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Antonella Clerici and the Research Azalea: the healthy recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The reassuring face of Antonella Clerici could not be missing to remind us of the appointment for next Sunday 12 May, Mother’s Day, with The AIRC Foundation Research Azalea. Around 20 thousand volunteers will take to the streets to celebrate forty years of commitment to supporting research on tumors affecting women and to remember that the future of research is in our hands. Will you be there?

With a total collection of around 300 million euros, theAzalea by AIRC Foundation has contributed over four decades to improving the quality of life and survival of women, through increasingly earlier diagnoses, less invasive surgical approaches and more precise and targeted, more effective and better tolerated therapies. Today 2 out of 3 women in Italy are alive 5 years after a cancer diagnosis.

So make an appointment for Sunday 12 May with around twenty thousand volunteers, coordinated by seventeen regional offices, Furthermore 3,500 squares ready to distribute over 600 thousand azalea seedlings in response to a minimum donation of 18 euros. With the azaleas, a guide will also be offered that traces the main objectives of the research. Azalea is also available on Amazon.

To remind us how important research and prevention are to fight cancer, we push the message through a healthy recipe signed by the AIRC ambassador Antonella Clericitaken from his book My life in the kitchen (Rai Eri, 2017).

Steamed sole with broccoli “mayonnaise”.

Pan Sauteed Canadian White Fish garnished with Dill Weed.Bakstad


  • 500 g of broccoli florets
  • 600 g of sole fillets
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh spreadable cheese
  • 1 lemon
  • pink pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt


  1. Boil the broccoli in salted water and drain when tender (save the cooking water).
  2. In the meantime, steam the sole fillets for 5 minutes.
  3. Place the broccoli, the spreadable cheese and a drop of cooking water in the glass of the immersion blender, start blending, adding more gradually if necessary, until you obtain a soft puree.
  4. Add a generous splash of lemon juice, a spoonful of oil and blend again. Salt rule.
  5. Distribute the fish on plates, season it with a pinch of salt, a few grains of crushed pink pepper, a little lemon juice and serve with the broccoli “mayonnaise”.

A heart of chocolate to help research on rare diseases – Italian Cuisine

A heart of chocolate to help research on rare diseases

It will be distributed in more than 3,000 Italian squares on Sunday 15th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd (but can also be purchased online). A gift box with nine hearts is also available

The time has come to contribute to supporting scientific research on rare genetic diseases: tomorrow (Saturday 14 December) the thirtieth edition of the Rai networks marathon for the «Present campaign of the Telethon Foundation, which inaugurates the great celebration of 30 years of charity, as well as a week dedicated to solidarity. In the early evening, on Rai 1, Antonella Clerici will conduct "Christmas Party", an evening entirely dedicated to the Telethon Foundation. From Sunday, the marathon will continue on the three Rai networks until Saturday 21 December. Last year 31 million and 455,757 euros were collected.

But one can contribute to scientific research on rare genetic diseases also by purchasing the Chocolate heart of the Telethon Foundation: it will be distributed in more than 3 thousand squares Italian Sunday 15, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22. It is available in three versions: dark, milk and milk with biscuit grain. Created by Caffarel – a company with a centuries-old history, which produces excellent chocolate with great attention to the quality of ingredients and the selection of raw materials – exclusively for Telethon, it is the Foundation's thanks for those who want to leave a minimum donation of 12 EUR.

This year you can also request also the gift box of nine hearts of dark chocolate, distributed in the squares with a donation of 5 euros: a beautiful and good idea to put under the Christmas tree. In each package there is a postcard in which we thank "with all our heart" and remember the 30 years of activity of the Telethon Foundation. There is also an invitation to fill out the form on the website of the charity to receive a free exclusive planner to customize for your important moments.

On the Telethon website there is a list of collection points where you can find the Chocolate Hearts. But who fails to go to the streets can request them directly online, on the Foundation's website, in the shop.telethon.it section.

Chocolates that help cancer research – Italian Cuisine

Chocolates that help cancer research

They will be distributed in thousand squares throughout Italy on Saturday 9 November (and in the BPM branches from Monday). With a minimum donation of 10 euros you can receive a 200 gram pack

Chocolate improves mood, helps memory and is also good for the heart. In addition, if taken in measured quantities, it is a valuable ally against cancer: a study conducted by an Italian research group shows this. "It has been proved, on a population of almost 11 thousand subjects, that the consumption of around 20 grams of chocolate dark every two days is able to reduce inflammation levels circulating ", explains Antonio Moschetta, Airc scientist at the University of Bari. If we consider the relationship between inflammation and cancer," a moderate consumption of dark chocolate with a low sugar content could therefore represent a further possibility to reduce the role of the systemic inflammation in aggression and tumor growth ".
It is also for this reason that dark chocolate was once again chosen by Airc to promote his Research Days.

THE Research Chocolates

Tomorrow (Saturday 9 November) Foundation volunteers will be present in more than a thousand squares from all over Italy (find the square closest to your home or call the special number 840 001 001) to distribute the Research Chocolates and collect new resources to be allocated to around 5 thousand researchers working to overcome cancer. With a minimum donation of 10 euros you can receive a packet of 200 grams of dark chocolate and, together with the chocolates, a special guide will also be distributed that contains useful information on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. From Monday the distribution of chocolates will continue at 1,728 Banco Bpm branches, institutional partner of Research Days, present throughout the territory.

Cancer remains a worldwide emergency: estimates say that only in Italy, in 2019, will the number of newly diagnosed cases come to 371 thousand, more than a thousand a day. Italian researchers are working to be able to influence these data and make cancer more and more treatable, leading to increasingly early diagnosis and more effective and targeted treatments.

The good news is that their work is bearing exemplary results: Italy is an international excellence in the field of cancer research and the number of healings is the highest from all over Europe. Five-year survival has increased, both for men (from 51 to 54%) and for women (from 60% to 63%), compared to the previous five-year period. And today, in Italy, there are almost 3.5 million people who have passed the diagnosis of cancer and who often have a life expectancy comparable to that of those who never got sick (The numbers of cancer in Italy, 2019 by Airtum, Aiom and Passi). The researchers are doing their best: today it's up to us to support their work.

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