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#LaCucinaItalianaGoesToUnesco: Davide Oldani signs the August issue – Italian Cuisine

#LaCucinaItalianaGoesToUnesco: Davide Oldani signs the August issue

#LaCucinaItalianaGoesToUnesco: Davide Oldani signs the new issue of La Cucina Italiana and becomes the second ambassador of the magazine to promote the candidacy of the Italian culinary tradition to UNESCO as a World Heritage Site

The direction of the new issue of La Cucina Italiana, on newsstands from August 5, is entrusted to Davide Oldani. It is to the Lombard chef that Massimo Bottura, director of the July issue, passes the baton of ambassador to promote the ambitious communication project aimed at supporting the universal value of the gastronomic culture of our country. A great choral initiative, launched by the magazine in July, to support the candidacy of our cuisine as a UNESCO intangible heritage of humanity.

Davide Oldani's story is the inspiration for a new large number, the second of this special collection. A recipe book created in the editorial kitchen with the home recipes created by the chef of the D'O restaurant, a journey through the flavors of Forte dei Marmi in the company of Davide's friends (including the French multi-starred Yannick Alléno), the artisans of the territory, from Lombardy to Tuscany to Sardinia, and then rice, the cornerstone ingredient of Oldani's cuisine, proposed with the pasta «together in the same dish according to the invention of Gualtiero Marchesi, master of the chef who entered his kitchen in via Bonvesin de la Riva as a boy. There Davide's mother she is the "grandmother" of this month with her summer soup, Lorenza Luti or Mrs. Kartell tells us how she receives in her home in Milan, while a service on sweets and savory from the beach crowns the section dedicated to foods under an umbrella. Pedal and taste, traveling on the lakes of Italy, from north to south, up to the painter's portfolio Luciano Ventrone and wines loved by Fabio Volo is Cristiana Capotondi. A special edition, with a cover signed by the Polaroid artist Maurizio Galimberti, to mark the second episode of the project, which began in July and which will continue until December, to promote the candidacy of our culinary tradition as a World Heritage Site recognized by Unesco.

Each issue is a candidature dossier in which the great Italian chef who signs it talks about his food culture, his link with the territory and the supply chain, interacting with the columns and contents of the historic magazine. A lot of Italian excellence, recipes declined in a domestic version, stories of women and men who make Italy great and help make the dishes of the chefs more and more decisive in telling our identity, all animated by the desire to finally join forces to reach a great and important goal: the candidacy of Italian cuisine to UNESCO.

In June the website of the newspaper saw 3.76 MILL of unique users and social side La Cucina Italiana has reached a fan base of 1.8 MY + 16% YOY.

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