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January, ideas to get started: the new issue on newsstands – Italian Cuisine

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How do you start a new year? With something new, and something old. With tradition and innovation. And what's more ancient and contemporary than a very spreadable and very enjoyable one pate, to be enjoyed on hot and steaming croutons? A little French and a little Tuscan, he tastefully combines high and popular cuisine and interprets salmon, smoked trout, chicken, rabbit, duck

Chic citrus
Linguine with yuzu, risotto al cedar, lemon ravioli and other savory dishes acquire a very special acidity with the contribution of citrus fruits: from the classic zest to season spaghetti to lemon, to the salad of oranges, up to the juice added to the bottom of the roast, the most popular had already made themselves noticed in some dishes. But new interpreters come from the family in the kitchen. THE pink and yellow grapefruits they accompany roast poultry, pork and beef tenderloin. THE kumquat they give sparkle to fish and meat and the cedar joins the fish. Seeing is believing.

194 153Crustaceans
Precious, exquisite, sparkling, they are the top for a banquet with a refined and contemporary personality. Under the zest they hide a delicious and delicate taste, excellent with mayonnaise of various kinds, unusual breading, contrasting side dishes and combinations with fruit. Do you have any difficulty cooking them? Although according to experts lobsters and lobsters should be cooked alive, we suggest you buy them frozen and boil them by throwing them in water as soon as they have been removed from the freezer: do not defrost them in the fridge, they would lose their mood and the pulp would dry out. It is also essential that the water is boiling and abundant. Don't you have the appropriate tool to cut the shells and the forks to pick up the pulp? Arm yourself with nutcrackers, serrated scissors and olive forks, and everything will be fine. You will still be ready to cook and taste the scamponi with cauliflower cream and coleslaw, the tostici in foam with tarragon with fried fennel, i coconut crusted king prawns with spicy sauce

And then….
A hyper-traditional dish, the Maritata soup, A historic Neapolitan preparation in which a mix of vegetables happily marries various types of meat, the Trento Classico, one Dry sparkling wine in three types: base for aperitifs, vintage or reserve, from exceptional harvests. And for the more experienced palates, a foray into the world of sake under the guidance of the expert Lorenzo Ferraboschi who introduced us to the famous Japanese drink. And, given that there is still some time left between holidays and festivals, why not close seasonal vegetables and fruit under glass? And here are ours kaleidoscopic preserves: jellies, pickles, pickles with a modern taste. And again, to travel (or to dream) here we are Lisbon, between the blue of the sky and the ceramics, the baccalà and the sweets of the monasteries.

Scent of spices
Whole or in powder form they give unique aromas to parfaits, tarts, rolls, a thousand leaves And nude (like our cover). They evoke the charm of distant lands and exotic worlds, but they are also the protagonists of many traditional sweets of our house, from Umbrian gingerbread to Tuscan gingerbread, from frustingo from the Marches, to the Parma spongata. We asked the chef Claudio Gatti, master pastry chef from Parma, a great lover of ancient medieval recipes how to use them. Better in powder, because they are easier to incorporate and to dose in the doughs of baked desserts. Or in seeds or barks to infuse (never too much though!).

Happy Christmas: on La Cucina Italiana newsstands, December 2021 – Italian Cuisine

Happy Christmas: on La Cucina Italiana newsstands, December 2021

The number of December from The Italian kitchen it has always been a collector's number. 2021 is no exception: the splendid dessert you see on the cover was designed and created by the chefs World Pastry Champions just for us, for you. From today on newsstands.

