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how to behave in pregnancy and lactation – Italian Cuisine

how to behave in pregnancy and lactation

Do pregnant women risk more? Does the virus pass on to the fetus? Is breastfeeding safe for the baby? Here are all the answers together with some rules to be respected to prevent contagion

It is known that the first concern for prospective mothers and new mothers is their child. And especially on days like these, in full emergency Coronaviruswomen who are pregnant or who have just given birth wonder how best to protect the life they have in their womb or who have just given birth.

There pregnancy and the subsequent period of feeding time they are moments full of emotions and therefore very delicate. Moms need answers to their doubts and questions that inevitably arise when faced with a new condition, but it is easy to run into fake news which cause alarmism or which, on the contrary, underestimate a situation. To clarify and come to the aid of mothers, theHigher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health they provided some "Pills" of behavior for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Let's see.

Coronavirus and pregnancy

It has been clarified that there is currently no information on the susceptibility of pregnant women to Coronavirus and on the vertical transmission, that is, from mother to fetus, of the virus, although – it must be said – that from the first described cases the virus was not detected in the amniotic fluid or in the neonatal blood taken from the umbilical cord and no newborn born to a mother affected by SARS-CoV-2 was found to be positive to the virus.

The recommendations that help prevent the virus in pregnant women are the same that apply to everyone: wash your hands well and frequently and attention to avoid contact with sick or suspicious people. In the case of hospitalization, as in all cases, the isolation of mother and / or newborn is assessed if necessary, a choice that must be considered by the hospital team together with the mother, evaluating the risks and benefits of this choice.

Coronavirus and breastfeeding

As for breastfeeding, so far the virus Covid-19 has not been detected in breast milk collected after the first feeding of the affected women; in at least one case, however, antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 were detected. Given also the protective potential of breast milk, it is therefore believed that "in the event that the mother is making the diagnostic tests or is affected by Covid-19, her clinical conditions allow it and she wishes it, breastfeeding must be started and / or maintained, directly to the breast or with squeezed breast milk .

Even breastfeeding mothers are advised to wash their hands often and to use a mask when feeding. If the need arises to temporarily separate mother and child, the advice is to keep milk production stimulated, either manually or mechanically, to then be able to continue breastfeeding once reunited.

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Can we eat strawberries in pregnancy? – Italian Cuisine

Strawberry and lime ricotta cup.

During pregnancy, not only can strawberries be eaten, but they are even recommended as they bring numerous benefits. Here are some recommendations

Can we eat strawberries in pregnancy? Paying particular attention to your diet during the months of sweet waiting, you know, is one of the most important rules. Fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables are necessary, as they guarantee the well-being of the future mothers and, consequently, a correct development of the fetus. However, one often wonders if certain foods can be consumed, such as the strawberries.

No danger

To clear up any doubts, one can immediately start by saying that yes, strawberries during pregnancy they can be eaten. Obviously, as long as there are no particular intolerances or allergies. The doubt that many women have derives above all from the fact that it is a fruit called pseudo-allergenic, or that contains substances capable of liberating histamine, organic molecule primarily involved in allergic reactions. The doubtful mother, therefore, will be able to taste the strawberries and if she immediately experiences feelings of itching or redness, she will have to avoid taking others again during the whole gestational period. Furthermore, if there are family cases of strawberry allergy or strange reactions after taking them, the number one advice is to consult your doctor immediately and do not underestimate the potential danger.

Strawberry and lime ricotta cup.
Strawberry and lime ricotta cup.

Toxoplasmosis risk

The second reason that often makes those who are expecting dizzy hesitate is that the strawberries grow in direct contact with the soil so they can become carriers of toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii and with infections that usually do not cause symptoms in adult humans but may have negative effects on the fetus. Therefore, to avoid any type of contamination, it is necessary to wash Very carefully strawberries before eating them, perhaps sanitizing them with suitable products, such as bicarbonate. The same trick, however, during pregnancy is valid for all other types of fruit and vegetables.

