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Japanese pancakes in a pan with berries – Italian Cuisine

Japanese pancakes in a pan with berries

Japanese pancakes in a pan, preparation

1) Shelled 2 eggs separating the yolks and whites. Mounted the egg yolks with 80 g of sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy. Sift 200 g of flour with 6 g of baking powder and a sachet of vanilla: you do drop the powders directly into the yolks and meanwhile jumbled up to incorporate them.

2) Mounted the egg whites until stiff and also add them to the mixture. Butter 4 pastry rings of 10 cm in diameter e dress them up with a strip of greased baking paper.

3) You do melt 10 g of butter in a non-stick pan, arrange yourselves inside the pastry rings, fill them with the prepared batter cover them with a lid and cook on very low heat for 4 minutes. Turn them and continue cooking for another 4 minutes. Serve them garnished with powdered sugar, berries, acacia honey or maple syrup.


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Potatoes in a pan, a Neapolitan classic – Italian Cuisine

Potatoes in a pan, a Neapolitan classic

What are baked potatoes? Let's go to the discovery of an ancient recipe of the Campania tradition that will make young and old happy

It is really true that sometimes it is enough to combine very few ingredients to create a dish with an unmistakable taste. The potatoes in a Neapolitan-style pan, a recipe that comes from another time, when small masterpieces were created in the kitchen with the limited tools available.

The baked potatoes, handed down from my grandmother to my mother, are more a concept than a real recipe, because they can be prepared in many different ways. The only certainty are the ingredients, simple, but with infinite possibilities: the potatoes, the onions, I tomatoes and theOrigan, true protagonist of childhood memories, with its scent that filled the house at the stroke of lunchtime.

Potatoes in the pan

To prepare this recipe you can use both fresh tomatoes, large ones for sauce, and peeled tomatoes.

Ingredients for 4 people

1.5 kg potatoes
350 g onions
750 g tomatoes
extra virgin olive oil


Wash and peel the potatoes, then cut them into slices of about half a centimeter. Slice the onions and tomatoes.

Grease a pan with extra virgin olive oil and create layers with the potatoes, onion and tomatoes. Season each layer with salt, pepper, plenty of oregano and oil.

Bake in the oven at 170 ° C for about an hour and a half, until a crust forms on the surface. Keep an eye on cooking and add a little water to the pan to prevent it from drying out too much.

Depending on the family and location, the process can change. In the'Agro Nocerino-Sarnese, for example, the definition "potatoes in a pan" generally refers to potatoes cooked in a pan (or better in a pan) in San Marzano tomato sauce. A little extra virgin olive oil, sliced ​​or diced potatoes, onion or garlic, oregano, tomatoes, a glass of water, salt, pepper, to be cooked over medium heat with the lid on for about 20-30 minutes.

Pasta and potatoes in a pan

Potatoes in a pan could easily be a single dish, perhaps enriching them with mozzarella or cheese, but there is a version that will immediately enter your heart and your recipe book. The one with the pasta, preferably penne, mixed pasta or broken spaghetti (yes, you read that right).

In this case the recipe is prepared in a saucepan or pan with high sides. The result could be apt, just like in the case of pasta, potatoes and provola of the Neapolitan tradition, or more soupy, depending on personal taste.

Ingredients for 4 people

1 kg potatoes
750 tomatoes for gravy or peeled
350 g onions
300 g pasta
extra virgin olive oil


Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut them into slices about half a centimeter thick. Thinly slice onions and tomatoes.

Grease the pan with extra virgin olive oil and start creating layers with the potatoes, onions, tomatoes and raw pasta, remembering to season each layer with salt, oregano and oil. Once the layers are complete, add a glass of water.

Cover with a lid and cook over low heat for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add more or less water, if necessary, to make it more or less soupy.

When cooked, let it rest for a few minutes and serve. Don't you already feel at home?

Ferrarese-style pan pizza with salama da sugo and pear chips – Italian Cuisine

Ferrarese-style pan pizza with salama da sugo and pear chips


Preparation of Ferrarese-style pizza in pan with salama da sugo and pear chips

1) Make the chariot: knead the flour With the'cold water and the yeast to obtain a raw compound. Transfer it to a bowl covered with perforated film and let it rise for 18 hours at 18 ° -20 °.

2) Make the dough: add the biga with the two flours and thewater. Knead the dough by hand or with a mixer for 10 minutes until it is smooth and homogeneous, then add the salt and finally theoil, flush. Let the dough rest for 30/40 minutes wrapped in cling film at about 24 °, then divide it into 4 balls, arrange them in a pan and continue rising protecting them with plastic wrap until they double in volume (2 or 3 hours). With floured hands, roll out each ball into an iron pan with a diameter of 28 cm without letting out the air that has formed. Let them rest for another half hour covered with film.

3) Cut the mozzarella cheese, wash the spinach and sauté them with a drizzle ofoil and a pinch of salt for 5 minutes. Wash the pears without peeling them and cut them into 3 mm slices. Arrange them on the baking sheet with baking paper without overlapping them, sprinkle them with a little sugar and bake at 150 ° ventilated for 30 minutes. Distribute mozzarella cheese is spinach on pizzas and bake for 20/25 minutes at maximum temperature. Complete with the salama sliced, lo squacquerone, the pear chips and a drizzle of icing balsamic.

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