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Lettuce sautéed in a pan – Italian Cuisine

»Lettuce sautéed in a pan

Clean the onion and cut it into thin slices, wash the tomatoes and cut them in half (or 4 if they are more hail), then wash the lettuce well, drain it and chop it roughly into pieces that are not too small.

Brown the onion in the oil, then add the pitted olives and the desalted capers.
Let it cook, then add the lettuce and cook over high heat for a few minutes.
Finally add the tomatoes and cook them for a few minutes.

Season with salt and pepper, then add a drizzle of raw oil and serve the sautéed lettuce.

Pan Dalì, the Catalan bread named after Salvador Dalì – Italian Cuisine

Pan Dalì is a typical Catalan bread renamed in honor of the surrealist painter. Its first name is Pan de Crostons, due to the crunchiness of its crust

In Barcelona they call it Pan de Crostons, but everyone also knows him as Pan Dalì. The reason must be sought in the crush that the Figueres surrealist painter it was taken for this type of three-pointed bread typical of Catalonia. As you can guess from the first name, the other peculiarity, in addition to the shape that reminds a bullfighter's hat, is the crust: "crostons", in fact, in Catalan means "croutons". Why plural? Because the ends of the triangle are the most crunchy part.

Because the Pan de Crostons is also called Pan Dalì

The food for Dali was a real obsession. "My painting is gastronomic, spermatic, existential". To bread, then, he always reserved a leading role in many of his works. But the one for the Pan de Crostons was a real shock. He had it as a child and accompanied him throughout his life. It is he himself who recounts it: «The bread I often put on my head is a hat with which I presented myself at home when I was six years old. I emptied a Pan de Crostons, this form of three-pointed Catalan bread, and I put it on my head to amaze my parents ". A passion that when he transformed his house into a self-celebrating museum, he had it upholstered a whole wall of the Galatea Tower with plaster casts, still visible, in the shape of Pan de Crostons. From that moment it was renamed Pan Dalì.

Pan Dalì or Pan de Crostons.
Pan Dalì or Pan de Crostons.

The peculiarities of this Catalan bread

It is a white bread, based on wheat flour stone ground e mother yeast. Once tasted, you immediately understand why the artist fell in love with it. It could be defined a "sound" bread. With a golden color, just a light pressure to make it issue a well audible croc. To this particular crunchiness corresponds, then, a distinctly toasted flavor. The dough is very simple. The difference is made, in addition to the unique form of its kind, the long leavening and the Slow cooking in particular ovens with a stone base. For those who want to try doing it at home here are the ingredients and the recipe of the La Torna oven which is located inside the Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona.

Ingredients for three loaves of 600 grams

1 kilo of medium strength wheat flour
600 grams of water
250 grams of sourdough
10 grams of salt


Sift the flour, add the sourdough and knead, pouring a little water at a time. The last 50 grams should be dosed according to the absorbent capacity of the flour used. Then add the salt. Once obtained a homogeneous mixture e slightly elastic, put it in the fridge for 12 hours. The next day, bring it back to a temperature between 23 ° and 24 ° C and divide it into three round loaves. At this point work the dough to give it the right shape. You will go from having one in your hands first bowler, then a bullfighter hat.

Squeeze the dough with your hands, creating a border of about 4-5 centimeters, leaving a small mound in the middle instead. That's how the bowler is formed. Next, pull the edges until you get one triangular shape. For each point, bend the right edge over the left, then position the cutting hand and press the dough at the base of the new triangle that has formed. Thus the bullfighter's hat is obtained. Leave to rest another hour. Bring the oven, possibly equipped with refractory stone, at a temperature of 210 ° C. Before baking, sprinkle the bread with a little flour and lay the dough on the stone. Cooking times vary between 50 and 60 minutes depending on the power of the oven.

The pan de mej recipe from the history of Besuschio pastry – Italian Cuisine

Among the 10 best patisseries in Italy, six generations and all the historic Milanese recipes (panettone, which was born right here). Here is their recipe for making pan de meino, to be puccia strictly in a cup of cream

The pan meino, alias Pan De Mej in Milanese dialect, it is a poor dessert, which is based on millet flour and flavored with elderflower. Today few people prepare it, less and less, and finding it in the historic pastry shops of Milan and its province is not easy. At the Pasticceria Besuschio of Abbiategrasso they still do it, since 1845.

Here the panettone was born

Six generations of patisseries a predisposition for traditional recipes, which proudly offer in the shop alongside creations of more innovative pastries and (much) chocolate – in the over 10 meters of space counter there is so much and it is all full. The pan de mej, of course, but also the rice flour and corn biscuits, the Pagnotta di Fraa, a typical abbiatese sweet made from corn flour and dried fruit, the Tegola with almonds and hazelnuts. Not only tradition, because among their classics there is also Porphyry, a chocolate plumcake.
At Christmas, of course, the panettone (multi-award winning) is made, both classic and the inevitable chocolate and Crakelè, with brown and super crunchy cover. Obviously not because I'm from Milan, but because here, according to tradition, the panettone was born: in fact, in the Besuschio oven Cavalier Motta and Mr. Alemagna came in person to do tests with Andrea's grandfather to launch their product on large scale.

Worth the journey (there is also a bed & breakfast)

The historic venue under the arcades of Piazza Marconi, however, no longer has the old vintage look, because the Pasticceria Besuschio has remade its look, with a restyling of production spaces as well as those for sale. Too bad, but worth the trip.
Three cakes according to the Gambero Rosso Patisserie Guide, in 2019 but to confirm the consistently high score, they are among the top clubs in Italy, with 92/100 of vote and among the top 10. In 2018 it was the most voted pastry of Barawards and the sweet Slim Sweetness won the first international prize "The sweet of the future". They are also friends of Carlo Cracco, who has collaborated with them several times. Far? They even have the bed & breakast, named Sweet Dream and breakfast included.

Ingredients for a full tray
450g type 1 flour
450g corn flour (comic)
435g granulated sugar
400g butter
300g milk
65g honey
3 egg yolks
15g baking powder (two sachets)
natural vanilla extract


Mix the lightly softened butter with the egg yolks, honey, vanilla and granulated sugar in a planetary mixer or in a mixer.
Once obtained a homogeneous mass, add the flour, in two times.
When the mixture is homogeneous pour the milk and knead until obtaining a paste that is easily detached from the planetary walls.
Make loaves as big as a fist, sprinkle with water and cover with granulated sugar and icing sugar.
Cook at 170 ° C without steam for about an hour.

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