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The square shortbread biscuits, signed by Gian Piero Vivalda – Italian Cuisine

The square shortbread biscuits, signed by Gian Piero Vivalda

Making cookies at home is (almost) a must. Here is the recipe for Meliga biscuits made by AtelieReale, the sweet laboratory of the Cervere steak. Light, fragrant, very enjoyable …

Gian Piero Vivalda he smiles, spreading optimism: «Our restaurant that exists since 1815 has already gone through two world wars: this is the third one, and we will come out again. With sacrifice and passion . Between March and April it kept its production active AtelieReale, in compliance with the regulations, where he produced the Colomba Reale (an average of 150 per day), the famous breadsticks (hand-stretched with Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil) and other delicacies for loyal customers who enjoyed them at home. Since 2016 AtelieReale is the sweet annex of theAncient Royal Crown, refined restaurant with vegetable garden in Cervere (Cuneo), awarded with two Michelin stars (since 2009) and member of Relais & Châteaux. Vivalda, enfant du pays, represents the sixth generation of the same family at the helm of the whole reality. The person in charge of AtelieReale since the opening is Luca Zucchini, former pastry chef of the restaurant since 2011, self-taught and trained chef conquered by pastry.

Classic and modern

After Easter until autumn, when you start working on Panettone Reale (where Moscato d'Asti grape juice enters the dough) it's time for Royal cloud, soft leavened – created just a year ago – reminiscent of the Venetian, punctuated by red fruits and candied fruits: black cherries, apricots, pineapples, figs and tangerine … And then it's always time for biscuits: the Piedmontese Baci di Dama (here made with Italian wheat flour, Inalpi butter, IGP hazelnuts from Piedmont and Domori chocolate from Ecuador at 56%), the Brutti ma Buoni (sweets always with IGP hazelnuts from Piedmont, egg white and sugar) and Royal Meliga. These are the classic square shortbread biscuits that Vivalda has allowed us to peek exclusively for "La Cucina Italiana". Here is the recipe, you will discover that they make sense from breakfast in the morning to a snack in front of your favorite TV series even after dinner.

Ingredients (for about 40 biscuits)

250 g of butter at room temperature (Vivalda uses the Inalpi one)

250 g of weak 00 flour

250 g of corn flour flour

150 g of brown sugar

2 eggs

½ vanilla bean

Zest of 1 grated lemon + ½ squeezed lemon juice

1 pinch of salt


To prepare the meliga pastas, start by pouring 00 flour, corn flour, granulated sugar and vanilla seeds into a bowl. Stir with a spoon to mix.

Add the diced butter and the grated lemon zest. Start to knead, if you use the planetary mixer, knead at low speed with the leaf or whisk k, until a crumb mixture is obtained.

Add the eggs, lemon juice, salt and knead until a soft dough.

At this stage it is essential to pay attention to the consistency of the dough which must not be too soft. Leave to rest in a bowl for 6/8 hours.

After that spread the dough between 2 baking sheets until it reaches a thickness of 0.5 cm and refrigerate for 12 hours. Once passed, cut them (cut them) into the desired shape and place them on 2 trays lined with parchment paper. They should be well spaced.

Bake the meliga pasta in the oven at 170 ° for about 20 minutes or until lightly browned.

Remove from the oven and let cool completely before serving.

here is the first Three Star delivery, signed by Da Vittorio – Italian Cuisine

here is the first Three Star delivery, signed by Da Vittorio

The Brusaporto restaurant is closed. But the most famous family of Italian catering has created three complete menus in a few hours, to be delivered at home. A high level solution, but also an example of how to react at the toughest moment

«In a delicate historical moment like the one we are experiencing and that involves everyone, even we restaurateurs, we must be united as never before in compliance with the rules. Because only in this way will we be able to get up faster. At the same time, we want to stay close to our customers and with this delivery service we can continue to make Da Vittorio's quality live at home . Words (and works) of one of the most beautiful families of Italian (and world) catering: i Cerea that you see together in the opening photo. From the left are Bobo, Rossella, mother Bruna – who together with her husband Vittorio Cerea has laid the first brick of the legend -, Barbara, Francesco, Chicco: they closed, like many colleagues, the three-star restaurant in Brusaporto in compliance with the rules and thinking of well-being of all. But they do not give up and thinking of a loyal and demanding clientele like their own, they have found a solution that allows you to continue enjoying a top gastronomic offer at home.

