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Good Pastrami. In Turin it's done with the tongue! Recipe – Italian Cuisine

Good Pastrami. In Turin it's done with the tongue! Recipe

Pastrami, one of the symbolic dishes of American street food, of Romanian origin. Depopulated in New York restaurants and delicatessens, but not only. Because now in Turin ..

In Turin, the chef of the Sorij restaurant, Andrea Fasano, has created a Piedmontese version, with the tongue instead of beef. For a very local interpretation.

We asked him for the recipe, which he completed with that of rye bread, another ingredient that cannot be missed for Pastrami's sandwich. With pickled gherkins and mustard.

Chef Fasano and the whole Sorij team await you in the outdoor area for a tasting of the Pastrami language sandwich. For the pairing with the wine, ask the patron, Piero Primatesta.

Language pastrami

1 Language weighing 800 g / 1 kg
Spices mix (coriander, mustard, pepper, ginger, garlic powder and rosemary)
Dill, garlic, lemon


Clean the tongue well and peel it.
Pass it in a mix of powdered spices (Rub): for example coriander, mustard, pepper, ginger, garlic powder and rosemary.
Massage the tongue with these spices so that they penetrate inside and then let it rest (in the fridge) for the time necessary to flavor it (about 24 hours).
After the time, insert the spiced tongue in a 5% brine bath (1 liter of water and 5 g of salt) flavored with fresh dill, garlic and lemon for a whole night in the refrigerator.

The following morning, drain the tongue and leave it in the fridge (or ventilated fridge) for a few hours to dry completely.
Cook the tongue under vacuum, at low temperature, for about 6/7 hours, depending on the size, at a temperature not exceeding 85 °.
Finally finish cooking on BBQ using wood (preferably walnut). Keep 4/5 days in the fridge before serving.
The tongue will be accompanied with rye bread, with gherkins and mustard.

Rye bread

The chef explains the preparation of the bread step by step: «rye is an integral cereal rich in bran and absolutely almost gluten-free, mainly present in northern Italy or even more in the countries of northern Europe. Preparing bread with 100% rye is a fairly demanding job, which will lead to having a sweet, moist but little honeycombed bread .
Usually Andrea Fasano prepares it in boxes. The secret is to knead it very little. "I start with a polish and prefer to use the cold version because I find that rye releases all the original scents and characteristics. It is a cereal that has a very strong absorption so the bread I prepare has an 85/90% hydration. Kneading will seem to have been wrong for too much water while waiting a few minutes (time for the external bran to soften) you will notice a clear difference as it dries. In mass it will mature for 5/6 hours, without creating too many folds and working it little, it is placed in a box to rest for another 2 hours approximately. Scaling cooking (starting from 200 ° to ending at 170 °) without humidity according to the desired sizes.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​proposing the language in Pastrami and the rye bread made by you?
"The idea of ​​using the language in a Pastrami arises from the need to reproduce this difficult preparation by getting as close as possible to the taste experience in New York, but using a recurring ingredient in Piedmont. In New York, the preparation of Pastrami is carried out using Brisket (brisket and part of the capocollo), a fat and rich connective cut, suitable for long smoking and cooking. The language certainly does not have the same percentage in fat and connective, for this reason it was a challenge; making use of the low temperature vacuum cooking, I partially sidetracked the first difficulty. I also like the language and I chose to use it because it still has a texture that never gives up, on the tooth it has a certain elasticity, in short it is chewed. I chose the language because it was usually cooked in Piedmont; in the preparation I get this color of a beautiful red tending to shades of purple, which is then the color of traditional pastrami. In short, it seems that the result is very similar to the original, certainly in taste, because with a bite of the sandwich I return to live my trip to New York ".

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