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Lean tortelloni with salted zabaglione – Italian Cuisine

Lean tortelloni with salted zabaglione

1) Clean And washed the baby spinach e let them jump in a large pan for a couple of minutes with 10 g of butter, a pinch of salt and a little lightly crushed pink pepper.

2) Work the remaining butter with the parmesan, the grated orange zest and a pinch or more of cinnamon (the amount depends on your taste). Collect the egg yolks in a saucepan and work them with an electric whisk until they become frothy.

3) Put the saucepan on the stove in a bain-marie; unite the butter prepared, a little at a time and always mixing with a whisk (be careful that it does not boil).

4) When you have obtained a smooth and homogeneous mixture, unite the hot broth a little at a time, always stirring with a whisk. Carry on cooking until the sauce has thickened then remove immediately the saucepan from the bain-marie so that the cooking does not continue making the preparation "go crazy".

5) Cook the tortelloni in boiling salted water, drain a little al dente, pour them in the pan with the baby spinach e mix them gently. Put out the fire, unite salted zabaglione, stir and served immediately.


Posted on 19/01/2022


video recipe Salted caramel and chocolate tart – Italian Cuisine

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Salted olives: grandma's recipe – Italian Cuisine

Salted olives: grandma's recipe

Salted olives are a very easy recipe to prepare, but to make it you need fresh olives, available only in the harvest season

There is probably no easier recipe than this because to make the olives undergo you will only need fresh olives and coarse salt.

Freshly picked olives

To prepare salted olives, however, it is necessary to have a good quantity of freshly harvested black olives available, which is why this recipe can only be prepared in the harvesting season.
This method of preserving olives will allow you to enjoy these delicious fruits in many dishes because they are perfect for flavoring salads, first and second courses, but they are also tasty and super nutritious snacks.

Green and black olives

Perhaps not everyone knows that black olives are in fact the evolution of green olives matured for a longer period, respecting nature, climate and cultivation.
The prolonged time on the plant softens the fruit and also makes it darker in color, but in fact it is always green olives that turn black.

The recipe for salted olives


Fresh black olives
coarse salt


First of all wash the olives very well and deprive them of twigs and leaves. Discard the damaged, dented or soft ones and select only the best ones.
Place them in a colander and then pat them with a cloth to dry them.

Take sterilized and airtight glass jars and prepare a first light layer of salt.
Follow with a layer of olives and another layer of salt.
Continue until the jar is filled, but leave some space because the olives must be able to be mixed inside by shaking the jar.

Close tightly and move the jar from time to time, in this way the salt will release the vegetation water of the olives which will become sweeter.
The olives will be ready after about 15 days.
Once the olives are sweet, remove the excess salt and dry them.
Transfer them to a glass jar and season with extra virgin olive oil and aromatic herbs if you like, or with garlic cloves.
The jars must be closed hermetically and stored in the refrigerator. The olives must always remain covered by the oil.

How to use salted olives

First make sure they are sweet enough, then follow all the steps in our recipe.
Then pit them and add them in a simple mixed green salad, or on a bruschetta with oil and tomato, on pizza, on pasta with sauce or in a second course with meat or fish.
In short, use this ingredient as you would use all olives in general.
You can also make us a paté to spread on croutons. Just blend the pitted olives with a little extra virgin olive oil.

Scroll the gallery above to learn more about salted olives!

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