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of these herbs we also use stems! – Italian Cuisine

of these herbs we also use stems!

Similar but different, these herbs are combined with many ingredients from our kitchen. Let's find out about the properties and uses (not just the leaves)

Two herbs similar in appearance and uses, but from the different taste. We are talking about parsley is coriander. The first most common in our kitchens, the second most common in oriental cuisine and with a more "spicy" taste, but always fresh.

Properties and uses in the kitchen

Parsley is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, is a good reserve of flavonoids and has properties diuretic and depurative. It's such a versatile herb that you can use it on everything from broths to pasta, from sauces to sauces, from meat to fish, from vegetables to mushrooms. With coriander, also called Chinese parsley and also rich in vitamins and minerals, properties are recognized antibacterial and digestive. This herb brings some relief in case of migraine and stomach pain. Also coriander leaves can be used in soups, on meat and fish, especially raw fish. Even coriander can be used with i seeds, also in combination with other spices such as for example in curry.

Don't throw away the stems

If you pay attention to waste, here's good news. Of parsley and coriander stems can also be used. Use them whole or chop them, but don't throw them away. Some idea? Use them in the preparation of a broth or a soup, in the marinating of fish and meat, use them for aromatize an oil or in bread and focaccia dough or, again, in a fry or in a sauce.

Now browse the gallery to discover our recipes with parsley and coriander!

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