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Panko bread: how to make it at home and how to use it (video) – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

  • Bake and let cool.

Panko bread.

Some secrets of this breading

The name of this particular bread comes from the portmanteau of Japanese words Pan (bread) e ko (Flour). Used for tempura and other types of frying, it is much more crumbly than our breadcrumbs because it is obtained from fresh and soft white bread.
It is important to let the panko bread cool thoroughly before storing it in airtight containers: otherwise the condensation would risk softening it. It can be kept dry for two months.

The anti-waste tip for bread crusts

Dry the bread crusts in the oven, flavor them with chopped parsley, garlic and oil and blend them: you will obtain the base for a gratin.

Spiced panko bread

To flavor your panko bread, use spices such as turmeric, curry or paprika: once ready and cooled, sprinkle it with the powdered spices and use it immediately. Don’t put them in before baking because they would burn.

With Plankton and matcha tea to enhance seafood dishes

Finally, to brown the seafood au gratin, sprinkle it with a pinch of matcha tea or powdered chlorophyll: the crunchy breading will take on an intense vegetal flavour, similar to that of algae, which will enhance that of the mussels even more.

Panko bread and cutlet (as an aperitif)

A tasty idea? Bread the Milanese cutlet using panko bread: the classic “elephant ear”, with the bone, so to speak, will be very crumbly and spectacular. Serve it on a large cutting board, already portioned, together with homemade mayonnaise and other sauces of your choice. Together with a glass of bubbles it will be a splendid aperitif.

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