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Protein pancakes: the recipe for making them at home – Italian Cuisine

Pancake: quick and easy step by step recipe

Protein pancakes are the ideal breakfast for those who don't want to stay in shape without sacrificing taste. Here is the recipe to prepare them at home

THE protein pancakes are the right recipe to start the day or to take a sweet and nutritious mid-afternoon break with taste and without losing sight of the line. Perfect for one sweet breakfast full of energy, they are rich in protein and fibers and they have very little fat and sugar.

A recipe, that of protein pancakes, absolutely healthy, but never sad, which gives energy and makes you feel full, perfectly balanced between carbohydrates / proteins / fats and without sacrificing taste for start the day with a smile and get out of bed with at least a little more desire.

Protein pancakes: the recipe for making them at home


To prepare this sweet and protein breakfast, perfect for adults and children, you will need: 70 g of type 1 flour (or in any case not refined and rich in fiber), 170 g of Greek yogurt (or with very little sugar), 100 g of egg whites, 1 banana, 1 / 2 teaspoon of baking soda, lemon, brown sugar and cocoa powder.


The first thing to do for prepare at home protein pancakes is to put the egg whites in a large bowl and whip them with one whip or a fork. As soon as they are well assembled, the Flour, two teaspoons of brown sugar, 100 g of Greek yogurt, the bicarbonate and a few drops of lemon, stirring vigorously the compound until a thick and very fluid batter is obtained.

After preparing the dough for the pancakes it's time to put a non-stick pan to heat and, when it is hot, pour in the center a ladle of protein pancakes batter. They should be cooked approx one minute to the side and then placed on a plate to be garnished with the cream.

Then cut the bananas slices and, with the remaining yogurt and two tablespoons of cocoa powder, prepare a cream and pour it on the pancakes, filling them one at a time. Garnish with bananas and enjoy hot.

Protein fruits: what they are and why they are good for those who play sports – Italian Cuisine

Protein fruits: what they are and why they are good for those who play sports

They are excellent for enriching the diet with essential amino acids, the building blocks of muscles. Here are the varieties to choose and how to combine them at the table

Not just meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Some varieties of fruit are also a source of (vegetable) proteins, useful for the proper functioning of the body and the health of muscles. "Unlike those found in foods of animal origin, however, they are not complete. This is why they cannot completely replace them at the table, ”he says Valentina Schirò, a nutrition biologist specializing in food science. "But they are good alternatives to enrich the diet of the" bricks "that are used to build muscles". Among the fruits most rich in vegetable proteins are the varieties of dried and oily fruit and some types of exotic fruit. "In addition to being protein sources, they have the advantage of providing minerals that help counteract psychophysical fatigue and antioxidants, which help fight oxidative stress". Let's see in detail which fruits are the most protein and why they are good for those who play sports.

The dried and oily fruit

«Some varieties of nuts and oily fruits such as pistachios and hemp seeds contain all nine essential amino acids that make up proteins. Other varieties, such as walnuts and almonds, on the other hand, are deficient in some types of amino acids. Consequently, to provide complete proteins, they must be combined in the same meal with other protein foods such as legumes , says nutritionist Valentina Schirò. «Another advantage of dried and oily fruit is the particular richness of minerals such as magnesium and calcium, useful for fighting fatigue and keeping bones healthy. In addition, it provides essential fatty acids, precious for obtaining energy and supporting mood during the workout ".

The exotic varieties

Among the fruits most rich in vegetable proteins are avocado and coconut. «The first contains all the essential amino acids that make up the proteins that the body needs for building muscle fibers. It also provides Omega 3 and Omega 9 which, thanks to the anti-inflammatory action, are excellent allies for those who practice sports ". The advantages? "They counteract the action of free radicals, which are produced in abundance during physical activity," says the expert. Coconut also has a modest protein content. However, it should be consumed in moderation. "It contains saturated fat and many calories that risk frustrating the efforts of training".

In the gallery other 5 fruits that contain proteins useful for those who play sports

The protein cheesecake for those who train – Italian Cuisine


Is a cheesecake always a pity? Perhaps you have never thought of preparing it this way, with so many proteins, few sugars and little (good) fats

Everything that is cooked in a healthy way now has the suffix "Fit" which stands for "fitness" and indicates the foods suitable for who trains a lot, wants to eat well and take the right nutrients.
Not all that is healthy and light, however, it must be less tasty, and the recipe of this proves it protein cheesecake.
A cake that has all the appearance of a sweet rich in calories and that instead is a sweet temptation to which you can give up without too much guilt.

Without butter and without sugar

This cheesecake has one very sweet base and compact yet they are not there neither butter, nor biscuits, nor sugar.
Even the cream is without eggs, without cream and without sugar.
Yet the texture and taste are very similar to those of a real cheesecake.
This cake is also light and healthy Raw, that is without cooking.


The base

Instead of biscuits and butter, we chop together 200 g of oat flakes and 6-8 pitted dates, depends on the size.
Alternatively, if you don't like dates, you can blend oats or muesli with a little coconut oil until reaching the desired consistency. For a chocolate base, add a tablespoon of bitter cocoa.
Then crush this mixture on the bottom of a hinge mold and let it cool in the fridge for an hour.

The cream

To prepare the cream whisk 150 gr of ricotta, 175 g of Greek fruit yoghurt and 200 g of tofu.
Also add the rind of a lemon and maple syrup to give a little sweetness, but if you use dates for the base and a fairly sweet yogurt you can also add nothing else.
Someone adds stevia or erythriol which are sugar substitutes without calories.
To add firmness to the cream, add also one teaspoon of agar agar melted in a cup of warm water.

How to compose the cheesecake

Pour the cream on the cold base and level the surface well.
Then decorate with chopped dried fruit or with fresh fruit or melted 85% dark chocolate.
For a slightly more delicious version, pour over a spoonful of the peanut cream not sweetened and made from 100% dried fruit.
Leave the cheesecake in the refrigerator for two to three hours and then open the hinge of the mold and gently move it over a serving pact.

In the tutorial we offer other ideas and tasty combinations for many healthy and light cheesecakes

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