Three four-course menus

It will be possible to choose between three different types of menus with four courses each, which meet the needs of all palates, it being understood that it will be possible – upon request – to also create personalized menus or request a chef at home. In addition, every week a special dish will enrich the offer (such as bouillabaisse or the iconic elephant's ear). The proposal based on fish (at 120 euros) includes Galician octopus salad, Pilaf rice with curry prawns, sea bass with Sicilian vegetable caponata and tiramisu. Those who prefer meat (for 100 euros) you can taste Veal meatballs with peas and celeriac cream, Ricotta and potato gnocchi with veal and pork fricassee, smoked Oyster Blade, parsley potato and new spinach, to close with Divina, a chocolate dessert. The vegetarian menu (at 90 euros) includes mimosa asparagus with Mornay sauce, crepe with pea cream fondue, baked Erbazzone, stracciatella, Taggiasca olives and confit tomato and Bolero (pistachio and strawberry gluteen free dessert).


Each menu will be accompanied by a small initial snack, by a selection of bread made by Da Vittorio and by delicious amenities (such as bon bon and Easter dove tastings) to end the meal in a sweet way. To order the menu just contact the number 035681024 or send an email to info@davittorio.com: the delivery will take place directly at home and inside there will be instructions on how to best serve the dishes. Beyond that probably – and unfortunately, in some ways – this is the first three-starred delivery, studied in a very short time due to a dramatic event, we really like the idea. Because in rethinking the time available, stuck in your own home as it should be, lunch or dinner resume a centrality (perhaps) in the process of disappearing. Whether it's spaghetti with tomato sauce or the masterpieces of a place like Da Vittorio it matters relatively. But once again the Cerea are to be commended. After all, they are a big family in every sense, which can't wait to reopen Brusaporto to create the usual, magical atmosphere. It will be great to come back, more than ever.

Christmas gifts for cooking lovers, signed La Cucina Italiana – Italian Cuisine

The most beautiful Christmas gifts for those who love cooking in all its forms. Here are the gifts signed La Cucina Italiana to put under the tree this year!

The countdown to December 25th has officially begun and, as always, the race to the Christmas Gifts it gets more and more hectic as we approach the fateful date. If you are here, however, we want to make it easier for you with our gift ideas for cooking enthusiasts and, above all, fond of La Cucina Italiana. This time the gifts have multiplied for you, there is really something for everyone: for those who love to eat, for those who love to cook, for those who have yet to learn. Are you ready to discard them?

For those who like to receive guests in style: the service of dishes

To celebrate our 90th anniversary, we presented three services with different decorations, a collection that talks about food and great history, designed by our art director Brendan Allthorpe and from our editor Angela Odone in collaboration with Geminiano Cozzi Venezia 1765

You can find it for sale in a selection of Coin stores and in some prestigious wedding boutiques. Look more in the gallery above.

For skilled cooks: the recipe book

The cookbook is a 192 page notebook where you can write down your recipes, with times, ingredients, procedures, combinations and the preferences (or intolerances) of your guests. The recipe book, made in collaboration with the historic Pineider brand and available for purchase at the store Condé Nast Frame (Piazza Cadorna 5/7, Milan) or in the Pineider showroom (Via Monte Napoleone 19), includes a special subscription offer for La Cucina Italiana.

For those who want to learn: cooking classes (and not only)

An experience to give to loved ones or to do together, to learn the secrets of cooking directly from our chefs. The variety of cooking classes a The School of Italian Cuisine (Via San Nicolao 7, Milan) can satisfy all tastes: from cooking classes to pastry ones, from classic themes to the most distant gastronomic worlds.

The gift voucher you can buy it easily online: it is an open six-month coupon that the recipient can use at will to choose the course and date he or she prefers. Buy it here.

The experience of our cooking classes also comes to your home, thanks to digital courses. Every week new video lessons are waiting for you, to become real experts in the kitchen. Find out more by clicking here.

For those who love to discover: the magazine subscription

Every month many recipes, trips, news, stories of great chefs and Italian families. The monthly The Italian Cuisine by subscription at a special price, both in printed and digital versions. Here all the information.

For those in search of recipes: the series of books by La Cucina Italiana

Available in bookshops and online, the monographic manuals created in collaboration with Antonio Vallardi Publisher they are the perfect gift for those who love to cook and always discover new techniques and ideas. Inside, photographs from our archive and detailed recipes to make delicious dishes. See them all in the gallery above.

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