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Sambonet and cutlery becomes Tailor Made – Italian Cuisine


Companies that have a history and an all-Italian identity like Sambonet, represent a very lively part of the entrepreneurial culture of our country. Sambonet is a brand that dates back to 1856, the year of its foundation, when Giuseppe Sambonet, son of a nobleman from Vercelli, after graduating from the Fine Arts and Master Orefice's patent, founded the Giuseppe Sambonet company.

Among his clients, at the beginning of the last century, there were the Duchess of Genoa, the Count of Turin and many noble families. It was 1932, when the company managed to combine the production of solid silverware with that of galvanic silverware, setting up the first Italian manufacturing plant on an industrial scale. But we will have to wait until 1938 to see the innovative project that perfects the technique for the silvering of steel cutlery. In the following years, advanced technologies are being developed and the doors of the international market are opening up, thanks to an important contract for the Hilton Hotel in Cairo.

174997The 1960s are the decisive ones, with the realization of collections designed by great designers. Still, some of those pieces are exposed to MoMA of New York. Today, the Sambonet Group Paderno Industrie S.p.A, based in Orfengo, between Novara and Vercelli, is one of the leaders in the production of design articles dedicated to the table and the kitchen, thanks also to the acquisition of prestigious German and French porcelain brands.

This design vocation, which has always been identifying the brand's production excellence Made in Italy, is renewed between research and technology, but always in the wake of wisdom and artisan care. Customers become constantly more demanding and Sambonet, thanks to this mix of experience and expertise, puts itself at the service of those who require a personal touch to the object they buy. Even for the table it is possible to create a custom-made product, following the individual needs.

With the project Tailor Made, Sambonet has embarked on a path of growth that generates new life in the world of the art of the table. In a few simple steps you can make a cutlery completely original, turning it into a unique object.

Once you have chosen the model between the more classic, modern or design, you go to the selection of finishes that can be polished, silver, Vintage or Antique effect, to then create shades of colors thanks to the use of ad hoc technologies.

But the customization it does not end here, you can still add a detail, a logo, engrave a monogram or an important date to fix an exceptional event over time. This is how you take part in a shopping experience altogether exclusive right, and the mise en place manages to combine originality and taste.

The Sambonet Tailor Made project received the award Iconic Awards 2019 Innovative Interior: Best of the Best.

May 2019


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