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Food for Future Festival: the first edition starts in Alba – Italian Cuisine

Davide Greco and Vanessa Vettorello

The festival program includes 11 panels on November 26, with 30 speakers who will discuss shapes and evolutions in pastry making, territorial gastronomic values, the importance of hospitality architecture in a tasting journey, mountain cuisine and its raw materials, Italian pasta, a UNESCO heritage sitethe use of vinegar in cooking, the sustainability linked to the world of game and meatand the role of the city as a territory.

The participants of the first day: November 26th

The guests will be: the pastry chefs Iginio Massari (Pasticceria Veneto, Brescia), Maicol Vitellozzi and Christian Marasca (Zia*, Rome); the chefs Antonio Biafora (Hyle*, San Giovanni in Fiore-Cs), Simone Cantafio (La Stuade Michil*, Corvara-Bz), Juri Chiotti (Reis-Free mountain food, Busca-Cn), Massimo Spigaroli (Antica Corte Pallavicina*, Polesine Parmense-Pr), Beppe Rambaldi (Cucina Rambaldi, Villardora-To), Matteo Sormani (Walser Schtuba, Riale-Vb), Alessandro Gavagna (La Subida*, Cormons-Go), Alessandro Gilmozzi (El Molin*, Cavalese-Tn), Silvio Salmoiraghi (Acquerello*, Fagnano Olona -Va), Antonio Ziantoni (Zia*, Rome), Alessandro Negrini (Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia*) and then Antonello Magistà (patron Pashà* , Conversano-Ba), Simona Beltrami (patron Magorabin* Turin), Davide Franco (restaurant manager Piazza Duomo***), Rina Poletti (sfoglina, Pasta Tua- Reno Centese-Fe) Josko Sirk and Andrea Bezzecchi (Amici Acidi), Carlo Gasparini (Design Director Alessi), Astrid Luglio (product designer, Milan), Junko Kirimoto (Alvisi Kirimoto, Rome), Paolo Rossino (Director of the Alta Langa Consortium), Marco Bosi (Councillor for the Unesco Creative City of the Municipality of Parma), Enrico Giacosa (Pan and Langa Producers Consortium), Enrico Rivetto (Rivetto Agricultural Company), Claudio Cecchinelli (Focal Point Bergamo Unesco Creative City for Gastronomy), Federico Francesco Ferrero (nutritionist), Simone Mellano (Director of Asprocarne Piedmont).

The Creative Dinner Gala

The highlight of the event will be the International Gala Creative Dinner at the Mudetthe new Alba Truffle Museum, November 26th, with chefs from creative UNESCO cities for gastronomy, from France, Lebanon, Spain and Portugal, together with the local and very renowned Enrico Crippa. In fact, the cities of Rouen (chef Flore Madelpuech, La Table de Flore), Zhale (Focal Point Michel Abou Abboud), Denia (chef Alberto Ferruz, BonAmb**) and Santa Maria da Feira (chef Luis Sotto Mayor) will be the ones to create, together with Enrico Crippa, chef Piazza Duomo*** from Alba, a experimental menu between international cultures that will test themselves with local products.

If Cracco makes pizza delivery and Noma starts making hamburgers – Italian Cuisine

The most popular restaurants are given to street food. Is it the end of fine dining? The new normal

Cracco's pizza at home. I was thinking of a joke, and instead "Our pizza: Bufala tomato and mozzarella" from 16 €, the most talked about pizza in Italy, starts from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and arrives straight to your home. Cracco starts making pizza, scandal. Does Cracco start delivering, a sign of the times? Absolutely yes. Even the most popular gourmet restaurants, with 20-course menus, impeccable service, white tablecloths and Michelin stars had to climb a gear by focusing on simpler dishes. Not only in Italy, because it is news today that Noma, voted umpteenth time the best restaurant in the world for the ranking of Th 50 Best Restaurants of the World he turned to hamburgers. Outdoor wine bar with cheeseburger with dry-aged meat and veggieburgers stuffed with fermented vegetables in a soft potato sandwich. And there is already a menu based on fried chicken sandwiches and ice cream.

Carlo Cracco reopens his own restaurant for delivery
Carlo Cracco reopens his restaurant for delivery.

Is the end of the world as we know it?

Is it the end of the world, the gourmet restaurant with its tasting menus? Nothing will ever be the same again, but we will soon return to spending hundreds of euros for an experiential dinner. But not now, and the chefs run to the shelters to heal the budgets and to continue grinding covered; even if at home or on the benches overlooking the sea. It is not a crisis of identity, a change of vision and not even of strategy. To survive at this moment, it is tactical to continue to be talked about and ferry the brand towards the "new normal". Which is certainly not that of starred street food, at least not only that.

The breakfast hub starts on instagram – Italian Cuisine

The breakfast hub starts on instagram

Live broadcasts on Instagram increasingly accompany our days of advice, music and moments in the kitchen. And why not, at breakfast!
Sofia Viscardi and Valeria Mosca, together with Lavazza, leave today with The breakfast hub, where they have breakfast, while in the meantime they confront each other on highly topical issues, seen from two different generational points of view: the relationship with information, the sustainability, the small daily gestures that can make the difference.
The appointment is at 10.00 this morning, on Lavazza's @lavazzait instagram profile, not to be missed, with a cup of coffee in hand.

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