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9 restaurants and shops not to be missed – Italian Cuisine

Typical trattorias, restaurants overlooking the sea and shops where you can buy some gastronomic souvenirs on the Conero and surroundings

The long flat line of the Adriatic coast suddenly stops due to the reaching of a green mountain on the sea. It is the Conero, which contains in a limited space the most beautiful things the Marche has to offer: the blue sea and a green natural park, ancient villages and rolling hills, harbors, churches and castles, vineyards and crops alongside the urban charm of the capital , Ancona: the same name of the city, which in Greek means "elbow", refers to the shape of the promontory on which it stands.

So on the table at the restaurant you can taste land and sea specialties: brodetto and stocco all'anconetana, vincisgrassi, crescia and salami, potacchio meat is part of a centuries-old tradition that brings together the flavors of a rich and generous territory. And then fresh fish and seafood: you should definitely try the moscioli, the prized wild mussels from Portonovo. All this gives life to a rich and diversified offer: the ancient dishes and the innovative proposals can be tasted in the “pieds dans l´eau” restaurants directly on the beach, in the country trattorias or in the farmhouses on the soft hills. Not forgetting a delicious souvenir to take home.

Napoleonic Fort

A nineteenth-century fortress set to guard a white pebble beach. An elegant terrace overlooking the sea where you can taste, in the summer, the specialties of the Marche cuisine and the creative ones, refined dishes made by combining the flavors given by the sea, and not only. Moscioli, cuttlefish, squid, mullet … but also vegetables and meat from the Marche region. Perfect for a classy evening.

Hotel Fortino Napoleonico – Via Poggio – Portonovo (AN)


The windows of the dining room open onto a spectacular view of the Adriatic, framed by a dynamic and creative fragrant menu of sea, but which leaves room for the classics, such as boiled sea bass, turbot and prawns with traditional sauces and vegetables .

Via la Torre 1, 60026 Numana (AN)

Ferragosto. Riviera del Conero.
Riviera del Conero.

Emilia restaurant

Directly on the beach: behind the green of the Conero, in front of the blue of the sea. Between one bathroom and another, at the bar you can enjoy snacks and aperitifs, while the restaurant conquers with its seafood dishes made strictly in-house, according to tradition: spaghetti with wild mosciolo, moscioli al gratìn, mixed grill, frying mixed and also boiled fish accompanied by homemade mayonnaise.

Emilia Restaurant – Portonovo Bay, 60129 Ancona

Trattoria Mafalda

The terrine of potatoes, clams and sausage; eggplant and cod parmigiana; tagliatelle with moscioli or ragu: these are just some of the many land and sea specialties that can be tasted in a place that is suspended between "land and sea". From the terrace the view goes all around and, in summer, beauty is part of the menu. Pasta, bread and desserts are homemade.

Trattoria Mafalda – Hamlet Poggio, Via Fulcinese, 72 / B – Ancona

Not only sea: "the Return" and the earth cuisine

An evening on a farm with a restaurant that focuses on stuffed pasta made by hand and stretched out with a rolling pin according to tradition. Here you eat meat, thanks to the breeding of cattle and chickens conducted organically. Among the main dishes, try stew, tripe, coratella and chicken "in potacchio". Vegetables also come from the farm. We eat outside in the garden for seventy covers.

Agriturismo Il Ritorno – Via Piani d’Aspio 12, Sirolo (AN).

Wine and gourmet shopping

The Moncaro cellar

From Camerano, on the Conero route that leads to Sirolo and Numana, you can stop at the Conero red wines atelier, produced in the Park area. The old cellar houses the internationally awarded wines and there is an assortment of local artisanal pasta, honeys, jams and organic pickles, as well as the Marche cold cuts (Fabriano Dop and Ciauscolo). Cellar visits are by appointment as well as guided tastings.

Cantina Moncaro, Via Direttissima del Conero, 31, 60021 Camerano (AN)

Fattoria Le Terrazze

Do you want to load good before leaving? Here you can buy typical Marche products, extra virgin olive oil and above all wine: in addition to the Rosso Conero DOC that will have won you over during the holiday, the IGT Marche and other specialties.

Fattoria Le Terrazze – Via Musone, 4 – Numana AN

Street Food and Take away in the city

At the kiosk of Morena

In Ancona it is an institution. One of the last authentic seafood kiosks. Moscioli, crocette, snails and oysters, fresh fish and stockfish, anchovies, canestrelli and fasolari, all cooked as tradition commands and served at the counter. The food is tasted on the spot, genuine street food, everything tastes and no frills.

At the kiosk of Morena – Corso G. Mazzini 65 60100 Ancona

Goodness of the Marche

In the heart of the historic center of Ancona there is a place that is both gastronomy and restaurant, ideal for savoring local products, as if to treat yourself to a delicious souvenir to take home, for a complete lunch or an aperitif. Cheeses, cured meats, preserves, jams, homemade specialties are the protagonists along with the best regional wines.

