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Jessica Rosval talks about her inclusive cuisine – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Just enough time to realign with the time zone, and Jessica Rosval is already in San Vito dei Normanni for the first edition of Identità Inclusive, on 9 and 10 June, a new format by Paolo Marchi and Vito Valente aimed precisely at connecting the most socially virtuous realities in the world of catering. Because, obviously, she couldn’t be missing here: born in 1985, Canadian, chef of the Al Gatto Verde restaurant at the Casa Maria Luigia hotel (fresh from three Michelin keys) by Massimo Bottura & Lara Gilmore, in 2020 she founded together with Caroline Caporossi L’Association for the Integration of Womento help immigrant women – “the most disadvantaged on a socio-economic level in all of Europe” – to take root in the territory.

The interiors of Roots, in via Francesco Selmi 67 in Modena, open from Tuesday to Saturday evening.


In 2022, with the third co-founder Maria Assunta Ioele, they opened Roots, the «restaurant where the people of Modena can discover who their new neighbors are and appreciate also through food the great value that all immigration historically entails thanks to Nigerian-inspired menus, for example, or Moroccan ones created by Jessica Rosval. To which are added training courses on meat, fresh pasta, cutting techniques and so on to provide “a very solid basis”. After three months of intense work, regularly paid, the interns change: «In two years of activity, 43 women have participated in the project so far. And we’re happy to say that those who have completed the entire course are working regularly in the kitchens of Modena in 95% of cases. But it’s already time to look further: «Now we would also like to help them build their own business plan and launch their own businesses. And above all, now, after the confirmation of the great interest aroused at an international level, we would also like create a model that can be reproduced anywhere. Because every city needs its own Roots intended for disadvantaged people, obviously without profit: in our hearts we know that the world needs this.”

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