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Roberto Valbuzzi: «My Sunday lunch – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

They travel together through some temples of traditional hospitality, Roberto Valbuzzi and the journalist Massimo Borgnisready to visit them and talk about them in the new program Inns of the heart on first TV on Food Network Channel 33, every Tuesday from June 18th to 10pm and available for streaming on discovery+.

2024-05- © Massimo Sestini

The new program, discovering the best inns in Italy

Roberto Valbuzzibeloved face of Courtesies for guests on Real Time and chef patron of the restaurant Crotto Valtellina of Malnate, with his family – for three generations – returns with a new format, focused precisely on catering. Together with the journalist and Deputy Director of the weekly magazine Chi, he will take us to discover their favorite addresses. Nothing starred or fine dining: these are some gods most loved Italian inns, historical strongholds from the local gastronomic traditionwhere the duo will stop in search of raw material and of recipes historical, which have become, thanks to the skill and experience of those who have handed them down, a true gastronomic heritage.

What’s going to happen? Each episode will focus on a specific location and inn: a Saint Sebastian Curone (AL) we will know the Corona restaurant; to Varese The Olona da Venanzio restaurantto Naples it will be the turn of the Cerriglio Inn; to Cerignola (FG) by U’Vulesce; to Venice we will stop by At Colombo and then end up Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) at the restaurant Sangiovesa.

Massimo and Roberto will meet i inn owners to learn about their history, their origins, their relationship with the territory, the ingredients and preparations underlying the dishes they offer. After being welcomed by a table laden with house specialities, the couple of passionate gastronomes will study the menu of the venue, choosing a dish each to taste. Roberto he will then visit the kitchen assisting the chef in preparing a dishWhile Maximum he will remain in the room to meet some regular customers and learn about the stories, anecdotes and memories that link them to the inn. After these meetings, Massimo and Roberto will finally be ready to savor the fruit of their journey and retrace it through their taste buds: they will taste the dishes they ordered and then assign the places visited the title of heart inn.

Roberto Valbuzzi: «Family lunches (on Tuesday) with asparagus and “noble” peaches

A new program that intersects, in a natural way, with Valbuzzi’s personal history. The chef is in fact the son of restaurateurs who, with his family, celebrates an important birthday this year.

Marco Sacco: the revolution (now and always) is a local lunch – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Marco Sacco: the revolution (now and always) is a local lunch

It all seems easy, but it’s not. You have to go upwind and not always follow the wind that blows: Sacco, who was an excellent windsurfer in his youth, knows this well. “Is that you have to steer your own coursedon’t give in to trends: too many have been French, Spanish, Nordic, Peruvian… Me I’m a great travelerI love the foods of the countries I visit but when you go home you have to enhance the territories because Italian cuisine is like the Divine Comedy: a cultural and historical heritage, which everyone must know and perhaps learn. Starting from the assumption that local cuisines are the basis while you make mistakes in moving from one trend to another: real revolutions do not come from outside but arise from ideas like Lake people or Care’s where chefs, patrons and producers work in synergy to give emotions to the guest. I would like a hundred more initiatives like this.”

Sacco has the (deserved) reputation of being a talent enhancer: many good professionals and some champions have come out of Piccolo Lago, first of all Paolo Griffa. «I still like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, becoming more and more the coach of those who work: my generation has a duty to help young people find their way, teaching above all respect for the customer. Today more than ever there is no point in acting cool and cooking for yourself. We’ve come down from the pedestal we were in a few years ago and I think it’s right.” But do they understand his route? «If affinity exists, you see it immediately in the pleasure of discover the area around the Piccolo Lago: there are kids who on their day off go to visit this or that supplier, they commit themselves to looking for the best frogs and snails, they listen to the elders of the profession. For me, this makes a difference and I hope it always does. Then, as happened to me, with experience you avoid mistakes.

Beautiful words, from a chef who has an old dream in his drawer: wander for three years, on three continents, with a large camper where half the space is taken up by a kitchen. «I want to pay for my trip by doing street food at each stop – she anticipates with a smile – I hope to leave in 5-6 years at most. It will mean that I have followed a clear path, passing my hand on to my children Jessica and Simone but in general to the new generation.” In the meantime (we’re biased) stay at Piccolo Lago, with lots of freshwater fish on your plate.

Omelette recipe with cold cuts and cheese – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Omelette recipe with cold cuts and cheese

L’omelette with cold cuts and cheese it is a dish that combines tradition with innovation, bringing to your table a fascinating encounter between the elegance of selected cheeses and the robustness of delicious cold cuts.

This culinary creation will allow you to immerse yourself in a sensory journeywhere is the perfume enveloping ingredients mixes with the emotion of seeing the colors and flavors blend into a perfect symphony.

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