Goodness of the Marche – Giuseppe Mazzini, 96 – 60121 Ancona

5 addresses of delicatessens and shops – Italian Cuisine

5 addresses of delicatessens and shops

Here are the Bolognese shops and delicatessens where you can buy cracklings, mortadella, ham …

If Emilia were a Republic, it would be founded on cold cuts. And its capital is no exception. There are many shops where to buy cold cuts in Bologna, but only a few are those that offer true excellence.

Here are 5 addresses of shops and delicatessens where you can stock up on mortadella, ham and greaves.


One of the city's historic shops. The salsamenteria was founded in 1860 and passed into the hands of the Tamburini family in 1932. Famous above all for its selection of fresh pasta, it also proposes an extraordinary selection of cold cuts, not only from Bologna: from Tuscan lard to Norcia cured pork cheek, from finocchiona salted meat. Stop for a snack in their wine bar.

The Salumeria of Bruno and Franco

Since 1985 this delicatessen, set under the arcades of Via Oberdan, is a reference point for the purchase of cold cuts, cheeses, pickles and fresh pasta. A full-scale gastronomy, a shop like no more. Often they organize courses of puff pastry and fresh pasta: of Bolognese cuisine we never know enough.

Salumeria Simoni

When asked where to buy cold cuts in Bologna one of the first answers is always: Simoni. Since 1960 in the Bolognese quadrilateral, the crossroads of streets behind Piazza Maggiore, they sell absolute quality cold cuts and interpret them in delicious sandwiches such as the "Tortellino di pane", a sort of focaccia stuffed with mortadella, or the Kaswalder with pink salami, pecorino and dry tomatoes.


The best mortadella in Bologna. In their laboratory the Scapins – Silvio, Enza, their daughter Simona and their son Francesco – produce two mortadellas: that of Mora Romagnola and the Sette Chiese, the "classic". A small production devoted to excellence. Also try the dishes on sale in the gastronomic part, such as chicken galantine.


The Zivieri butcher shop is the most famous in the Apennines. In the shop, inside the Middle Market you can buy or taste some of the most famous specialties, such as game salamis.

5 shops where to buy cheeses – Italian Cuisine

You never get up from the table if your mouth does not taste like cheese. This ancient Emilia-Romagna proverb contains in itself a good slice (passateci the pun) of truth: in Bologna, cheese at table is obligatory. Whether it is the grated Parmigiano Reggiano on pasta, the squacquerone spread on tigelle or ricotta sweetened by caramelized figs, the mouth must know of cheese – that is good, though.

Dla tevla en s'elza never if the boca la n'ha de furmaj.

Here five shops where to buy cheese in Bologna, five unmissable addresses for your dairy purchases:

The Corner of Freshness

The Bologna's most famous cheese shop, well … it's not in Bologna, but in Granarolo. Where in 1991 Valerio Guermandi opened a gastronomic shop, now managed by his son Roberto, who became famous for a selection of cheeses of absolute excellence. Over 150 types available, from Bitto DOP to burrata, from gorgonzola to French goats, from buffalo mozzarella to Piedmontese Slow Food Presidia, passing through the inevitable Parmigiano Reggiano. For sale also balsamic vinegar, compotes and sottoli with which to combine them, as well as pasta, salami and other gastronomic specialties. When you have finished shopping, take advantage of it for a stop at the adjacent bakery of Gino Fabbri, La Caramella.

Ancient Formería Zaratini

We are in the historic center, near the Basilica of Santo Stefano. The selection of cheeses, Italian and foreign, has few equals in the city: we are on the 200-300 references, with daily arrivals 'fresh' from Campania, primarily buffalo mozzarella and fiordilatte. Among the other products available for purchase are cured meats, tuna fillets, jams, honey and mustards to pair with cheeses, and (in season) fresh truffles.

Barber Cheese

It was 1968 when the brothers Bruno and Paola decided to open this shop inside the Bologna Herb Market. From Barbieri there is something for all tastes, from the South to the North, from the creaminess of the squacquerone to the piquancy of the pecorino di fossa, with foreign encroachments between Greece, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and of course France. However, the protagonist remains the Parmigiano Reggiano, in all its nuances of aroma and flavor. They often organize workshops and ad hoc tastings.

La Baita Vecchia Malga

You say 'Buy cheese in Bologna' and think of the Vecchia Malga – and its six stores, one of which, at the Guglielmo Marconi airport, with an adjoining restaurant. In addition to cheeses they sell cured meats, sauces, oil and other local specialties. To be tasted the award-winning Her Majesty Il Nero, a mountain cheese created by Rino Chiari – whose descendants still run the shop – in Pieve di Roffeno, according to an ancient tradition of Capuchin friars: maturing for 24 months, cover of charcoal vegetable and beeswax, thin crust and intense fragrance.

To the Kingdom of Form

This shop set in the central Via Oberdan is famous … for its smell: the forms of Parmigiano Reggiano, from which it has rightly got its name, emanate an irresistible aroma that attracts its gluttonous windows from all corners of the city. Opened in 1923 and still managed by the same family, the Fornari, the shop offers not only Parmesan in every maturing (even 5 years) but also an extraordinary choice of cheeses from all over Italy, typical products and fresh pasta, tortellini inprimis.

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