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My child does sport: what is the best nutrition for small sportsmen? – Italian Cuisine

My child does sport: what is the best nutrition for small sportsmen?
My child does sport: what is the best nutrition for small sportsmen?
My child does sport: what is the best nutrition for small sportsmen?
My child does sport: what is the best nutrition for small sportsmen?
My child does sport: what is the best nutrition for small sportsmen?

It teaches sacrifice, team spirit, patience, loyalty, helps to release energy into the most active kids and to focus on a goal. Besides being formative, sport activity is good for health and fights sedentariness typical of our age. However, the nutritional needs of children who play sports change, because they need more energy support. It is easy to notice: when my daughter returns from a volleyball training she is very hungry! But what should sports children eat?

The ideal menu for young sportsmen

A small athlete's day must be divided into meals with combinations of food of both animal and vegetable origin: the former, in fact, as nutritionists explain, provide medium-high biological value proteins, while the latter guarantee a supply of vitamins, antioxidants, fibers and minerals. Everything contributes to an adequate growth of muscle mass and the support required by physical activity.

Breakfast includes Greek yogurt, whole grains, such as spelled and barley, and the dried fruit your children prefer (my daughter for example loves almonds and nuts!). For lunch, for those who eat at home, you can propose a beautiful autumn risotto with red pumpkin, seasoned with grated cheese, and end with fresh fruit, such as kiwi or apple. At dinner, instead, white meat, for example chicken or turkey, will be perfect with a side dish of potatoes. The meal always ends with fruit. This menu is simple to make and also suitable for other family members, so it will be easier to dine together and enjoy each other's company, telling the day around the table!

The snack of the sports child

And if children burn so many calories already in their daily activity, the days in which sports sessions are added require an extra dose of energy. Between daily meals it is therefore important not to forget the snack, which should not weigh them down if they are about to attend a swimming, volleyball, basketball or whatever they like most, but they must recharge them and make them arrive at dinner in force. The energy requirement of a child aged 9 and up is around 1900 calories a day divided into 5 meals. Of all these, the adequate intake for the snack is 193 calories. Unduetris Merenda Sport by Citterio it is a balanced and tasty answer to this need: it is a combined and delicious snack, based on a strawberry, banana, grape and apple smoothie, grissini and salami slices. Very comfortable to carry and put in the gym bag, thanks also to the fact that it is kept out of the fridge for up to 8 hours, it is a complete snack and definitely good!

Wine tourism, a new trend that appeals to athletes and sportsmen – – Italian Cuisine


Join a healthy one mountain vacation with a passionate immersion in the world of wine: this is the philosophy of Vinums Hotel, a network of places of hospitality in Tyrol that welcome customers amidst the mountains and vineyards.

Alcoholic holidays for drinkies around the world are increasingly successful. Here the formula is different, because the healthy environment of the mountain, with its genuine products, is combined with wine-making excursions and drinking.

176854Wine tourism is in vigorous increase in our country: between Open Cellars and Wine Roads, private tours and local authorities, parties and fairs, we cannot complain … The Wine Tourism movement has more than a quarter of a century and the reception wine tourism is increasingly broad and multi-faceted. We then discover something of Tyrolean Vinum Hotels.

176848There are currently 29 facilities family run who boast cellars where to taste excellent labels South Tyrolean and international e activity for a wine to live, as well as to drink: seminars, visits to wineries and vineyards and other cultural proposals and well-being. Some are real castles, others have the wellness center, farm or distillery. Gourmet dinners, chefs, even organic vineyards, view of the Dolomites and breathtaking views.

176851THE'South Tyrol has a unique variety of microclimatic area and land. Between Bolzano and Silantro, in the steep slopes and between the dry stone walls of the Val Venosta are born Gewürztraminer and Pinot Whites dry or semi-dry with fresh mountain acidity and a Pinot Noir dry and elegant. Around Merano excels grapes Slave while in Val d’Adige, next to the apple orchards is produced Lagrein and Pinot noir. The Lagrein is also extraordinary, coming out of the alluvial soils that line the Talvera torrent, in the surroundings of Bolzano. Between Bolzano and Salorno, l'Oltradige, with its lake of Caldaro and its white wines of character and the Lower Altesina, with the highest daytime temperatures. The Isarco Valley, between Bolzano and Bressanone, is among the most prestigious Italian regions in terms of White wines.

176845Naturally abounds events dedicated to wine lovers. In addition to those scattered in various locations during the summer and until late autumn, The Wine Road covers 68 wineries and offers many possibilities, from bike tours to Winepass, from workshops to refine the senses to gastronomy in the cellar. Wine Safaris are active throughout the year.

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