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Marco Sacco: the revolution (now and always) is a local lunch – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Marco Sacco: the revolution (now and always) is a local lunch

It all seems easy, but it’s not. You have to go upwind and not always follow the wind that blows: Sacco, who was an excellent windsurfer in his youth, knows this well. “Is that you have to steer your own coursedon’t give in to trends: too many have been French, Spanish, Nordic, Peruvian… Me I’m a great travelerI love the foods of the countries I visit but when you go home you have to enhance the territories because Italian cuisine is like the Divine Comedy: a cultural and historical heritage, which everyone must know and perhaps learn. Starting from the assumption that local cuisines are the basis while you make mistakes in moving from one trend to another: real revolutions do not come from outside but arise from ideas like Lake people or Care’s where chefs, patrons and producers work in synergy to give emotions to the guest. I would like a hundred more initiatives like this.”

Sacco has the (deserved) reputation of being a talent enhancer: many good professionals and some champions have come out of Piccolo Lago, first of all Paolo Griffa. «I still like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, becoming more and more the coach of those who work: my generation has a duty to help young people find their way, teaching above all respect for the customer. Today more than ever there is no point in acting cool and cooking for yourself. We’ve come down from the pedestal we were in a few years ago and I think it’s right.” But do they understand his route? «If affinity exists, you see it immediately in the pleasure of discover the area around the Piccolo Lago: there are kids who on their day off go to visit this or that supplier, they commit themselves to looking for the best frogs and snails, they listen to the elders of the profession. For me, this makes a difference and I hope it always does. Then, as happened to me, with experience you avoid mistakes.

Beautiful words, from a chef who has an old dream in his drawer: wander for three years, on three continents, with a large camper where half the space is taken up by a kitchen. «I want to pay for my trip by doing street food at each stop – she anticipates with a smile – I hope to leave in 5-6 years at most. It will mean that I have followed a clear path, passing my hand on to my children Jessica and Simone but in general to the new generation.” In the meantime (we’re biased) stay at Piccolo Lago, with lots of freshwater fish on your plate.

Iginio Massari and Marco Brunelli together for a new pastry brand – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Iginio Massari and Marco Brunelli together for a new pastry brand

The haute patisserie of Iginio Massari to add a sweet touch to special everyday moments: now you can. Is called GoodMasters the new high quality pastry brand for every day, created by Iginio Massari and by the founder of Iper La grande i Marco Brunelli. Attention, it is available exclusively at Iper La grande i, at Iper Portello Milan – the (sweet) hunt is on.

How did the idea of ​​BuoniMaestri come about?

On one side, Iginio Massari, which certainly doesn’t need much introduction. Considered the greatest Italian Master Pastry Chef in the world, he is renowned for his extremely high quality creations that combine art and science, in perfect balance between tradition and innovation. A man of very high culture, not just sectorial, and with absolute taste that allows him to face every culinary challenge 100% with irrepressible curiosity and desire for novelty.

On the other, Marco Brunelli, perhaps less known to the public, but a fundamental main player in the Italian entrepreneurial panorama. An innovator in the large-scale retail trade sector in Italy, he founded lper La grande i in 1974 and since then he has never stopped imagining an ever-evolving future, investing in innovation and people. Since he has been at the helm of the large Finiper Canova Group he has always pursued a clear mission: to make quality accessible to all.

After years of knowing each other, the two friends set themselves the challenge of creating a gastronomically relevant pastry shop to bring to the table of Italians to celebrate special everyday moments. With the invaluable guidance of Marco Brunelli and the creative flair of Iginio Massari, GoodMasters brings quality pastry making to everyone’s table, promoting innovation, excellence and the ability to do well and always do better.

Maestro Massari led the product research and development team, allowing the BuoniMaestri pastry chefs to reinterpret traditional desserts in an innovative way, using only genuine raw materials of the highest quality and without the use of artificial colourings.

The BuoniMaestri range includes baked cakes, iced cakes, macarons, mignon, mousse in a jar and desserts. A tasty Caprese cake, the inviting Perfetta cake with almonds, an original cocoa Sbrisolona with dark chocolate chips, the delicious glazed cake with 3 chocolates, an extraordinary Tiramisu, the exquisite Zuppa Inglese, six flavors of irresistible Macarons and the fresh Vanilla and pineapple mousse are just some of the tasty proposals of the new pastry brand. Let’s see them together.

