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Manifesto of Community Cuisine – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Manifesto of Community Cuisine - Italian Cuisine

From a community in Istria here are ten agreements (don't call them rules) to better share the spaces in the kitchen

On the border between Slovenian and Croatian Istria there is a sunny hill. IS Sunny Hill, a community of young people from various parts of the world who since 2014 have decided to live here, in the most sustainable way possible. I'm Bartul, Margherita, Manja, Nara, Max, Cjntia, but actually many others too, because this place welcomes everyone, whether at the table or sleeping in their bed and breakfast. Anyone, but as long as you respect the agreements of community cuisine, those who wrote also on the basis of the guests they had, valid here but also elsewhere.

The advantages of community cuisine

In a community kitchen, everything is shared. If someone wants a food all to themselves, perhaps once for a special occasion, it must be specified by writing your name on the product, he explains Manja. Otherwise, here everything is within everyone's reach, it's unlikely that something is missing! Much of the raw materials are produced directly from them, such as fruit is vegetables with which they are 100% self-sustainable (even with the production of tomato sauces for the winter); o eggs, yoghurt and goat cheeses; or, again, barter with neighbors, such as oil in exchange for help during the olive harvest. They buy the rest in large packs of 10-20 kilos, so there is also a great economic and ecological saving (ie less use of plastic). Another great advantage of sharing community life is wealth and diversity of tastes: by cooking in shifts, everyone brings and brings something of themselves, of their way of preparing dishes, of their origin. «In fact, modestly, you eat very well here, says Manja, «because it's a creative cuisine, always different. But the kitchen is also a place where tensions can arise. This is why they decided to create the manifesto of the agreements of community cuisine, which can also be valid in a family or in a couple; in short, wherever there is a sharing of spaces, albeit smaller. But it is important to reiterate that it is not a question of rules or commandments, but of agreements: "We agree that we will do this".


It is essential that everyone, after eating, cleans plates, cutlery and glass, and puts them in the appropriate space, without leaving them lying around.

Saving water and electricity

Always be aware of using the right amount of water, for example when washing dishes, especially here where they only use rain water. The same goes for electricity: when you turn on the oven it is good to organize yourself in order to use the heat to cook several things together.


It is very important to maintain general hygiene, for example it is absolutely forbidden to spit in the washroom (as it happened) or to leave hair or handkerchiefs in the same spaces where you then cook.

The spirit of the kitchen

Draws the spirit of the kitchen: it is a French mask, inspired by a story told by one of their guests. You will need it whenever you lack inspiration, when you don't know what to cook and just ask her for advice.

Do not overdo it

In general it is always good to use the ingredients conscientiously, without exaggerating, even more so in a community kitchen, where everything is shared and therefore accessible. For this everyone must have responsibility without exploiting something just because it is available.

Take care

Remember to put things in the right place; for example, if you have knives, they go on the special magnet, so that they remain sharp and in good shape over time.

Beware of glass and ceramics

Everything that is in glass or cups is more subject and break; for this you must be careful not to forget them in the sink or elsewhere, but always keep them safe.

Do not steal

In a shared kitchen there is almost always a jar for collecting money, both for them and for the offers of those who stop to eat. Better to reiterate, even if it should be obvious, not to take the money because it is everyone's economy. And then because the spirit of the kitchen is watching you!

Do not leave your personal belongings

Never leave your personal things in the kitchen, because if there are more people and each does this, scattering jackets, bags and phones becomes a place of chaos, when instead it must be as tidy as possible.

Respect and tone of voice

In general it takes respect for others, for example by keeping a tone of voice that is not too high, silent phones … So much does not take!
Many greetings from this hill where there is always the sun, as Manja wrote in the first emails, hence the name of the Sunny Hill community.

The snack Manifesto: 8 rules for a perfect snack – Italian Cuisine


If you too are parents who have always wondered what the perfect snack for your children is, then you can get a good bit of inspiration from The Manifesto of the Snack, developed by Unione Italiana Food and Istituto Bambino Gesù for the health of children and adolescents. A guide to immediately learn the correct eating habits and discover the pleasures of food.

The poster
179714The Infant Jesus Institute for the Health of the Child and the adolescent point of reference in Italy for issues concerning nutrition education for the youngest, he pointed out eight good practices to keep in mind together with an unpublished article weekly planning of 56 snacks, divided for four age groups (4-6 years, 7-11 years, 12-14 years, 15-17 years) with the aim of providing parents with ideas to better organize it. "The basis of a correct diet in all ages and in particular in the pediatric age, he claims the Dr. Giuseppe Morino, Head of the Food Education OU Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù, there is the variety that for snacks can be represented by sweet proposals alternating with savory ones, different every day, at least within a week. Two varied and nutritionally adequate daily snacks represent a necessary contribution to harmonious growth, without favoring the overweight or related metabolic diseases ”.

The rules of the perfect snack
Here are the eight words used by the "Manifesto" to describe the snack for children and teenagers:
daily: the snack is a habit, it should be done every day mid-morning and mid-afternoon
Appropriate: different according to the age of the children and energy needs
moderate: it is a snack that must not weigh down, therefore it is forbidden to overdo it
filling: in order not to get to the next meals too hungry it is good not to skip it
Varies: never repeat the same snack every day
Sweet: yes to consumption (moderate) as a snack of a slice of homemade cake or a snack Salata: it is good to accustom children and young people to different flavors, then to a slice of bread with oil and tomato
Serena: it is a moment to live with the right calm, at home, at school or in the park, with parents, grandparents or friends.

Pairings: alternate sweet and savory
179711Among the combinations and suggestions suggested by the Bambino Gesù Institute is fruit (fresh and dry) it must never fail. It is certainly important to alternate and vary foods, both sweet and savory, such as yogurt, bread, homemade cakes (or packaged), ice cream, smoothies, vegetables. Among the 56 suggested proposals there are also some snacks suitable for a vegetarian food style such as "white pizza with chickpea and tomato hummus ”. Or the introduction of vegetables into snacks with foods of animal origin, for example in the classic sliced ​​sandwich, where the rocket is added. In practice, there is no snack that is too little or too nutritious but different according to the age of the children and the energy requirement: we talk about 150 Kcal for children 4- 6 years, 200 Kcal for children 7-11 years, 260 Kcal for children 12 – 15 years and 285 Kcal for children 15 – 17 years.

Children and young people must learn to love food and this moment of consumption must also be stimulating. In this regard, dr. Morino does not demonize packaged snacks, but to be consumed very moderately and always combined with fresh products such as fruit and vegetables. "Nhe last years the confectionery industry – as emphasized Mario Piccialuti, General Director of Unione Italiana Food – he worked a lot for the improvement of the products and in particular of the snacks ”.
All the suggestions to put into practice the good rules of the perfect snack can be found online at www.merendineitaliane.it.

Mariacristina Coppeto
November 2019


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