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A coffee in pink for Mother's Day – Italian Cuisine

Here are the special products of the Limited Edition Pink Coffee by Caffè Mauro, for an even more sweet and delicate cup

The rose it is the color of gentle strength, of creativity, of the ability to give and receive love. And that's why Caffè Mauro he chose it to celebrate the greatest superhero of our day, which we all know and love to madness: ours mum. In fact, the special is tinged with pink Limited Edition that the Calabrian coffee company has decided to launch in view of Mother's Day Sunday 12 May, previewed during the fair TuttoFood from Milan. A special thought for the woman of our life that becomes a small gift to wish her a good day, be it for a cup to be enjoyed in bed in complete calm, or for an energizing sip between one engagement and another of the day.

The packaging of this Limited Edition Pink Coffee is thus declined on shades of pink, while coffee becomes more delicate, thanks to a longer roasting curve that makes it even sweeter. The new product – also sold on the e-commerce portal of Caffè Mauro – it is offered in two formats: the one packaged in capsules compatible with the Nespresso system and the one packaged in 3-cup moka capsules, designed for those who are still fond of the noise and the smell of mocha.

Pasta for Mother's Day – Italian Cuisine

Pasta for Mother's Day

More ideas for a menu in pink

May 12th is Mother's Day: what better time to have lunch together? However, compared to other Sundays, the revolution could start from the kitchen, which for the first time will not see it in the kitchen, but sitting among the guests in the dining room. We'll do the cooking, provided we can indulge ourselves. With something simple, but very different from the usual pasta dish. That in any case, when eating with mum, it must never fail!

Why make pasta

Mother's Day is the day when you feel close, enjoy time with simplicity and joy. And have some fun. And what's more fun than a plate of spaghetti? To eat accompanied by a good glass of wine, to make an exception to the rule and cuddle a little. Given the special occasion and delicate ingredients, we can even dare to sparkle. Cheers!

… but not just any

As we said today is a special day, which requires a special pasta. In the recipe we have chosen, the spaghetti is colored red thanks to the beetroot and is seasoned with a delicate white burrata cream. In short, everything the opposite of what we are used to: the classic spaghetti seasoned with a red tomato sauce. A funny surprise that your mother will love so much to take her to ask you for the recipe … finally!

Shopping list

450 g of burrata, 350 g of spaghetti, 230 g of late radicchio, 140 g of prawn tails, 30 g of rice vinegar, a fresh beetroot, extra virgin olive oil salt, pepper

How to prepare spaghetti with radicchio, prawns and burrata

Peel the beetroot, shake it and sift the pulp, so as to obtain 4 tablespoons of juice. Blend the burrata with a blender, heat it for 2 minutes, switching off well before you stir (at 70 ° C) and season with oil, salt and pepper. Blanch the prawn tails with a little oil and salt for 30 seconds, then cut them into bobbins. Clean and divide the radicchio into four wedges. Cook in a covered casserole over a low heat for 30 minutes with rice vinegar, a pinch of salt and beetroot juice. Cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water; drain them, add them to the radicchio and mix well. Spread a few tablespoons of burrata in the dishes, place the spaghetti on top, complete with the prawn tails, garnish as you like with flowers and edible leaves and serve.

The dishes that could complete the menu:


Mozzarella slices with potatoes and olives


Salad with marinated and crunchy anchovies

If you enjoyed our shrimp pasta, look at the gallery above: you will find many more!

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A menu in pink for Mother's Day

What to give for Mother's Day – Italian Cuisine

What to give for Mother's Day

Sunday 12 is Mother's Day. Here are so many ideas for a different gift

There Mother's Day, like Easter, is a mobile party. It means that it does not have a stable date, such as Father's Day which, although varying from country to country, in Italy always falls on March 19, the day of Saint Joseph. Mother's Day, while also changing from country to country, is generally always celebrated on the second Sunday of May, the Marian month, that is, the month dedicated to the Madonna, the mother of all mothers. For 2019 Mother's Day falls on Sunday 12 May. However, it is worth remembering that this was not always the case: in Italy, for example, until a little while ago the date was fixed and always fell on May 8th. The historical events that led to this celebration that has religious, socio-political and, inevitably, commercial references are also complex.

A kiss, a hug and a gift

A day spent with our mother is worth a thousand gifts, this is undoubtedly true. And yet a little thought or an exaggerated gift (depending on tastes and availability) always goes to do it to the one who has been taking care of us for years. A tribute that we do not miss even when we ourselves are already parents and we find ourselves in the double role of celebrating and celebrating.

A day with mum

The Scalo Milano Outlet & More, 15 minutes from the center of Milan, Sunday 12 (from 11 to 20) promotes a special Beauty Event, in collaboration with some points of sale, to celebrate Mother's Day in the name of beauty. Your mothers can relax and take advantage of some free treatments made available to the participating stores.

A heart of cake

Also in Milan you can celebrate your mother with one of the cakes made for the occasion by Martesana Pastry. Strawberry Heart: sponge cake, custard with fresh strawberries and chantilly cream; or here is the candid Cuore di Perla cake, the freshest lemon cake made up of several layers: base dipped in a bath of lemon and white chocolate, lemon ganache, hazelnut brittle, strawberry and lemon jelly, white chocolate mousse. Everything is covered with an ivory-colored glaze.

You can see the good morning from the morning

On 12th morning, we could give our mother a special awakening by having her deliver a splendid breakfast accompanied by a bouquet of colorful flowers. With Cosaporto.it all this is possible, and also many other surprises (sweets, ice creams, design objects, bracelets and jewels, boxes of gourmet products) to be delivered to the celebrated woman with a greeting card written by you.

Technological gifts

If it is true that "everyone's a big baby is a mother to a soy", the opposite is also true: every mother is beautiful in her shoe. And then, because its beauty is always light for our eyes, here is to give her the Braun Silk-épil 9 Beauty Set it would not be a bad idea, because it allows to address all the needs related to the care of the skin of the body and face in a single solution: from exfoliation, hair removal and even massage. The Beauty Set is complete with numerous interchangeable brush heads: the brushes for deep or delicate exfoliation, the accessory for deep massage, the shaving head and for epilation.

For Wonder Woman mothers, technologically advanced and with an Amazon Echo device, here are eight new really interesting skills that you could give her. We have chosen two: iMamma is the favorite app for those who have a baby bump. Thanks to this Skill designed for mothers-to-be, it is possible to know which are the most fertile days of your cycle or when the date of delivery is assumed by saying "Alexa, ask iMamma what is missing in childbirth"; there Venus bag it is the perfect skill for the traveling mother. Suffice it to say "Alexa, open the bag of Venus" to help you remember all the items you need to take with you for a short stay or a long, relaxing vacation. And then don't forget that there is also theapp of La Cucina Italiana: it will be enough to say «Alexa, open La Cucina Italiana and give me the menu of the day and immediately the device will give a list of 5 recipes chosen and treated every day by our editorial staff. Detox after the holidays, tasty for the weekend and comfort on the coldest days. Alexa lists the recipes, declines the ingredients and tells the preparations, to listen and listen (but also to see if you have Amazon Echo Spot) to take inspiration, to test yourself, to experiment and to bring to the table a different menu every day .

To get more ideas, browse our gallery, and lots of kisses to mothers

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