stores was held from 26 to 28 November, this year characterized by two souls: digital and live

The fourth edition of Vanity Fair Stories was held from 26 to 28 November, this year characterized by two souls: digital and live.

On Friday 26 and Saturday 27 November the protagonists talked about themselves in streaming on the website and on the Facebook and Instagram channels of Vanity Fair Italy.

On Sunday 28 November the appointment was live on the stage of The Space Odeon Cinema in Milan, in via Santa Radegonda 8.

All generations, all orientations, all identities, all origins, all bodies. All TOGETHER on the same stage. A new wave of creators, the festival of Vanity Fair, it was a powerful edition, which acted as a bridge among the many personalities of the contemporary world, to write a new history and a new Italy. Musicians capable of breaking down every barrier; actors and directors who combine different horizons; athletes who push boundaries. Again: writers, artists, key figures of culture. Together, in fact. In a inclusive place in which each was free to be himself.

Among the many guests of the festival: AKA 7even, singer-songwriter, fresh from the victory at the MTV Ema's for "Best Italian Act"; Aries, songwriter; Arisa, singer; Kabir Bedi, actor and unforgettable Sandokan; Takoua Ben Mohamed, author of comics, including My best friend is a fascist, and graphic designer; Chiara Bersani, a performer who made his fragile body a banner of strength; Samuel Bersani, songwriter; Orietta Berti, pop icon of Italian song; Martina Caironi, silver in the 100 meters at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics; Camihawke, content creator; Paolo Castiglioni, I photograph; Federica Cesarini, Olympic gold medal in Tokyo 2020 in rowing in double lightweights; Monica Contrafatto, bronze medal in the 100 meters at the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games; Carolina Crescentini, actress, in the cast of Boris 4; Marina Cuollo, writer and radio speaker; Silvia D'Amico, actress, in the cast of the series At home everyone is fine; Giulio D'Antona, writer, cartoonist, translator and producer; Dardust, multi-platinum composer and producer; Benedetta De Luca, influencer of body positive and diversity & inclusion; Stefano De Martino, tv host; Hexagram, inclusive orchestra; Cristina Fogazzi, aka Cynical beautician, entrepreneur; Anna Foglietta, actress and president of Every Child Is My Child ONLUS; Francesca Gambacorta, food influencer; Sara Giacani, aka Green Pills, radio host, and content creator; Michela Giraud, stand up comedian; Giovanni Guarneri, coordinator of the dairy sector of the Agri-food Cooperative Alliance; Lodo Guenzi, actor, songwriter and frontman of Lo Stato Sociale; Isabo, content creator; Nicola Lagioia, writer and director of the Book Fair, the latest novel The city of the living won the Lattes Grinzane Award and is a successful podcast; Khaby Lame, The world's number one TikToker; Germano Lanzoni, actor, comedian, de The Milanese Imbruttito; Miriam Leone, actress; Simone Liberati, actor; Mahmood, songwriter, has just published the comic book Ghettolimpo; Gabriele Mainetti, director, his latest film is Freaks Out; Alberto Malanchino, actor among the protagonists of the series Doc – In your hands; Gianmatteo Manghi, CEO of Cisco Italy; Alice Mangione, content creator and mom of The Pozzolis Family; Meduza (Mattia Vitale, Simone Giani and Luca De Gregorio), the most famous Italian house music group in the world; the founders of The Milanese Imbruttito (Marco De Crescenzio with Federico Marisio and Tommaso Pozza); Francesco Montanari, actor; Ignazio Moser, Former cyclist and entrepreneur; Gabriele Muccino, director; Eshkol Nevo, writer and author, among others, de The symmetry of desires And Three floors; Diego Passoni, radio speaker and writer; Andrea Pinna, influencer; Priscilla, drag queen; Costanza Quatriglio, screenwriter and director, her latest film is Virus trafficker; Virginia Raffaele, actress, comedian, imitator; Raissa & Momo, content creator; Valentina Rodini, Olympic gold medal in Tokyo 2020 in rowing in double lightweights; Roshelle, artist; Psalm, artist who has recently released the album Flop; Claudio Santamaria, actor; Gianmarco Saurino, actor among the protagonists of the series Doc – In your hands; Daniela Scattolin, actress; Filippo Scotti, protagonist of the film by Paolo Sorrentino It was the hand of God, which represents Italy at the Oscars; Rachele Somaschini, rally driver, winner of the CIR 2021 women's cup, testimonial of the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation; Pierpaolo Spollon, actor among the protagonists of the series Doc – In your hands; Denise Tantucci, actress and key character of Three floors by Nanni Moretti; The Third Secret of Satire (Pietro Belfiore, Davide Bonacina, Andrea Fadenti, Andrea Mazzarella, Davide Rossi), collective of videomakers and directors of I drop everything and open a chiringuito; Vittoria Tomassini, alias The Optimist Apple, creative director and content creator; Virna Toppi, prima ballerina of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan; Pietro Turano, actor, LGBTQ + activist and Arcigay executive; Nadeesha Uyangoda, writer and author of the pamphlet The only black person in the room; Virginia Valsecchi, content producer and founder of Capri Entertainment; Ornella Vanoni, one of the greatest interpreters of Italian pop music; Eleonora Viaggi, eco-friendly content creator; Sofia Viscardi, content creator and founder of Venti; Pietro B. Zemelo, illustrator; Zerocalcare, cartoonist and creator of the Netflix animated series Tear off along the edges.

