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Sardinian porceddu recipe in the oven – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Sardinian porceddu recipe in the oven

«Of course, yes SardiniaThe porceddu, placed underground, made with skewers and embers where you cook for hours is obviously different. But here we are Bolognain the hills, we have the oven, and when it is a good porceddu, it only needs to be put in the oven, a little salt, even a drop of oil, but not even that, because then it harmonizes on its own. Lastly the myrtlethe serious one, and that’s it”: like this Paolo FresuSardinian musician and composer, tells us how he prepares porceddu in his home in the hills of Bologna, where we went to visit him on the occasion of the release of his new album composed with the pianist Omar Sosa and entitled “Food”.

With him are his son Andrea and his wife Sonia Peanawhich instead reveals the recipe for Catalan-style monkfish. Paolo talks about his traditions, his self-made life, the hard years of his pastor father and his mother Berchidda, the country where he was born and where for years he has animated a festival that hosts some of the best musicians in the world. «Mine is a continuously vivid memory of the taste of that time. Family customs that have become imprinted in my head over the years: the shearing of sheep or how I went to collect the products from the garden. Even now my mother, at 97 years old, prepares that beef broth which is my favorite dish.”

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