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The pizzeria that sells only … pizza crusts! – Italian Cuisine

The pizzeria that sells only ... pizza crusts!

There are two categories of men: those who eat pizza crust and those who don't.
Among the sub-categories there are also those who eat the crust of the pizzas left by others, but this is another story.
Everyone else has thought of Villa Italian Kitchen.

The rather famous fast food chain in America has announced that from July 18 it will sell cartons made only of scabs. Each carton will contain about 6, cut and arranged to recreate the shape of a normal pizza, and will be sold for 2 dollars and 75 cents.
"After receiving so many compliments from customers who appreciated our crust, we decided to give consumers what they want," explained Villa Italian Kitchen in a statement in which he presented Just The Crusts.

It is not the first time that a chain engages in the exaltation of the part of pizza considered by all to be marginal by many. In 1995 Pizza Hut "cooked" his first pizza with stuffed crust (of mozzarella or other ingredients). To promote it to a rather cold American public, he shot an ad that had remained in history in which the very elegant Donald Trump and his ex-wife Ivana ate pizza from the outside.

"First the crust," said the future president, biting a slice of salami pizza. The campaign worked. Today Pizza Hut invoices 300 million dollars a week only thanks to the pizzas with the stuffed crust.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = jB69xoIrbL0

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