The event, with the patronage of the municipality of Milan, was also made possible thanks to the support of some partners:

ŠKODA, for the fourth consecutive year it is main partner by Vanity Fair Stories. For the occasion, he presented the fourth generation of ŠKODA FABIA with an attractive design, great interior quality and cutting-edge technology. A decisive, elegant and connected car. ŠKODA brought Andrea Pinna to the virtual stage, who talked about himself in an unfiltered interview and on the day hosted at the Odeon Cinema, he allowed guests to attend a talk and performance by singer Roshelle. To bind FABIA and the artists is "Drive your different" car launch claim and mantra of those who, like Roshelle and Andrea Pinna, are not satisfied with a single definition. Even with totally different lifestyles, they both choose a car that makes them feel empowered, that gives them the power to be unique, free. In short, to be yourself.

Thanks to:

Berlucchi, founder and reference company of Franciacorta; celebrates its 60th anniversary this year and was named "Winery of the Year 2022" by Gambero Rosso "for making the history of the classic Italian method". In fact, the first Franciacorta was born here in 1961. Production house of iconic wines appreciated by Italian and international critics, who delighted personalities, singers and speakers with its Berlucchi 61 Franciacorta Brut, as a refined toast in the lounge hospitality.

Cisco, world technology leader, stimulate new possibilities by re-imagining applications, protecting data, transforming infrastructures and empowering teams for a global and inclusive future. In Italy, the company works alongside the country to accelerate digitization with investments and initiatives from the Digitaliani program. The Festival allowed us to discover what digitization really is and by tying itself to the theme of the Festival, "together", and highlighted its inclusiveness. It was discussed in a talk with Gianmatteo Manghi, CEO of Cisco Italy.

With Millefiori®, the experience of home fragrances is transformed into the exploration of unconventional dimensions. AND in fact, it was the brand, inspired by the city of Milan, that enriched and perfumed the spaces of the Odeon Cinema. Mineral Gold was the protagonist fragrance, a harmonious melody in which a fresh and pungent head accord inspired by fragrant ozonic and mint notes, meets a heart with floral nuances to close in a warm base accord that evokes the enveloping scented notes of amber and vanilla.

Pandora brings singer-songwriter Aka 7even to the stage of Vanity Fair Stories with which he made a portrait of Generation Z through music, books and style. In fact, the Danish jewelry brand with its Pandora ME collection is inspired by the strength and energy of generation Z, the collection is a celebration of personal expression, creativity and the beauty of diversity. The new concept, which invites you to break the rules of style, challenge expectations and be over the top, finds its valve of expression in the young artist Aka 7even.

Photographer and director Francesco Carrozzini tells, in a video projected on the occasion of Vanity Fair Stories, a story that celebrates the connection between people and distant places. His stories – together with those of the photographers Alessio Albi and Emanuele Ferrari – are told through an object extraordinary: Ray-Ban Stories. This is the new generation of eyeglasses smart of the brand, created in collaboration with Meta, (formerly Facebook), to always stay connected, but at the same time live fully the world around us. These innovative glasses, weighing just 5 grams that of the normal Ray-Ban Wayfarer, they integrate 5 MP dual cameras with photo and video functionality, very discreet open-ear headphones and an audio system consisting of three microphones to reproduce sounds and voice. in high quality, for content production from a unique perspective.

The project "Think Milk, Taste Europe, Be Smart!"Promoted by the dairy supply chain of the Alliance of Agri-food Cooperatives, created by Confcooperative and co-financed by the European Commission, it intends to improve the level of knowledge of European agricultural products, through the promotion of the production culture of bovine milk and its derivatives, enhancing the high European standards and the great tradition that distinguishes the dairy sector. The Project was told within Vanity Fair Stories through a talk with Giovanni Guarneri, coordinator of the dairy sector of the Alleanza delle Cooperative Agroalimentari, Francesca Gambacorta – food influencer, Paolo Castiglioni – photographer.

Media partner:

RTL 102.5 is a partner of Vanity Fair Stories and followed the whole day from an exceptional location with connections, interviews and social pills, telling the background.

The Very Normal People of the community were able to win passes for reserved access to the event.

Urban Vision, Digital Green media Company leader in fundraising aimed at the protection of cultural heritage and integrated communication projects. Thanks to the Maxi Led Urban Vision, the Vanity Fair Stories campaign had outdoor visibility in the most central areas of Milan, on an exclusive Digital Out Of Home circuit.

They also supported Vanity Fair Stories Genertel, Avant Toi And Rugby Colorno with the female team Furie Rosse. A representative of each of these realities is in fact the protagonist of a direct Instagram within the "Fuori Stories" format, in the days before or after the Festival, in which their interpretation of the "Together" concept is told.

Kartell brought its seventy-year history to the stage of Vanity Fair Stories at The Space Cinema Odeon, through some iconic products: Invisible Table Low, which combines lightness and solidity; there Masters chair, an acute homage by Starck's creative genius to three symbolic chairs: the “Series 7” by Arne Jacobsen, the “Tulip Armchair” by Eero Saarinen and the “Eiffel Chair” by Charles Eames; Masters Stool, stool version of the Masters chair.

Thanks also Johannes, an Italian social live agency specializing in the development of technologies for events and engaging digital solutions, such as customized online tools, filters and augmented reality for social media, advergames and video content. Johannes brought the Social Mirror interactive technology to Vanity Fair Stories which allowed guests to take a picture, print it and thus contribute to the panel which, thanks to a mosaic of portraits, represented the theme of the Festival “Together”.

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