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Orchards destroyed by hail: Emilia Romagna will ask for a state of calamity – Italian Cuisine

Bad weather emergency: following the serious damage caused by hail, the regional councilor of Emilia Romagna will ask for the state of disaster for the agriculture sector

It happened Saturday, June 23: one strong hailstorm struck Emilia Romagna, causing enormous damage both to crops and plants.

Large hailstones up to 8 centimeters in particular hit the area of Ravenna: the wind was so strong that it also destroyed some protection systems.

Photo Icegreen – Emilia Romagna Weather

"Apricots, peaches, pears, plums, wheat, barley, maize, vegetables, seedlings: again under stress, checks again to try to understand what consequences there will be on the crops after the last violent storms. Many crops close to harvesting, others ripening. Some crops, such as some seedlings, were already in trouble due to too high temperatures and too dry in June ". – says the president of Cia Romagna, Danilo Misirocchi.

Photo: Davide Marconi

After the bad weather in May, which had already put the cherries at risk, the damage could be more serious than expected: "The rain on Saturday 23 is likely to cause cracking in cherries, just the late ones we rely on to revive the season. The hope is that the damages are not too marked, especially on the Corniola variety, the most valuable – explains Loris Babbini, a producer of cherries from Cesena.

The Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Simona Caselli, launches the alarm: "We will ask the Government for it state of calamity and we will immediately start delimiting the areas affected for social security purposes, social safety nets and deferring bank loan installments. The situation is very serious also because it adds to the serious damages of May that had already exceeded, according to the first estimates, the 60 million euros. The climate change, we always repeat, is making extreme phenomena ever more frequent: we need a massive dissemination of the associative culture (EU funds cover 70% of the prizes) and our Region has been investing for years important resources in innovation projects that they are putting to new methods of passive defense, but above all good practices, already tested in the field, for mitigation and adaptation ".

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