The Editorial by the Director, Maddalena Fossati Dondero

“I still remember it, even though it's been a long time. Much. The first time I saw the games, upon waking up, on Christmas morning. They weren't wrapped, they were instead arranged on the carpet in my bedroom, with the Cicciobello and the soft toys seated, the constructions ready to be invented, the markers almost already on the sheet. Today I imagine my parents arrange them in silence so as not to make noise, move in the semi-darkness so as not to wake up and pretend to drink that milk and eat those cookies that are always left for those who come to dispense so much joy. Today we shoot videos of everything, but those moments are indelibly recorded in my heart and will stay there. I like the eyes of children at Christmas and that's why you can find on this page the photos of the editorial staff of La Cucina Italiana, from when we were little, December 25 at home and during kindergarten parties. These photos are from the sixties, seventies, eighties, which were printed by the photographer and cannot be enlarged with the thumb and forefinger as we do on the phone screen, nor can they be sent by whatsapp. We looked for them in the drawers (it took me two hours to rummage through family documents), put them in an envelope and brought them as treasures to the editorial office. We are very or not very recognizable, we all make a great tenderness because at Christmas the children become even sweeter than the icing sugar that we pour rain on the pandoro. Here, my wish for this year is to rediscover that look of when you were a child. I like to think of a Christmas that brings generosity and good thoughts, that becomes a day of celebration of the many pleasant things in life where food represents an extraordinary moment of aggregation and genuine love. And where there is room, plenty of room for kindness. Italian Cuisine is here with us, it accompanies us year after year, flavor after flavor, and in this issue there are many tasty ideas starting from the cover, the Italian Christmas cake. We created it with ingredients from many parts of the peninsula in our kitchen together with the team that won the pastry world cup, waving the tricolor very high once again. A lot of sweetness to make these days as memorable as the awakening of a child in front of his games. Merry Christmas friends and friends, let the celebrations begin. "

p.s. our photos as children are precious and we prefer to leave them on paper, see you at newsstands!

photo cover Riccardo Lettieri

November, the pleasure of simplicity: the new Sale & Pepe on newsstands – Italian Cuisine

November, the pleasure of simplicity: the new Sale & Pepe on newsstands

November, month of mist and soups, chestnuts and polenta, of foliage spectacular and invigorating family lunches. Cooking in November is a special, slow pleasure, far from the fast summer experiments like from the elaborate interpretations of the feasts.

Mountain flavors
Cooking now means tapping into the popular tradition. Starting with that of the farmers of our Alpine valleys. So this month we tell you the story of a culture ancient and survival, which sees cereals, cheeses And vegetables protagonists of hearty and characterful dishes, perfect for the November table: a cheese soup, a plate of rustic gnocchi, a potato cake, an enriched polenta …

White vegetables
With the arrival of the cold the garden is tinged with White; arrive cauliflower, fennel, onions, leeks and all the roots, such as turnips, parsnips and daikon. Lower temperatures and light favor vegetables that grow close to the earth (or even below). Seasonal products are also those that our body needs: the "whites" they have power purifying and anti-inflammatory effect. And here it is simple dishes of intense flavor, such as a roasted cauliflower pan, fennel pie, or ginger root stew. Simple and delicious: seeing is believing.

Sauce and meat, only one cooking
You know the Neapolitan ragù? The meat cooks for a long time in the tomato sauce and makes it super savory. The sauce obtained season the spaghetti, while the meat is served separately as a ghiotto
stew. Inspired by this masterpiece of Neapolitan cuisine we can cook the condiment and the second dish in the same saucepan. To optimize efforts and increase the taste.

Local flavors
And then we take you to the Woods for an autumn lunch, a Mantua to taste rich stuffed pastas, sweets and mustards and to discover the city. TO
Trani, by Stefano Di Gennaro, the JRE of the month who creates a menu of simple and local products, including the farmer's father's oil. In Appenzeller, to discover a special cheese produced noel small Swiss canton with a mix of herbs with an intense aroma. And, again, in Val di Chiana where the Nobile di Montepulciano wine.

And to conclude
Cold season … warm desserts: grapes, apples, pears fill soft and crunchy doughs to be enjoyed as desserts and special snacks. And some curiosities: the history of the corkscrew, which dates back to the eighteenth century and that of stuffed lettuces, a refined dish, made invigorating from an excellent broth. And the sauces Middle Eastern, spicy and sweet and sour, ideal with beef, lamb and chicken.

November 2021

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