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RisorgiMarche: festival and solid sandwich – Italian Cuisine


If you love the Marche, in addition to its very varied landscape, you will also love the sandwich created for the third edition of RisorgiMarche, the Festival directed by Neri Marcorè and born to support the villages near the Marche Apennines, badly injured by the earthquakes of August and October 2016. The event includes a calendar full of events, concerts and artistic performances that sees, until August 7, names known from the Italian music scene.

The region bathed by the Adriatic Sea also boasts beautiful mountain villages immersed in the most uncontaminated nature, to be reached by bicycle or on foot to attend free concerts scheduled during the festival.

177199To marry the philosophy and the solidarity and cultural objectives of the event there is also the chef Andrea Mainardi, which he designed for the occasion the "RisorgiMarche" sandwich together with the artistic director of the event, Neri Marcorè. In collaboration with Faber, a manufacturer of hoods, which for the third consecutive year supports the festival, in Fabriano on 11 July, chef Mainardi (Faber's ambassador brand) along with Marcorè has cooked a sandwich inspired by the territory, but easily replicable also at home. A way to support these places through local excellence and to highlight the importance of re-launching agro-food activities to further boost the rebirth of a region put to the test hard.

The "Panino RisorgiMarche" recipe

3 pink apples from the Sibillini Mountains
50 g. of honey Stachys of Fabriano
4/5 escarole salad leaves
200 g. of pecorino from the Sibillini Mountains
300 g. of sliced ​​Carpegna ham
30 g. of pine nuts
30 g. of raisins
1 baguette

15-20 minutes

First, prepare a sort of sauce with the apples cut into small pieces. After having slightly heated a pan, add the honey and as soon as it is heated, add the pieces of apple. Turn with a spoon until the honey boils and the apples do not wither. To help cooking you can add water.
In another saucepan, gently fry the 4/5 endive leaves to which you will first add the raisins and then the pine nuts, cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally.
Cut the baguette in all its length, place the cooked apples in the lower half, then the slices of the ham, the salad and finally the pecorino cut into thin slices so that in contact with the lower layer, still warm, melt.
Finally, cover with the top of the baguette.

Recommended wine in combination: Rosso Piceno

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July 2019


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