Together for 80 years: Marisa and Marco on the cover of Vanity Fair – Italian Cuisine

Marisa and Marco on the cover of Vanity Fair: 101 and 102 years together for 80. For Valentine's Day, the weekly arrives on newsstands with a special issue that celebrates the generation that symbolizes love that wins everything

After the success of the number starring Pope Francis, which scored + 38% on newsstands compared to the same number of the previous year, and the digital campaign #iomivaccino, with over 4.6 MIO impressions, 4.4 MIO total reach, 59.3k video views , 92k total engagement and numerous well-known faces involved, Vanity Fair comes out on newsstands with a special issue dedicated to love.

"Like every year, on the anniversary of the feast of lovers, in the editorial office we asked ourselves how to tell love in the time of Covid-19", writes the director Simone Marchetti in his editorial. "This year there is also a special anniversary: ​​twenty years ago, the last kiss, the film by Gabriele Muccino that fascinated an entire country, arrived on the screens of cinemas. We therefore thought of imagining the first kiss we will give each other once the virus has left us. And here is the genesis of this cover: to celebrate the affection, strength, tenderness of a generation that has seen it all. The war, the pain, the fear. The reconstruction of Italy, the sweat of conquests, the tears of defeat. All to then finally face the most cowardly enemy: a virus that does not even have the courage to be seen ”.

So the kiss of becomes the protagonist of the cover Marisa Stradella (101 years) is Marco Razzini (102) who have loved each other for 80 years. Their bond, born in a Milan at war, was not lost even when Marco, a prisoner in Russia, was unable to give news of himself for more than three years during which Marisa never lost hope that they would see each other again. . They have never separated since his return. And now, after three children, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, their love story continues. The tale of this generation continues with Stefano Bozzino, the Alpine who had traveled around the world playing the accordion under the window of the hospital where his wife was hospitalized. For the first time he tells of the recent death of his beloved and of the love that never ends.

The image of their kiss symbolizes a life manual that tells what love is. A love capable of winning everything and which also returns within the pages of the issue through the stories of other protagonists: Penelope and Alessandro, 18 and 19 who knew each other by sight, but fell in love exchanging messages during the first lockdown. Together for 16 and a half years, the web influencer Linda Tol and the photographer Renwe Jules four months ago they became Louie Gene's parents, a gift that was made to wait for. The men, the success, the disappointments, the strength to go forward always and in any case: the actress Serena Grandi, protagonist of the new film by Pupi Avati She speaks to me again, the story of an endless love, tells the lights and shadows of a life lived with passion. From the first to the last kiss. Finally there is Samuel Bersani. After seven years of silent recording he is back with a new album and a song that is the sequel to "En e Xanax", the hymn to a love of two people who shared panic attacks and the desire to accept their fears . Today, in the interview with Vanity Fair, after the end of that love, with the song Your Memory, the singer-songwriter explains that he closes a circle with the past and talks about the creative block that had paralyzed him.

The story also continues on the social profiles of Vanity Fair, with a call to action that will be launched on Instagram to all illustrators of the network, invited to tell about Love with an unpublished drawing. The editorial staff will choose the most beautiful and representative creations of the theme, which will be published on the Vanity Fair social channels during the week of Valentine's Day. Not only that: the authors with the most interesting social profiles will also appear in a dedicated page on the issue of Vanity Fair to be released on 10 February.

To coincide with the release of this issue, Vanity Fair launches its own new app which offers a unique digital experience as it is enriched with special content and many new customizable features. In addition to the ability to read all the articles published on the site in real time (in reading format for mobile and tablet), exclusive content is provided only for those who download the app: in the 'Popular on Vanity’You discover every day what other Vanity Fair users are reading, while in that #hottopic keep an eye on the most popular themes of the moment; in the video section you will find all the news in video format, with music and subtitles, to be scrolled comfortably; in a dedicated section, i podcast of the most popular Vanity Fairs. Finally, the app allows you to browse the preview of the latest issue of the magazine currently on newsstands. For subscribers, you can read the magazine comfortably, for those who are not yet, you can conveniently pay with Apple Pay / Google Pay by purchasing a single issue or a subscription for up to one year.

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