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5 songs perfect for those who love sushi and Japanese cuisine – Italian Cuisine

5 songs perfect for those who love sushi and Japanese cuisine

Among sashimi, uramaki and hymns of love to the meat of Kobe, here are some pieces to hold the chopsticks and let go. At the table or on the track

Sushi, sashimi, uramaki, edamame, tempura. There Japanese food has now found its own stable place in the heart of us Italians, and more generally in that of the greedy of the whole world. Merit of its traditions and its autochthonous products of the highest quality, of course: and so is its lexicon – even the apparently more technical or complicated to remember – has now become extremely common. In everyday life, when we are at the restaurant ready to launch into a feast of rice and fish, but also in the world of music.

Here then is that, alongside the timeless Tomato soup or to the various Chocolate ice cream, sweet and a little salty, today more and more songs refer precisely to Japanese specialties. Any examples? We have collected five of them, to hold the ordinance chopsticks and prepare ourselves for a nice musical binge.

Inside Out – Mahmood

The winner of the last edition of Sanremo, runner-up at the 2019 Eurovision with the song Money, obviously he still has a lot, a lot of hunger for success. So what is the best dish to satiate this appetite? Some good uramaki, come to answer, as the new traditions of Milanese millennials & co impose. Or so we would say by scrolling through the titles of his EP Wasted Youth, among which we find a single that bears the name of the famous Japanese roll.

Live all lives – Elisa and Carl Brave

"Let's go to the sushi and you eat the edamame, I who went to the matriciane". This is the verse of the Roman rapper Carl Brave in the passage Live all lives, sung in collaboration with Elisa: two verses that well summarize the meeting and (sometimes) the clash between the local granite tradition and the new suggestions coming from the East, represented in this case by the now famous soy beans.

Bon Appétit – Katy Perry

Even overseas, the Japanese tradition has now fully entered pop culture. Katy Perry proves it to us, that in her Bon Appétit – cleverly played on the double meanings of the gastronomic dictionary – it is defined first as a 5-star Michelin restaurant, and then as a succulent Kobe fillet, obviously mentioning the highly prized Japanese beef. Tastefully lush.

Japanese cuisine – Matteo Becucci

The track of the winner of the second edition of X-Factor, recently returned to the small screen first as a competitor and then as vocal coach of the broadcast As such, openly refers to recipe books and Japanese cuisine dishes. "This life among cushions tastes of sushi and sashimi", sings Becucci, while in the music video the singer and actress Giulia Ottonello, another well-known social figure, and in particular of Friends of Maria De Filippi, makes its way through rice and soy sauce.

All you can eat – Wood and Sofabed

The indie musical project of Wood meets Nicolò De Devitiis, aka Divanoletto: what is born is a nice ballad with a summer aftertaste that tells of an appointment in a classic Japanese restaurant with formula All you can eat. "Sashimi, wasabi, do you love me tonight?" When in doubt, better to order another round of tempura. And a miso soup, thanks.

Mika's Ice Cream and all the ice cream songs for the summer – Italian Cuisine

From chocolate ice cream to limon ice cream: here are all the ice creams (more or less winking) in the songs to listen this summer

Mika is finally back to freshen up our summer. "Ice Cream”(ice cream) is his latest single, which anticipates "My Name Is Michael Holbrook ", new album coming out on October 4th. This time the singer has decided to unveil himself shamelessly, starting from the title of the album that shows his real name, but also talking about sides of his unpublished personality.

"Ice Cream was written in a torrid day last August, in Tuscany. Ice cream is that surreal state of endless hot summer afternoons. Sweat, dreams of summer flirts, the smell of the car as soon as you enter it and the sun visor burns. A mix of possibilities and frustration. The aspiration is to become a better version of myself and be proud of it. To dare, to be a sensual man, to express clearly the desire that I have always kept in my head.

Ice cream in songs

Overwhelming rhythm and text irreverent are the perfect ingredients to accompany the lightheartedness and the desire to have fun in the summer.
"VorI give you your ice cream, I want it to melt on my tongue … ".
The refrain, a bit mischievous, certainly does not surprise us. Nothing new if we think of the famous song "Chocolate ice cream" written by Cristiano Malgioglio and sung by baby.

Photo by corrierediarezzo.it

But not all ice creams are so alluring. Ice cream in music is also nostalgia of past summers and loves, just some songs of the past. From "A limon ice cream" of Paolo Conte to "If you buy me an ice cream" of Mina, up to the most recent "Snow in the sun" of Pino Daniele.
Even the new Italian singer-songwriter cannot resist the iconic ice cream image: among the latest releases, it stands out "Colored ice cream"Of the Turin band Lemandorle, who sings "We are two tastes of a smile that melts slowly, like a colored ice cream".

We take it for granted, but ice cream is also a symbol of Italy in the world. Just like Mika, inspired by his stay in Tuscany, other foreign artists have also used ice cream and Italy to tell stories of love and passion.
The Parisian band Phoenix she let herself be inspired by Italy for her album entitled, precisely, "I love you": the song of the same name, contained within the disc, probably tells of an all-Italian love and does so through symbols such as ice cream, the Sanremo Festival and Battiato.
Also Lana del Rey sings of the infatuation for an Italian boy in the passage entitled "Savior“: Even here in the refrain a soft echoes ice cream.

We have selected some of these songs and many others: listen to them on Spotify in our ice cream playlist. What is the best time to listen to it? While we try to prepare homemade ice creams and sorbets!

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