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Oat pancakes – ‘s recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Pancake all’avena

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Soy, oat, rice, almond and coconut milk – Italian Cuisine

Light and nutritious at the same time, vegetable drinks are increasingly popular and loved as substitutes for cow's milk. Let's find out the characteristics of the various types

There are more and more alternatives to cow milk, often replaced in the diet by vegetable milk for problems of intolerance to some component of milk or simply for ethical reasons. Between vegetable drinks the most common (this is the correct name to indicate them) we can find the soya milk, the oat, almond, rice or coconut milk: all valid alternatives to cow's milk for breakfast because they are more digestible than cow's milk and in some cases (like coconut milk), equally rich in nutrients.

The properties of these drinks

Derived from cereals, legumes, fruit and nuts, these vegetable drinks are extremely lighter of cow's milk and free of cholesterol and lactose. All rich in protein, these drinks are the right answer for those with problems intolerances or simply want to avoid animal foods. Often these vegetable milks are rich in unsaturated fats, which help keep you fit the cardiovascular system and overall heart health. They also provide vitamin E useful for the proper functioning of the nervous system and many antioxidants, essential for slowing down cellular aging.


How vegetable milk is consumed

Vegetable milk, like cow's milk, is perfect for breakfast. It can be taken with puffed cereals or simply with some biscuits. Normally these drinks are drunk at room temperature and can be served with coffee if desired. Their taste is very different from cow's milk, but equally pleasant. There are really many types (there is even the banana milk or the pea milk) to satisfy all tastes and needs. Which is right for you?

Browse the tutorial to understand more and discover the characteristics of the various types of vegetable milk

Does it make me an avenaccino? Now you drink oat milk (Italian) – Italian Cuisine

The new vegetable alternative is a boom in the States and in Italy it is already a reality thanks to a start-up, with which to make an excellent cappuccino, pardon avenaccino, a superfood to drink, vegan, lactose-free and eco-sustainable

According to Forbes magazine, oat milk would have been the trend of 2020. And at least this prediction has come true.
First it was the turn of soy milk, then of coconut milk, of almond milk, which have now become quite common alternatives to cow's milk, so much so as to be in supermarkets and in many bars. In America, where world-class food trends are born and die, brands and investors have now thrown themselves into the business in oat milk, with new large-scale retail brands, bio, and by-products such as yogurt, desserts and ice cream. Oats do not have the same allergies as dried fruit, it is naturally gluten-free and is an excellent base for other preparations thanks to its starch which acts as a natural thickener.

The interest around this new alternative to dairy products has caused an exponential growth in sales of oat milk: + 425% in the last year, according to data collected for Refinery29 by the Square, Inc. agency. Although other plant-based milk products such as cashew milk, coconut milk and even peanut milk had boomed in past years, none of them are ever managed to reach the levels of almond or soy milk as an alternative to cow's milk, and in a couple of years oats settle on the same consumption as the most popular vegetable milks.

The reason is that oat milk has a more neutral flavor, less invasive, and is preferred by bartenders for its taste as well as for an extraordinary consistency: it fits very well! And then it's more ecological because compared to milk or even almond milk it requires much less water. In fact, according to a scientific research conducted by Poore & Nemecek in 2018, oat-based drinks produce lower water consumption, lower CO2 emissions and land occupation compared to other lactose substitutes and cow's milk itself.

Oats are a superfood for its healthy properties. Thanks to its beta-glucans it absorbs the cholesterol of other foods and prevents them from being taken up by the intestine or from exceeding in the arteries. If consumed frequently it establishes the regularity of the digestive system, gives a sense of satiety, is a natural energizer and strengthens the nervous system in times of stress and depression.

Heaven is the Italian start-up based in Milan specializing in lactose-based alternative products made exclusively from oats. Heaven took its first steps on the market with a "barista" product, designed for the preparation of a creamy cappuccino, and thus the avenaccino® was born, distributed throughout the Milan area to a network of bars. Now you can also buy online and arrive comfortably at home, with deliveries made on board eco-sustainable vehicles.

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