Salad with marinated strawberries and goat ricotta.
Salad with marinated strawberries and goat ricotta.

The benefits of strawberries

Therefore, during the gestational period, not only strawberries can be eaten but they are even recommended. In fact, they bring numerous benefits. For example, they contain a lot C vitamin, which introduced at the end of the meal allows the body to better absorb the iron contained in the food. Iron, as is known, essential during pregnancy. Finally, to make the most of all the nutrients present in the strawberries, they must be kept in fridge, away from light, and consume them immediately after cutting them, so as to avoid the dispersion of micronutrients. Furthermore, strawberries are rich in antioxidants and have good content in folic acid, important in the gestational period because it protects the fetus from diseases related to the neural tube, such as spina bifida. For any doubt, in any case, asking for help from experts such as allergists and nutritionists never hurts.

Diet and pregnancy: the real example of Meghan Markle – Italian Cuisine

Diet and pregnancy: the real example of Meghan Markle

Royal Baby coming for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The sister-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II follows a healthy and rigid diet during pregnancy that can be of advice to all future mothers

Meghan Markle and the Prince Harry they wait for their first child, the Royal Babyor maybe we need to talk about it in the plural as rumors signal the expectation of twins. The answer will come in spring, around mid-April, when the former actress will give birth to Lindo Wing, the maternity ward of the prestigious Paddington hospital, London, where the sons of Lady Diana, Kate Middleton and his sister Pippa. I do not leave home or another hospital, so after the British newspapers found out that the Lindo Wing staff were asked not to take leave in April, an eloquent coincidence. Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex is in New York for her baby shower with all the friends of all time, including Amal Clooney and the former colleague of Suits, Abigail Spencer, probably the last intercontinental trip to then return to London awaiting the happy event. Announced last October, the actual pregnancy involves very precise rules, including one rigid diet for the health of mother and child.

Meghan Markle and her husband Harry on an official visit (Instagram @kensigntonroyal).

According to the English press, Meghan Markle he had to give up many of his favorite foods that instantly become off-limits during the 9-month wait. If we could invite her to dinner, we would gladly cook her beloved french fries or the nostalgic mac and cheese, but it is important to check the added weight of pregnancy and not to indulge in dishes that are too fat or have a strong caloric intake. It will not be difficult for the sister-in-law of the Queen Elizabeth II keep fit as it normally follows a diet that is very attentive to calories. In fact, we have seen her participate in official events in these months, always smiling, elegant and in great shape with the growing growth of her tummy. Of course, even for Prince Harry's wife alcoholic beverages, soft unpasteurized cheeses and raw foods are strictly prohibited like sushi or rare steak.

Meghan Markle visiting the Brinsworth House (Instagram @theroyalfamily).

When he's not traveling, Meghan Markle she loves cooking at her Nottingham Cottage residence at Kensington Palace, as her friends told "People". An excellent strategy that allows you to keep every recipe under control, avoiding risks and carefully choosing the origin of each ingredient. Vegetables, fruit, carbohydrates is protein, the mum-to-be can devote himself completely to his health and that of the child through a balanced and controlled cuisine. Moreover, as he has released to Eye Swoon, as a good Californian loves to cook everything that is fresh and healthy. The practice of. Is also of great help yoga, an activity that has been following for some time and which allows it to be flexible and agile without getting tired too much.

Meghan Markle and chef Clare Smyth at Hubb Community Kitchen (Instagram @kensigntonroyal).

Also for Meghan Markle uncontrollable desires come, what the English call pregnancy cravings. At InTouch, we discover that Prince Harry is careful to have them always available chocolate and candies, even if it is she herself who maintains control of the regime without exaggerating. What to say? Meghan Markle, one of us!

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex visit the Bristol Old Vic Theater (Instagram @kensigntonroyal).

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