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Parmigiana: the 10 most common mistakes – Italian Cuisine

Parmigiana: the 10 most common mistakes

Parmigiana is the "summer" recipe, but can be prepared all year round. Just don't make the usual mistakes.

Eggplant parmigiana is a typically Sicilian dish, although some claim its origins from Romagna or Campania. It has now been revisited and reinterpreted a little from all the regions and also in the rest of the world and is a real pride for the traditional cuisine of our country.

There are those who prepare it lightly without frying the aubergines, those who actually mix them first, those who do not put cheese, those who make it white with potatoes, some with courgettes and some with mortadella and boiled eggs. In conclusion, everyone has their own recipe so it is difficult to talk about "original", but if you want the basic recipe you can find it here.

Generally when preparing parmesan the same mistakes are almost always made and we have identified the most common.


How to prepare seafood salad and 5 mistakes to avoid – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare seafood salad and 5 mistakes to avoid

A dish rich in scents and flavors of the sea. Here's how to prepare it at home (and 5 things not to do)

The seafood salad is a fish-based dish to serve at the table as an appetizer or as a second course. Excellent in summer because it is fresh and light, perfect all year round, especially on special occasions.

The ingredients

The beauty of this dish is the union of so many flavors, all coming from the sea.
In this salad you will find mussels, clams, squid, shrimp and octopus, as well as many smells that make this preparation fresh and tasty.
You can also prepare a seafood salad without clams and mussels, perhaps only with squid, octopus and prawns, but it won't be exactly the same.

Seafood salad recipe

Preparing a seafood salad is very simple, but you have to be a little patient for the different cooking times and for cleaning all the ingredients. To speed things up you can of course buy everything already clean at the fish market.
Otherwise, first thing clean the squid and octopus and cook them separately in boiling water (the squid for 15 minutes and the octopus for 40 minutes). Then cut everything into pieces.
Meanwhile you can cook squid and octopus clean the mussels depriving them of the beard and you can soak the clams in cold water to purge them.
Then cook the mussels and clams separately to make them open. Use two pans and add just a little water. Cover with a lid and after a few minutes they will be ready. At this point let them cool for a moment and then shell them.
Blanch the prawns after depriving them of the outer casing (a small black strip on the back) and let them cool.
Assemble all the ingredients and seasoned with oil, salt and pepper and let the salad rest in the refrigerator for an hour. Serve with the green sauce.

Green sauce recipe

The green sauce is the perfect accompaniment to many cold fish dishes and cannot be missed when there is seafood salad at the table.
Preparing it is very simple. Simply blend fresh parsley with oil, anchovies, capers, lemon juice and salt. You should also add a clove of garlic, but it depends a little on your taste.
One teaspoon is enough for each portion.
As you have seen preparing seafood salad is not so difficult, so be careful not to commit a few unforgivable mistakes like the ones in the gallery above.

5 mistakes not to be made – Italian Cuisine

5 mistakes not to be made

It is a dish that looks simple, but for a sure result you need to observe some tricks

Spaghetti with clams they are a must of the summer, and they are a dish that if done in a workmanlike manner gives great satisfaction. But its execution requires some precautions to make it perfect. The first condition is that the clams are very fresh and have been sold sealed in a net where varieties, production methods, product traceability and packaging date are indicated. Let alone those sold individually, they are not safe. Having said that, take a look at the errors listed below and do not miss them!

Mistake 1: don't throw those deaths away

The clams at the time of purchase must be alive and therefore with the valves well closed. If you find any broken or with the shell open, throw it away so as not to compromise the taste of the sauce. Remember that a battered clam is enough to ruin everything.

Mistake 2: a too-small amount

Clams live in sandy bottoms so they retain many impurities. They should therefore be purged to avoid getting sand under your teeth. The soak, necessary, must last at least 2 hours for the clams to filter clean water and release the dirty one. First rinse them under running water, then place them in a bowl with cold water and salt and let them drain in the refrigerator. When you remove them from the bowl full of water do not pour them into a colander (you would also pour the sand) but take one handful after the other, lifting them gently, so as not to dislodge the impurities that have deposited on the bottom.

Error 3: little salt in the water

In order for the clams to open and therefore purify, it is essential that they re-create their natural environment. So when you let them rest in the bowl with water you have to put a lot of salt, at least two tablespoons every liter of water.

Error 4: throw away the cooking liquid

The clams, when they open, release their liquid, very savory and indispensable to enrich your sauce with flavor. So don't throw it but strain it with a thick mesh strainer lined with two sheets of kitchen paper. For a truly delicious result, reduce this broth in a pan with oil and garlic before adding the clams.

Error 5: cook for a long time

These molluscs do not need long cooking, otherwise they risk becoming gummy. Once you have put the clams in a saucepan without seasonings and covered for them to open, remove them one by one as soon as they open and set them aside. Do this until they have all opened up.

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