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Weather forecast for April 25th and what to cook – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Weather forecast for April 25th and what to cook

After the Easter long weekend, it’s time for other days of celebration for Italians. But what do they say? weather forecast for April 25th? Because sun or rain changes the plans of us cooks a lot! Well, we have to tell you that the traditional April 25 picnic might be unstable.

What’s the weather like on April 25th?

To find out what they say weather forecast for April 25th, we relied on the meteo.it press agency, which reports very clearly what the trend will be. “Between Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 April the disturbance arriving from Scandinavia should also affect the Centre-South. Its transit will be accompanied by a new influx of cold airwith temperatures that will remain average or even below: the climate should be particularly cool for the season, particularly in the northern and central regions.

According to the current weather trend, Thursday On April 25th the disturbance will bring residual rainfall to the middle Adriatic and the south before finally moving away from Italy in the second part of the day. The weather trend for the following days and the long weekend of April 25th is still very uncertain: according to the latest updates, a rather cold climate for the season, with temperatures average or even below.”

What to cook on April 25th?

Since the weather in Italy is uncertain or even rainy, the menu for April 25th really has no limits. In practice, if you can indulge in the classic picnic in the meadows or on the beach green light for gourmet sandwiches, pasta salads, parmigianas, grills and barbecues without too many problems. In reverse, the rest of Italy may have to give up going out in the open airbut if you have a sheltered balcony or terrace you might still be able to cook two ribs on the grill!

Our suggestion when the weather is uncertain it is best to choose to prepare recipes which, in the event of an unexpected awakening with the sun, can be quickly transported. Today you could cook lasagna, parmesan, savory pies, tarts, tiramisu, which if lucky can be put in Tupperware.

Otherwise, for those who choose to be cautious anyway, we recommend a hearty first course, followed by Sunday roast meatballs accompanied by fried vegetables, and an excellent dessert such as trifle.

Here are many recipes for your April 25th

Easter Monday picnic? 50 ideas to do it at home – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The Easter Monday picnic it is a real institution. A day at the seaside, in the countryside, but also at the nearest park is ideal for celebrating holiday Monday and enjoying the first days of spring. And what about those big black clouds? The weather is crazy, we know and often doesn’t respect our desire for sun. But Let’s not be discouraged by the bad weather: let’s prepare the best picnic ever at home.

How to set the table

Let’s set the Easter Monday table with checkered tablecloth, baskets for bread and flowered place cards. In the center of the table and scattered between one plate and another we have colorful dishes wildflowers and, for the children at home, we prepare a small table and cushions to sit directly on the carpet: it will be just like in the park!

Given the informal atmosphere they will be disposable tableware is also allowed, perhaps to be chosen in colored and assorted paper. Yellow, orange and lilac will be fine, but even a total green look will recall picnics on the lawn. If you are wondering what to cook, the answer is: the great classics of outdoor lunches.

What to cook for the Easter Monday picnic?

They will be perfect for the Easter Monday picnic at home, meatballs to be served while still hot on a large tray, omelettes stuffed to be portioned into rectangles that can also be picked up with the hands, focaccias to be distributed on the cheerful table and savory pies based on vegetables, cheeses and cured meats. For the occasion, the preparations of the dish will be ideal baked dough in the classic version and with vegetarian or fish-based variants, as well as the sautéed yellow ricestolen for the picnic from the Milanese tradition.

To accompany these dishes they must not be missing a rich platter of cured meats such as rolled bacon, coppa, raw and cooked ham and salami and a plate with mixed cheeses soft and seasoned accompanied by honey and mustard. And to make this homemade picnic even more delicious, instead of bread we serve focaccia prepared following the most ancient Ligurian tradition.

50 recipes for a homemade Easter Monday picnic

Easter Monday picnic

Easter Monday picnic at home: 50 recipes

Rice and pepper omelette for a summer picnic – Italian Cuisine

Rice and pepper omelette for a summer picnic

Perfect for eating out, this unique dish is also a great idea for creative recycling in the kitchen

There omelette is that recipe that always saves last-minute lunches and dinners.
The cold rice it is the essential ingredient of all summer salads.
THE fried peppers, although difficult to digest, they are the must of the summer.
And therefore, we decided to put all in one dish and we are sure that this rice and pepper omelette will become your holiday recipe.

Omelette, perfect for packed lunches

Omelette is always a good idea when we want eating out, in the office, in the park, in the mountains and at the sea.
Better to make it thick and compact e cook it in the oven with little oil or even without, to maintain the taste and consistency.
There pasta omelette it's a classic and it's also a clever way to recycle yesterday's leftover pasta.
A single dish that everyone likes, substantial and versatile, because it can be enriched in many different ways.
This is the version with rice.

Boiled rice or risotto

You can make this omelette with rice simply cooked in boiling water and well drained or with a leftover risotto.
In the second case, peppers may not necessarily be the perfect match if, for example, you have prepared a delicate fish risotto, but you can add other vegetables.
The addition of eggs it will perfectly bind the mixture during cooking and thus you will obtain a kind of pie rather than a real omelette, practical to slice and portion even outside the home.

Fried or baked peppers

At the beginning we talked about fried peppers, which this season are extraordinary with toasted bread, but you can also use baked peppers or also raw peppers if you want to keep them crunchy enough. We fry, just to be safe!
As for the variety, we suggest those reds which are sweet enough, but not too sweet and go great with eggs, or those greens or i friggitelli.
To fry them, just cut them into small pieces and dip them in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, not abundant, but not scarce, and one or more cloves of garlic.
Perfume them after cooking with fresh basil, parsley and mint and remember that the addition of aromatic herbs makes the difference.

The recipe for the rice and pepper omelette

Cook two peppers as already mentioned, with oil and garlic, add salt and let them cool.
Meanwhile cook in boiling salted water too 300 g of rice, Arborio or Carnaroli. Drain it and let it cool.
Beat 6 eggs, mix them with plenty of Parmesan, salt and pepper and then add the rice and the well-drained peppers because there shouldn't be any excess oil.
Add cubes of fontina or emmental cheese and pour everything into a mold lined with parchment paper.
The omelette must be high so do not choose molds that are too wide and large.
Sprinkle the surface with del parmesan and cook a 220 ° for about 40 minutes or in any case until you see that the crust has become golden and crunchy.
Let the omelette rest in the off oven because it must be served lukewarm, but it is also extraordinary cold.
Know that it tastes better the next day!

Pie version

If you want to serve the omelette in a more elegant way, turn it into a patty.
Then use one die cute, even the donut or pudding one, butter it well and sprinkle it with breadcrumbs.
Then pour the mixture inside, which must not be too liquid and cook at 220 ° for 45-50 minutes if the mold is high.
Let it cool and then turn the cake upside down on a serving plate.

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